Seniors housing: living the dream?

What type of housing do you want to live in as you get older? What do you want from it, and does such housing even exist?

These questions are at the centre of new research that sheds light on older Australians’ housing aspirations.

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) research, with input from National Seniors Australia, found housing meets the current needs of nine out of ten older Australians.

The research also found that about 70 per cent of older Australians think their current housing will meet their longer-term aspirations, with the other 30 per cent seeking to move.

Home ownership still a primary aspiration

Older Australians want to live in long-term, stable housing for the security this provides in later life.

Not surprisingly, the research found that 80 per cent of older Australians, regardless of their current housing tenure, want to live in a home they own.

Did you know that two-thirds of older private renters were once in-home ownership?

Most of these households were forced, rather than chose, to enter the private rental market. This was often due to a relationship breakdown or financial hardship.

From aspiration to action

According to the research, many older Australians were not consciously planning or implementing strategies to achieve their housing aspirations.

The report’s authors recommend that a “housing information service” be established to help households navigate changing housing needs. They argue the service could help households plan their housing for later life.

For further analysis, check out this article from The Conversation.

You can also read the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute report here.

Better housing for older Australians

National Seniors Australia’s’ Better housing campaign is calling for housing options that meet the needs of people as they age, as well as assistance to support older people as they downsize to more appropriate housing. You can help us make a difference by adding your voice to our campaign.

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