Sustainable Pension Reform – Submission

Without diminishing the importance of the fiscal impact of pension reform, NSA calls for a coherent and balanced approach to pension reform, recognising that sustainability and adequacy must be pursued jointly.

This submission reflects the views of NSA members as expressed through extensive consultations, including a recent Cost of Living survey, and focuses on:

Ensuring the safety net works;

Financial incentives for working later in life;

Addressing existing inequalities in retirement incomes; and

Improving voluntary pension provision.

QLD Pre-Budget Submission 2009-2010

National Seniors welcomes the opportunity to highlight some of the pertinent issues identified by the Queensland Policy Group and the broader Queensland membership.

The priorities outlined in this submission are considered by National Seniors to be feasible for Government, and are likely to impact positively on the lives of senior Queenslanders.

Submission to National Fuelwatch (Empowering Consumers Consequential Amendments) Bill 2008.

National Seniors seeks assurances that older Australians will not be disadvantaged by a reduction in the predictability of price cycles, and by the potential for price cycles of smaller amplitude and longer duration.

National Seniors is concerned that the proposed national Fuelwatch scheme may result in less regular price cycles and less predictable pricing patterns by day of the week, which many consumers have come to rely on.


Tax Laws Amendment (Medicare Levy Surcharge Thresholds) Bill 2008 – Submission


The Australian Government should carry out more thorough modelling to determine the breadth of the affect this policy will have on private health insurance premiums, the public hospital system and older Australians in particular.

The Australian Government should recognise the likely adverse financial impact on older Australians of the proposed changes and develop mechanisms to provide financial assistance to low-income individuals to cover the costs of inevitable premium increases.

Submission to the 2008 – 2009 WA Budget

1/ Breast screening

The Western Australian Government take leadership through the Australian Health Ministers Conference (AHMC), in calling for the widening of the target age range for the BreastScreen Australia program; so that women aged 70 and over receive reminders to claim their free mammogram every two years

2/ Commonwealth/State Relations

Submission on Cost of Living Pressures for Older Australians

With the price of essentials increasing rapidly over the past five years or so, many Australian households have faced increased cost of living pressures. These pressures have been more pronounced in the case of older Australians as a result of their typically below-average, fixed incomes, and their generally lower levels of discretionary spending.

Submission to the Inquiry into Older People and the Law

The issue of older Australians and the law is clearly a salient one. In Australia, the number of people 65 years and over is projected to increase from approximately 2.49 million now to 5.84 million in 2032, representing 23 percent of the overall population. This transformation presents a number of challenges for Australian society, not the least of which is the need to ensure that older Australians live safely and without fear of abuse, violence or exploitation.

Submission on Review of Affordable Housing in the ACT

The home has special significance for older people. Home is a familiar place, in a familiar location where they know others and feel in control of their lives. Studies examining older peoples’ preferences for housing have found that the majority wish to stay in their current home, or if they had to move, at least remain within their current suburb, in a familiar social environment. The health and well being of seniors is intrinsically linked to housing.

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