Celebrating Victorian seniors

The contribution of Victoria’s one million seniors aged 60 years and older will be celebrated when the Victorian Seniors Festival celebrates its 34th year in October.

Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing Martin Foley said the 2016 Victorians Senior Festival program will include sport, the arts and concerts such as the Festival Big Band Dance, as well as food tours, information and skills sessions as part of 1500 events and activities.

Older women reading slightly more books

New figures out this week have shown that older women are bucking a trend towards reading fewer books.

Roy Morgan Research said a survey showed that women aged over 65 were reading around one per cent more novels and non-fiction books than they were back in 2010. But the results were not so good for younger groups.

While there was an increase in book reading among children aged 6-13, after the age of 14, there was a decline.

Dancing helps halve disease risk

Older people who work up a sweat on the dance floor can almost halve their risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, an Australian study has found.

It showed those who participated in dancing had a 46 per cent lower risk of cardiovascular death over a decade compared to those who rarely or never danced.

And people who were at least slightly out of breath or sweaty while dancing benefitted, but not those whose dancing was at a light intensity.

The Triumph of Dance

Surviving polio and persecution, Russian woman Tanya Pearson arrived in Australia in 1950 hoping for a new life. More than sixty years later she’s handing the Sydney City Youth Ballet reins over to the next generation. Rosemary Desmond reports.

The Midas Touch

With a string of hugely successful movies, two beautiful children and a champion football team under his belt, Russell Crowe, 50, is now trying his hand at directing. Sarah Saunders has a chat and finds him candid, charming and passionate.


Leading Lady

Felicity Kendal made her stage debut while on a tour of India at the tender age of nine months as a changeling in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Her actor/manager father changed his surname from Bragg to Kendal - after his Cumbrian birthplace - and the family moved from Birmingham to post-colonial India when Felicity was seven.

The Last Word

Besides depleting the wallet somewhat, overseas holidays educate, rejuvenate, broaden one’s understanding of other cultures and frequently makes one appreciate home.

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a cruise of delightful National Seniors’ members from Amsterdam to Budapest. This river cruise, I believe, is something everyone should have on their ‘bucket list’.

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