SBS Insight discusses out-of-pocket health costs

What do ordinary Australians think of rising medical costs?

You have told us what you think and that is why we are fighting to bring these costs down.

The SBS TV program, Insight, also examined the issue in a studio discussion where people shared their often horrendous experiences and expenses. The show was a real eye-opener about how ‘gap’ costs can ruin lives.

Gap costs are those you pay out of your own pocket for services and procedures not reimbursed by Medicare or private health insurance.

These additional costs can be confusing and an unwanted surprise in the form of bills that come when you think your service has been paid or settled. For those with private health insurance, these escalating costs are a major worry.

Unless you go to a public hospital or are bulk-billed by the GP or specialist, you will have no choice but to pay the gap costs.

In the program, SBS asks “what’s the cost of private healthcare and can we afford it?”

The answer seems pretty clear.

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