Think about a career in aged care, says minister

Young Australians are being urged to consider careers in the rapidly growing aged care sector.

Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt said strong, long-term demand and the promise of new professional pathways made the sector an ideal employment choice.

“We are entering a golden age of ageing,” Mr Wyatt said.

A $5 billion increase in aged care funding over the next four years, announced in last week’s Federal Budget, would drive even more career growth across the sector, he said.

Eliminate high blood pressure and halve impact of stroke

Australians are being urged to take five minutes out of their day for a potentially life-saving blood pressure check.

Marking World Hypertension Day today (17 May), the Stroke Foundation’s Sharon McGowan said millions of Australians were living with hypertension or high blood pressure, putting themselves at serious and unnecessary risk of stroke.

But the number of strokes could be cut by almost half if high blood pressure was eliminated.

Australians like Asian travel destinations

New data shows Asian countries are becoming increasingly popular with Australian travellers.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said Indonesia, China, Thailand, India and Japan all featured among the most popular destinations.

As well, many had experienced continued growth, the ABS’ Myles Burleigh said.

"Indonesia has been a long-term favourite of Australians, and more than 90,000 returned from short term trips to Indonesia in March,” Mr Burleigh said.

'The Dish' hears more of the universe

It’s famous for its starring role in the Australian film, The Dish, which told how the CSIRO’s Parkes radio telescope in New South Wales relayed live television of man's first steps on the moon in 1969 to a massive global audience.

Now new technology installed on the radio telescope has opened a wider range of radio waves from objects in space.

The $2.5 million 'bionic ear' receiver for the cosmos was designed to catch radio waves and turn them into electrical signals for astronomers to analyse.

Senate inquiry launched into aged care providers' tax practices

A Senate inquiry will examine if for-profit aged care organisations are using loopholes to avoid paying or minimising tax, while cutting corners on the quality of service and value for money while receiving government subsidies.

The Senate Economics Reference Committee inquiry has released its terms of reference and will also assess whether accountability measures for taxpayer money are adequate and if their current practices meet public expectations.

The inquiry was proposed by Australian Labor Party Senator Jenny McAllister and agreed to by the Senate last week.

More people bail out of health funds

More people are ditching their health insurance due to cost concerns, a new survey has found.

Roy Morgan Research showed that in the year to 31 March 2018, an estimated 256,000 people decided not to renew their private health insurance.

This was up from 182,000 in the same period in 2017, making it the highest number for the past five years.

Being ‘too expensive’ was the main reason consumers give for dropping out of health insurance. This rose to 53.3 per cent over the year, up from 47.1 per cent the previous year.

'Exergaming' may help Alzheimer's

A new study has found that exercising while playing video games may help people living with Alzheimer's.

Older people with mild cognitive impairment, which often occurs before dementia, showed better 'executive functions' after playing interactive games while riding exercise bikes - known as 'exergaming', the study by New York’s Union College shows.

Executive functions enable people to multi-task, make decisions and recall memories.

Was there anything in the budget for you?

The highs and lows of the 'Baby Boomer budget'

This week’s Federal Budget has delivered a mixed bag of initiatives for older Australians, according to National Seniors Chief Advocate Ian Henschke.

Mr Henschke said what was promoted as a “budget for Baby Boomers” fell short of expectations, but wasn’t without some bright spots.

The National Seniors policy team has put together the following summary of the budget from the perspective of seniors.


New alliance seeking fairer retirement outcomes

National Seniors has joined an alliance to explore ways of fixing problems with existing superannuation taxation, Age Pension means test, and broader retirement income systems.

The formation of the Alliance for a Fairer Retirement System was made in response to Labor’s proposal to disallow refunds of excess franking credits for a range of retirees and shareholders.

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