50 something

Easy riders

Two National Seniors members from Melbourne spent 19 months exploring Europe on their motor bike. They shared recollections of the many roads well-travelled with editor Lynda Schekoske.

Hope...and glory

Not many entertainers make a comeback as a stand-up comedian just as multiple sclerosis forces them into a wheelchair. Tim Ferguson has done just that and says he’s in the “sweet spot of life”. He told editor Lynda Schekoske it’s all about remaining hopeful.

Life on the Steppe

Former 50 something journalist Casey-Ann Seaniger is now living and working in Mongolia. She took time out to travel to the country’s wild west for a glimpse of life on the steppe with the eagle hunters.

Appetite for Life

One of the most recognisable faces on Australian TV belongs to one of its best loved cooks and food personalities.

With a passion for fresh produce and for her Barossa Valley home, Maggie Beer has prepared, presented and inspired audiences on programs including The Cook and the Chef, The Great Australian Bake Off, and next year, Maggie in Japan.

Paying for aged care

Finances are a major factor, and understanding how much it will all cost can be confusing.

The starting question for anyone contemplating residential age care is always: But how much does it cost? Here, Craig Hall from National Seniors’ Financial Information Desk has a rundown of what you could be up for.

Out West

Detour a little west and you’ll not only escape South East Queensland’s infamous crowds but also discover a foodie’s paradise. Rosemary Desmond samples Stanthorpe’s tree-ripened apples and full-bodied reds.

If you fancy burning off some of your indulgence, the Girraween National Park is just is 26km south of Stanthorpe.

Fearless Leader

In a few months Michael O’Neill will pass the National Seniors baton on to a new chief executive. At Parliament House, in a pause between meetings, he shares with Sarah Saunders the highs and lows of ten eventful years.

It is early autumn, and one of the last sitting weeks of the federal parliament before the annual May budget.

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