Mature Age Employment

Faced with a rapidly ageing population and a looming skills shortage, Australia must create a level playing field for its mature age workers.

Yet, evidence suggests Australia is fast falling behind its major trading partners in this regard.

Mature Age Employment
National Seniors will continue to fight until older workers are afforded equal treatment in the workplace.

National Seniors Australia continues to drive the national debate on this issue through direct representations to government, business and union representatives, as well as through research from our Productive Ageing Centre.

We lobbied hard for the implementation of a stand-alone age discrimination commissioner and in July 2011, Australia’s first age discrimination commissioner was announced.

Action on age discrimination continues to be a key theme in our submissions to federal and state/territory governments.

In our 2013 federal budget wish list, National Seniors called for the establishment of a national award for companies that demonstrate best practice in employing mature age workers.

We will continue to fight until older workers are afforded equal treatment in the workplace and gain better access to re-training opportunities.

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