Is your dentist away?

Whether it’s a broken tooth or a nagging ache that won’t go away, dental problems often crop up when the local dentist is on leave.

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) wants to reassure people if they have any dental emergencies over the Christmas-New Year period and their local dentist is not available, there will be other dentists ready to address any problems.

Services will be limited to relief of pain or trauma and the provision of antibiotics where required, the ADA said.

Queensland Seniors Minister an essential

By National Seniors Chief Advocate Ian Henschke

Queenslanders go to the polls in just over a week’s time. The last state election was back in January 2015. This time you must number all the boxes on your ballot papers. Think carefully because it could make a big difference to the final make-up of the 93-seat parliament.

The Greens, Katter’s Australian Party and One Nation could all play a key role in the result, and may hold the balance of power.

Submission to Senate Select Committee Inquiry into Health

In spite of the high quality of health care in Australia, inequities in access and outcomes are experienced by sections of the population who report difficulties in accessing affordable and timely health care. This submission calls for initiatives that improve access to health care services and reduce costs.

Brisbane free dental services may relocate

Pensioners on Brisbane’s north side have been left wondering how they can attend much needed dental appointments when the state government closes the dental hospital on Turbot Street.

The state’s Health Minister Lawrence Springborg has confirmed that the buildings next to the heritage-listed Brisbane Dental Hospital on Turbot Street would be offered to developers.

The school, run by the University of Queensland, wsas due to move to a purose-built facility in the inner northern suburb of Herston next year, but the hospital's lease does not end until December 2016.

2014 2015 WA Budget Submission

Specific recommendations from National Seniors Australia to the Western Australia State Government for the 2014-2015 State Budget.

Dental package should reduce waiting lists

National Seniors is hoping the extra funding announced this week for children’s dental services will translate into shorter adult waiting lists and that the States pass on any new money.

Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has announced a $4 billion package which will provide Medicare-type dental treatment for 3.4 million children and some additional services for low income adults including pensioners.

Election scorecard

National Seniors’ election campaign, Seniors Vote 2010, drew to a close with a rally and press conference outside Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday. Check out the full scorecard of what the parties promised below.

After setting election demands and conducting meet-the-candidate forums in 13 marginal seats across the country, the verdict is that both major parties, running small target campaigns, had avoided the big issues.

Seniors launch election campaign

Older Australians are demanding commitments to world class care, financial security, support for mature age workers and an end to ageism from both sides of politics in the lead up to the federal election.

National Seniors launched its Seniors Vote 2010 campaign yesterday in Brisbane before an intense two-week marginal seats campaign.

Chief executive, Michael O’Neill, challenged this year’s contenders to demonstrate their commitment to older voters.

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