Seniors call for health cost shake-up

National Seniors has renewed its appeal to the Federal Government to focus on inefficiencies in the health system, saying average out-of-pocket expenses had increased by three times the inflation rate over the past decade.

National Seniors’ Chief Advocate Ian Henschke said revelations at the weekend in media reports that the Australian Medical Association (AMA) was recommending specialists charge up to three times more than the Medicare fee for hospital procedures showed why many older people were struggling to pay health costs.

Shake it up on World Parkinson's Day

Events will be held throughout Australia and the world on 11 April for World Parkinson’s Day to raise awareness and research funds for treatments and a cure for the progressive degenerative condition.

Shake it Up Foundation Australia said that the disease affected 80,000 people with 32 people diagnosed every day. 

“Parkinson’s is a very individual condition, with each person experiencing different symptoms,” a Shake It Up spokesperson said. 

Obesity trigger identified in the human gut

New research has found serotonin, the ‘feel-good’ ‘chemical that transmits messages between the body’s nerve cells, can make you fat.

Seratonin is a key ingredient for happiness and sadness but scientists have found it is also a force in our body’s weight gain and calorie control.

Australian and overseas researchers have uncovered more evidence showing elevated levels of serotonin in the gut were bad for the human metabolism, increasing blood glucose and fat mass and putting us in danger of developing diabetes and obesity.

Don't fall for a scammer's puppy dog eyes

Would-be puppy owners beware – the photo of that adorable dog may be just a scam to part you from your cash.

The ACCC’s Delia Rickard said scammers play on the emotions of people keen to own a puppy – particularly if they have their hearts set on a particular breed.

In the past 12 months, 584 reports totalling more than $310,000 had been made, Ms Rickard said.

Top seven areas to retire and build equity

Many retirees opt for a sea change or tree change when they give up work, looking for a place that suits their changing lifestyle, and will deliver long-term capital growth.

Many are retiring younger and are expected to live longer, so finding the right place that will build equity is extremely important to them.

RiskWise Property Research has identified seven regions that offer good lifestyle options, value for money and solid capital growth.

Sydney's upper north shore the most advantaged area

Ku-ring-gai on Sydney’s upper north shore is Australia’s most advantaged Local Government Area (LGA), according to new data released this week from the 2016 Census of Population and Housing.

Home to just over 118,000 residents on Census night (9 August, 2016), the leafy area was officially the most advantaged LGA in the country based on the ABS’ Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA), which ranks areas in Australia according to relative socio-economic advantage and disadvantage.


Half Australian adults intend to skip annual flu shot this year

More than one in two Australian adults have no plans to be vaccinated against flu this year.

Research by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia showed the virus killed an average of 3,000 people each year, most of them aged over 65.

The guild’s national president, George Tambassis, said 77 per cent of people surveyed were unaware the flu virus could remain active when airborne for 45 minutes or more and 57 per cent believed they were at low risk of catching the flu.

Seat kicking the most annoying habit on planes

People who kick the seat of the person in front of them are the most annoying airline passengers, a new Australian survey of in-flight habits has found.

More than half of Australian travellers (55 per cent) said seat-kicking passengers troubled them the most, followed closely by those with bad body odour on 54 per cent, and crying babies or loud/misbehaving children on 38 per cent.

Helmets make cricket safer

Most Australians are unimpressed with the ball tampering scandal facing the ‘baggy greens’ in South Africa, but new research shows at least our cricketers have a better chance of survival on the field than before the introduction of helmets in the 1980s.

The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) said experts have examined the deaths of 174 people from cricket-related injuries in Australia over the past 152 years.

Nominations call for aged care quality awards

Aged care providers are being invited to enter their nominations for the industry’s 2018 Better Practice Awards.

Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt said nominations would open on Sunday, 1 April.

“Showcasing quality, safety and the application of new ideas is particularly important during this time of significant change in the aged care sector,” Mr Wyatt said.

“The Better Practice Awards are an ideal opportunity to honour and promote the effective programs, projects and initiatives that are underway to provide service excellence for senior Australians in care.

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