Taking the worry out of aged care

National Seniors has launched a new service to help members better navigate the potential minefield of aged care services for their parents, friends, family members - or for themselves.

In this month’s issue of 50 Something magazine, Financial Information Desk (FID) manager Craig Hall writes that decisions on aged care, and residential care in particular, are often made in a hurry but the consequences can be far-reaching.

Mr Hall said that FID can assist National Seniors members to understand the fees and costs of aged care but recognizes that many people need further assistance, such as professional aged care advice and placement services.

“For this reason, we are pleased to introduce Aged Care Matters, (a division of Financial Advice Matters Group), who can provide these additional and vital services to members, enabling a more streamlined transition to aged care, whether in your own home or residential aged care,” Mr Hall said.

When deciding on an aged care provider, he said there were some key questions to consider, including:

  • What types of fees are applicable and how do I structure my finances to give the best outcome for me and my family?
  • What options do I have regarding the family home?
  • Which option will provide me with adequate cash flow?

Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Aged Care Specialist Paul Geisel set up the aged care division of Brisbane-based Financial Advice Matters and has headed it for the past seven years.

“I often deal with the adult children, who can be anxious, short of time, and disagreeing about what’s the best thing to do, and how to fund it,” Mr Geisel said.

“We work quickly – usually we can have the situation resolved in a couple of weeks.

“We identify several aged homes that will suit the parent’s needs and set out how they can be funded, so everyone is making an informed decision.”

For more information on aged care and assistance that is available to members, contact the Financial Information Desk on 1300 020 110 or email fid@nationalseniors.com.au.

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