Will you receive the $750 stimulus in time?

If you apply for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC), will you get the 2nd payment if approved after 10 July?

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Answering your questions

A National Seniors member, Margaret told us of the troubles she was having with Centrelink and raised an important question about the stimulus payment on 10 July 2020. She writes:

“Having recently seen your headline on Google (thank you - great site) re "Seniors could miss out on $750 government..." I realised I had been eligible for a CSHC years ago!

Navigating MyGov and Centrelink to obtain CRN no. to apply for CSHC, was a maze of utter frustration! However, I achieved CRN no. but finally (on 17th June) visited a Centrelink Agency for clarification. I had all necessary documentation with me (e.g. passport etc) which they keyed into their system.

Subsequent to this visit, I gained a Centrelink online access to a much simpler form. Completed and submitted Provider Income Stream information on 17th June 2020. This application was done in the hope of receiving the 2nd payment of $750. The response I received was: ‘Your claim is in progress. The estimated completion date is 15th July 2020.’

As I understand, in order to receive the second Fed Gov stimulus of $750, one has to be a CSHC holder by 10th July 2020. Interestingly, ‘their’ estimated 15th July completion date puts me just outside of this qualifying timeline."

So, will Margaret receive her stimulus payment of $750?

According to information from the Centrelink website, Margaret should receive the 2nd stimulus payment.

As is the case with the Age Pension, if you’re eligible for the CSHC at the date of application, then Centrelink should pay you the $750 stimulus payment.

In the Q and A section of their website, Centrelink use the application date when determining eligibility for the stimulus payment.

We have reproduced the relevant section here to save you the trouble of finding this yourself.

My claim for a qualifying payment or card has not yet been processed. Will I still get the Economic Support Payment?

If you have lodged a claim for one of the qualifying payments or concession cards between 12 March 2020 and 13 April 2020, and the claim is subsequently granted from a date on or before that period, you will receive the payment. This will also apply for the second round of payments. So if you have lodged a claim for one of the qualifying payments or concession on 10 July 2020, and the claim is subsequently granted from a date on or before that date, you will receive the payment.

Let's make a difference together

We hope this clarifies the situation but would be interested in hearing from anyone who does not subsequently receive their payment. You can email us at policy@nationalseniors.com.au and let us know if this happens to you.

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