Review of Australia’s Future Tax System (Retirement Incomes) Commonwealth Treasury

National Seniors Australia (NSA) believes that Australia’s tax-transfer system can and should play a significant role in addressing the social, economic and demographic challenges of the 21st century, in particular the ageing of the population.

To meet this challenge, we would like to see adjustments to the tax-transfer system that improve people’s capacity for self-sufficiency and guarantee a decent standard of living in retirement.

Sustainable Pension Reform – Submission

Without diminishing the importance of the fiscal impact of pension reform, NSA calls for a coherent and balanced approach to pension reform, recognising that sustainability and adequacy must be pursued jointly.

This submission reflects the views of NSA members as expressed through extensive consultations, including a recent Cost of Living survey, and focuses on:

Ensuring the safety net works;

Financial incentives for working later in life;

Addressing existing inequalities in retirement incomes; and

Improving voluntary pension provision.

TAS Pre-Budget Submission 2009-2010.

National Seniors welcomes this opportunity to highlight some of the pertinent issues identified in collaboration with the Tasmanian Policy Group. National Seniors has identified five key priorities which are considered to be feasible, and are likely to impact positively on the lives of senior Tasmanians.

QLD Pre-Budget Submission 2009-2010

National Seniors welcomes the opportunity to highlight some of the pertinent issues identified by the Queensland Policy Group and the broader Queensland membership.

The priorities outlined in this submission are considered by National Seniors to be feasible for Government, and are likely to impact positively on the lives of senior Queenslanders.

Western Australia Election Priorities 2008

Demographic change will present a number of challenges for the Western Australian Government, business and the broader community as it follows that the demand for essential services, including health and aged care will increase accordingly. Decisions taken now will impact on the State’s readiness to cope with demographic change in the future.

ACT Election Priorities

National Seniors has undertaken an extensive consultation process with its ACT members in the development of the election priorities identified in this document. This consultation process has enabled members to contribute directly to the development of priorities, and has ensured that the priorities accurately reflect the concerns of the broader seniors’ community. In close collaboration with the Territory Policy Group (TPG) an election survey was developed and distributed to over 1,200 individual members by both email and post.

Proposed Reform of the Regulatory Framework for Aged Care – Submission

  • At this stage, support for a number of the proposed reforms is measured due to a lack of detailed information. National Seniors also has concerns that there may be adverse impacts for care recipients and their families. In particular, greater clarification is being sought in regard to:

    the assurance that ‘new bond arrangements must not be less advantageous for existing residents’;

    the protections afforded to care recipients within a ‘qualified’ facility compared with those in an ‘approved’ facility, as under current arrangements;

Submission to National Fuelwatch (Empowering Consumers Consequential Amendments) Bill 2008.

National Seniors seeks assurances that older Australians will not be disadvantaged by a reduction in the predictability of price cycles, and by the potential for price cycles of smaller amplitude and longer duration.

National Seniors is concerned that the proposed national Fuelwatch scheme may result in less regular price cycles and less predictable pricing patterns by day of the week, which many consumers have come to rely on.


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