Where have all the retirees gone?

The songs of birds and the roar of the waves are drawing older Australians in their retirement years away from big city traffic noise.

Where are the seniors going?

Victoria’s bayside Queenscliff and Queensland’s Bribie Island have more seniors per head of population than any other Australian local government areas.

An impressive 40 per cent of the populations in both areas are aged over 65, compared to 15 per cent for the rest of the nation.

So, what’s so good about Queenscliff and Bribie Island? It could be as simple as being just a few minutes’ drive from the Bellarine Peninsula wineries, and island canal estate life.

It looks like seniors have found some of the best places in Australia and are voting with their feet. 

Local Government Areas with highest proportion of people aged 65 and over by state/territory, 30 June 2018

City seniors too

Even those seniors living in metropolitan areas have departed the inner suburbs with the proximity of aged care services being a drawcard.

Brisbane's Bribie Island (41 per cent of total population), Mandurah - South of Perth (28 per cent) and Lindisfarne - Rose Bay in Hobart (27 per cent) had some of the highest proportions of people aged 65-plus in the capitals.

Better housing for seniors

National Seniors has long called for government to recognise that supporting seniors to downsize leads to positive impacts on the quality of life of older Australians. Moving to areas outside of the city with access to nature and clean air are some of the positive features of these areas.

However, it is important that services and amenities such as transport, shopping, doctors, hospitals and aged care facilities are available to support the influx of older residents.

That’s why National Seniors Australia is continuing its campaign to promote better housing options for seniors.

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