Stroke drug breakthrough

Did you know that this week is National Stroke Week?

Held between Monday 2 and Sunday 9 September, Stroke Week is an opportunity to increase awareness of stroke and the Stroke Foundation in Australia.

It’s also the ideal time to talk about a potential breakthrough in stroke treatment.

Revolutionary drug in final phase of development

Amazing but true – 90% of people who have a stroke caused by a blood clot cannot be treated with the only available drug therapy.

That is because the drug has several side effects making it unsafe for most patients.

However, it seems a breakthrough is imminent.

The Heart Research Institute is in the final phase of developing a revolutionary new class of anti-clotting drug that could improve the quality of life for thousands of stroke sufferers, when combined with the existing stroke therapies.

Burden of stroke

Stroke impacts almost 55,000 Australians each year, plus their family and friends. It can occur without warning and affect any age, causing a range of disabilities.

With a total financial cost to Australia of approximately $5 billion per year, the burden of stroke is not just physical.

Productivity costs of $3 billion and carer costs of $222 million reflect how individuals also bear the greatest financial burden of stroke – with estimates showing family and friends wear approximately $67 million of stroke-related costs in a year.

Recognise the signs of stroke

According to the Stroke Foundation, stroke impacts more than 50,000 Australians each year.

Here is the foundation’s FAST guide to recognising the signs of stroke.

F - Has their FACE drooped?

A - Can they lift both their ARMS?

S - Is their SPEECH slurred and do they understand you?

T - Call 000, TIME is critical!

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