Sizzling summer spending statistics

With Christmas fast approaching and retailers’ advertising hype in full swing, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has crunched the numbers on where Australians actually spend their money.

ABS spokeswoman Michelle Marquardt said Australian households spend nearly $130 a year on fresh fish and seafood and $30 on Christmas decorations. Almost $150 is spent on icecream, $600 on beer and $491 on wine.

“Approaching Christmas sees many people indulge in food, drink and festivities,” Ms Marquardt said.

“The warmer months also mean many people venture into the great outdoors, or enjoy the backyard a bit more. Households spend an average of $34 a year on camping equipment, just over $50 on outdoor furniture and $13 a year on bottled gas for the BBQ.”

The school summer holidays also see many people travelling including to overseas destinations.

“Our expenditure data shows that on average, Australian households spend $4,000a year on domestic and international holidays with$1,630 the average spend on domestic holidays and $2,371 on international holidays,” Ms Marquardt said.

“Last December, the most popular overseas short-term travel destinations for Australians were New Zealand, the USA and Indonesia, with around 47,800 Australians departing on Christmas Day itself.”

When holidaying in Australia, households spend an average of $454 over a year on holiday airfares, $94 on holiday petrol, $81 on holiday homes, and $81 on caravan parks or the hire of a caravan.

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