Seniors demand a fairer retirement system for all

Boosting the retirement income of older Australians is one of our key federal election policies.

We have contacted all major parties and candidates calling on them to stop making ad hoc changes to retirement income and superannuation rules and instead implement policies that create a fairer and stronger retirement income system.

You have told us you’re tired of being targeted as a revenue source and that constant change is damaging retirement planning at a time when confidence, policy consistency and fairness are most needed.

Our Chief Advocate Ian Henschke summed it up when he told candidates “Retirees want to be treated fairly, not penalised for saving for their retirement, and remain independent of the age pension.

“Both the major parties are to blame. The current government’s lifting of the age pension taper rate in January 2017 had a punitive impact on older Australians, discouraging them from saving for retirement,” Ian said.

The solutions

The next government must reverse that decision and reduce the taper rate back to $2.

Currently, too many seniors are spending their money just to get the Age Pension and other benefits. Under the current assets test rules, there is a disincentive to save.

Restoring the taper rate would improve the capacity of retirees to sustain higher incomes for longer, taking pressure off government spending in the longer term.

Franking credit cash refunds

This is a hot issue and will probably continue to be post-election. The new Senate could be the decider! 

We are calling on candidates to keep the current policy whereby self-funded retirees support their retirement income from cash refunds.

Retaining access to these cash refunds will ensure the rules apply equally to all retirees regardless of the way their retirement assets are managed, ensuring ongoing investment in Australia by Australians.

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We are proposing an innovative incentive for low-wealth retirees to boost their retirement incomes by unlocking the wealth tied up in the family home.

The problem is that while many older people want to downsize they are reluctant because of the impact on the Age Pension. The new government must exempt up to $250,000 of home sale proceeds from the Age Pension means test. The downsizing incentive should be targeted at low-wealth retirees to help them boost their retirement income.

This will encourage downsizing, boost income and the construction of new housing, free up older stock, and improve retirees’ health, safety, wellbeing and lifestyles. 

Read the National Seniors Australia Federal Election 2019 Policy priorities.

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