The results are in ... TV still news king

52% of Connect eNewsletter subscribers have listed television as their main source of news, according to a recent online survey conducted by National Seniors Australia.

The survey consisted of 15 questions relating to media consumption habits. There were more than 300 respondents. 

TV finished well ahead of radio and online news, which were tied in second place with 26.11%

In a sign of the times, the top three news sources finished ahead of ‘national or regional printed newspaper’ which received just 22.26% of the vote.

The text size used in print newspapers and magazines was cited as a concern, with a combined 46.29% of respondents saying it was either too small to read, occasionally difficult to read or very hard to read.

Other results included:

  • The evening time slot was voted most popular for peak news consumption with 36.5%. Perhaps due to the large number of news sources and platforms available, ‘frequently throughout the day’ finished second with 31.16%
  • A massive 88.45% selected ‘black text on a white background’ as the easiest combination to read in a print newspaper or magazine.
  • 20% of people said they subscribed to seniors newspapers or magazine, including free community papers such as The Senior.
  • 56.97% of respondents said they visited a specific news site to access their online news, as opposed to a news aggregator or social media source.

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