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WA pushes for better housing options

In good news for Western Australian residents, the state government’s new Ageing with Choice strategy aligns with the priorities outlined in National Seniors Australia’s Better housing campaign.

Our campaign seeks to improve housing options and emphasises the need to support seniors looking to downsize into more suitable housing.

The WA strategy sets the direction for government, industry and the community to help older Western Australians access affordable, manageable and stable homes in their community of choice.

It is being implemented following consultation with all levels of government, industry and the community.

The strategy also documents what we know about seniors’ housing needs.

Older people want to age in place

  • Most want to access support services in their home to avoid or delay moving into residential aged care.
  • Most want to remain in communities they know but struggle to find affordable homes that suit their needs as they age.
  • Moving to a new house and new neighbourhood is more difficult as people age, especially for those with poor health and mobility, or limited financial resources.

Community connection is important

  • Many older people are looking for homes that are well-located near friends, family, amenities and transport.
  • Social isolation is a big issue for those who live alone.
  • Many older single women are concerned about security and some feel safer living with, or near, other women of the same age.

Lack of housing diversity is an issue

  • Not all older people are looking for retirement housing and for some it is unaffordable, or simply unavailable.
  • Older people want manageable homes, not necessarily smaller ones. 
  • People want extra bedrooms for hobbies, grandchildren, or live-in care.
  • They want to reduce housing debt or release equity but face difficulties down-pricing to a more affordable home in their community.
  • Few homes are designed with accessibility in mind, or to support ageing in place, making it more difficult to live independently.

Many face information challenges

  • Few people plan ahead for their housing needs, which can lead to poor housing outcomes, particularly when decisions are made under stress.
  • Some older people enter into housing contracts without fully understanding the arrangements and may face substantial costs when trying to exit.

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