Savings on your bill and saving the planet

The Tasmanian Government recently unveiled a program to help low-income households save money on their power bills.

The program, called Power$mart Homes, will provide advice and upgrades to reduce energy use in the home.

Power$mart Homes is a key action in Climate Action 21: Tasmania’s Climate Change Action Plan 2017-2021.

Power$mart Homes is a new initiative that provides funding of $850,000 to help low income Tasmanian households stay warm, save money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the Power$mart initiative, eligible Tasmanian households will receive:

  • energy efficiency upgrades to replace inefficient lighting and shower heads, hot water insulation and draught sealing; and
  • expert energy efficiency advice and a personalised power savings plan.

The program will be open for applications towards the end of 2019 once the details of the program and eligibility rules are finalised.

In the meantime, Tassie residents can choose to join a subscriber list to stay up-to-date with information about the program.

What else can I do?

Energy costs are an important issue for older Australians and National Seniors welcomes initiatives to reduce the cost of energy for older Australians.

There are lots of things you can do to save on your energy bills and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

The Tasmanian Government, Federal Department of Energy and Energy Made Easy websites have a number of tips and ideas to reduce your energy use and your carbon footprint at home and in your community.

You can also make a difference by joining National Seniors ongoing Energy Affordability Campaign.

By joining the campaign, you’ll be adding your voice to the growing list of Australians who are demanding a fair go when it comes to electricity and gas prices. It’s an issue that affects everyone – and together, we can make a difference.

Already, we fought hard for the retention of the Energy Supplement - and won, saving pensioners hundreds of dollars a year.

Our submission to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) helped develop new guidelines for retailers to better support customers doing it tough.

You can read more about this here

We will continue to work hard to cut energy bills for you and all Australians, but we need your ongoing support.

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