Should there be a dual citizenship audit of all Australia’s politicians?

Three coffees a day may help you live longer

People with chronic kidney disease may live longer if they drink three coffees a day.

This was the conclusion of a study that followed more than 2,300 patients for 12 years. It found those who drank plenty of coffee slashed their risk of dying by 25 per cent.

One or two cups also raised the participants’ chances of survival by 12 and 22 per cent, respectively, compared to those who never touched it.

The researchers in Portugal believe their results suggest advising patients with chronic kidney disease to drink more coffee.

Road safety expo for Mornington Peninsula seniors

Seniors living on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula will have the opportunity to learn the latest road safety tips at a free expo on Saturday, 18 November.

The half-day expo will provide opportunities for a confidential one-on-one driver assessment in their own cars, as well as a VicRoads roadworthy check on their car. Both services will also be free.

Boomers more obese than their parents

Baby Boomers are becoming obese at more than double the rate of their parents at the same age, a new study has found.

Researchers from Adelaide’s three universities have finished the first stage of a report on the generation born between the end of World War II and the mid-1960s.

The study showed the proportion of Baby Boomers with three or more chronic conditions was 700 per cent greater than the previous generation.

They have twice the rate of asthma and hearing loss, three times the rate of diabetes and almost double the cholesterol levels of their parents.

Are politicians fair game for racial slurs?

Right wing group ‘Patriot Blue’ has been widely condemned for a racist verbal attack on Iranian-born Labor Senator Sam Dastyari.

Members of the group approached Senator Dastyari in a Melbourne pub, calling him a terrorist and little monkey and demanding to know if he was a Muslim. They filmed the incident and posted it on their Facebook page.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said there was no place for racial vilification in Australia and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said he was disgusted by the “ugly” incident.

But One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson claimed Senator Dastyari was a “pipsqueak” who was using the incident to “plug his new book”, which is titled tongue-in-cheek One Halal of a Story.

Far-right campaigner and convicted stalker Neil Erikson told ABC radio: “Sam’s a strong bloke, he’s got a thick skin, he’s been in politics for a long time”.

Are politicians fair game for such attacks or should any racial slur made public be punishable?

Older women living and working longer

Australia’s older women are living and working longer, rate their health as excellent more often than men, and are more likely to live alone, according to new research released by National Seniors Australia.

Its annual social survey, which was completed by 5,819 members, revealed that women were also more likely to downsize their homes as they aged, and to worry about outliving their savings and investments.

Have your say about the issues that matter most

A quick word of thanks to the more than 4000 members who have taken the time to complete our advocacy survey.

It’s the first time we’ve done an in-depth analysis of what your thoughts are on such a wide range of issues: everything from downsizing your home to medically assisted dying.

When I travel around meeting members, they often take the opportunity to share their ideas on issues they are passionate about.

That’s great, but I know there are members all over Australia who - for whatever reason - I can’t meet and talk to.

Better flu vaccines for seniors promised

Stronger and better flu vaccines should be available for next year's flu season, with vaccine manufacturers working to have them approved for use in Australia.

The moves came this week as several key medical and other stakeholders, including National Seniors Australia, urged the Federal Government to ensure a more effective flu vaccine be approved for older people ahead of next winter.

Retirement funding on agenda for Albury seniors

National Seniors Australia is coming to Albury to help older people improve their knowledge about how to better fund their retirement.

Basil La Brooy, from National Seniors Financial Information Desk, will present a seminar next Wednesday, 8 November, for those thinking of giving up paid work and people who are already retired.

Seniors key to who governs in Sunshine State

Queenslanders will go to the polls on 25 November.

Although the election could have been held as late as May 2018, it seems Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk wanted an element of ‘surprise’ – despite the ongoing speculation - and has called it six months early.

Senior voters and their issues will hold the key to who governs. The over 50s are a powerful voice. Almost half the voting population is aged over 50.

National Seniors played a key role in ensuring the recent reforms to retirement village legislation and we acknowledge those improvements.

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