NSW Election Platform Submission

National Seniors’ NSW State Policy Group has developed seven key policy platforms within the framework of our National Policy Document (2006) for the upcoming NSW election. National Seniors calls on NSW political parties to consider the following platforms when developing policies that concern seniors:

  1. Seniors Card

    Support reciprocal travel arrangements through the Seniors Card concessions program

  2. Oral Health

    Improve funding and training for oral health care provision to enable greater access to preventative care

  3. Aged Care

    Provide leadership for the establishment and development of new aged care facilities in NSW

  4. Image of Seniors

    Build a more positive image of seniors and increase recognition of their contributions within the broader community

  5. MentalHealth

    Contribute to the reduction of social isolation by improving support services for seniors with mental illness

  6. Transport

    Remove disincentives on seniors’ travel; in particular abolish the current 15% booking tax on travel vouchers for pensioners

  7. Environment

    Develop policies that address climate change and water shortages in order to create a sustainable environment for future generations

New South Wales
Date Submitted: 
01 Mar 2007

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