Executive Diary

As nature took centre stage, reminding us of its capacity to change lives, proposals to completely alter the aged care landscape for decades ahead were released. Welcome to 2011 and this was only January!

Executive Diary

At all stages of life we yearn for certainty – consciously or otherwise it provides comfort for the present as well as what lies ahead. It is a climate that is particularly significant as we approach or enter post-employment years.
Indeed much energy is expended in planning for retirement to provide that certainty.

Keeping It Sweet

Navigating aged care is a nightmare. Discovering how much it’ll cost if you’re a self funded retiree is even scarier. Lawyer Margaret Arthur does the sums.
If life were a pantry, aged care would probably be stuck on the bottom shelf somewhere behind the cider vinegar and dried mung beans. Somewhere out of sight and out of mind.

Executive Diary

Past months have seen much attention on matters financial, revealing the impact of old and new on consumers. Interestingly, for all the advances in technology some old practices continue to present a great threat to vulnerable consumers.

Executive Diary

Early work experience attracted me to the positives that competition can bring, whether in life, sport, business, even politics (okay, the latter can be hard to recognize). The positives rely heavily on a marketplace operating with equal power whether competing with a like participant or in pursuit of consumers.

Cooper hits the mark

The Final Report of the Superannuation or Cooper Review was handed to Government in June.

At its heart, the Report aims to re-focus funds on the core purpose for which they exist, that is optimising retirement incomes for members.

Central to this aim is the MySuper proposal, a blueprint designed to make default funds cheaper and more efficient.

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