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Medical conditions themselves often contribute to the risk of other health issues. In many cases, medical conditions stem from when people fail to observe healthy lifestyle habits, contributing to heightened risk of poor health. However, medical conditions often link to one another and raise the risk of chronic conditions. Some medical conditions that influence many health outcomes are unhealthy body weight, cholesterol, diabetes, and depression. You can read more about these conditions via the links below:

Furthermore, metabolic syndrome – which combines different factors including being overweight, diabetes (or unhealthy blood sugar levels), high blood pressure, and high cholesterol – is often presumed to be especially dangerous to overall health. Thus, it is important to understand that having multiple poor lifestyle factors is more dangerous than just their overlapping risk.

For links to additional information on general health, pleases consult the Healthy Ageing Resource Portal:

Remember also, that while physical health is important, the value of looking after your mental health should not be underestimated. Find out more about the effects of mental health on overall healthy ageing below:

To read about other lifestyle factors associated with healthy ageing, click here:

The information on this website is informed by the recent literature review commissioned by National Seniors Australia, conducted by the Centre for Research on Ageing, Health, and Wellbeing at the Australian National University. More information about the report and report copies can be accessed here: Healthy Ageing: The State of the Evidence and Available Resources

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