Fields of research

National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre’s (NSPAC) research centres on the issue of maintaining Australia’s productive capacity against the backdrop of an ageing population. Research focuses on the ongoing economic contribution of older people and how industry and government can respond well to population ageing. The broader context within which this research is framed is to “emphasise the positives of ageing and an ageing society, as well as flag the challenges”.

Research topics for 2016

These include:

  • Measuring the value of the ‘silver dollar’ to the Australian economy
  • Considering the contribution of age diversity to organisational performance
  • Considering industry preparedness for the ageing of society
  • Early onset dementia and continued economic activity
  • Managing the aged care workforce


We are committed to initiating, developing and supporting innovative and high quality research that improves our understanding of the social, economic and cultural factors which influence the experience of ageing. NSPAC's publication format and schedule is shown below:






Facts & Figures Series

1-2 pages

Web & email

Brief overview of up to date statistics important to ageing research


Research Report Series

7,000 words

Web & email, Hardcopy

‘Short Report’ format, but including a technical appendix.

National Seniors Australia members, general community, government

Research Monograph Series

10,000+ words

Web & email, Hardcopy

Longer, academic style report on a substantive issue including technical appendices.

Academics, government


Research Capacity

NSPAC has a significant internal research capacity and moved towards more quantitatively based research with clear policy priorities and outcomes for older Australians.

Our researchers have extensive skills and experience in ageing research. With a national membership of over 130,000 older Australians, we have access to a clear sampling frame which is utilised to conduct timely, cost-effective and representative research on a range of issues related to ageing in Australia.

We also are able to investigate key issues in ageing through analyses of the vast wealth of data held by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as well as administrative data from other sources.

If you wish to take advantage of the skills and experience of our research team, please call 07 3233 9191 or email

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