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Men call the shots on pay TV

More men than women make the decision about subscription or pay TV, a new survey has found.

Roy Morgan Research showed half of Australia’s married or de facto couples had at least one subscription or pay TV in their home and in only 50 per cent of these homes, the decisions about whether, when and which provider were made together. For the other 50 per cent, the decision was made by men 30 per cent of the time and 20 per cent women.

WA film makers to focus on positive ageing

Filmmakers are being invited to raise awareness and to challenge misconceptions about ageing as part of a new short film competition in Western Australia.

Seniors and Volunteering Minister Paul Miles said the Life in Pictures short film competition would be held in partnership with the Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

"Society often values youth and beauty, while messages about ageing can focus on the negatives of getting older," Mr Miles said.

Red Hot

From her elegance to incisive on-screen portrayals, Dame Helen Mirren has been wowing her audiences in a career spanning five decades. In this Australian exclusive, she shares insights into her role as Hedda Hopper, the flamboyant Hollywood gossip columnist who railed against the perceived threat of ‘Reds under the bed’ in post-war America.

That’s a Wrap

In the male-dominated profession of film-directing Jocelyn Moorhouse is quietly but assuredly holding her own.Rosemary Desmond catches up with Jocelyn as she departs for the prestigious Toronto Film Festival.

Australian film director Jocelyn Moorhouse says she has the ‘greatest job in the world’.

The Midas Touch

With a string of hugely successful movies, two beautiful children and a champion football team under his belt, Russell Crowe, 50, is now trying his hand at directing. Sarah Saunders has a chat and finds him candid, charming and passionate.


Leading Lady

Felicity Kendal made her stage debut while on a tour of India at the tender age of nine months as a changeling in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Her actor/manager father changed his surname from Bragg to Kendal - after his Cumbrian birthplace - and the family moved from Birmingham to post-colonial India when Felicity was seven.

Behind the Lens

Rachel Ward, 56, was once voted one of the 10 most beautiful women in the world after she shot to stardom as Meggie Cleary in the 1983 TV miniseries The Thorn Birds.

The former New York fashion model once dated David Kennedy, son of Senator Robert Kennedy, attending jet set parties and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.

Take One

He’s best known for intelligent, entertaining movies like Alien, Thelma and Louise, Black Hawk Down, American Gangster and Gladiator. But there’s more to 70-something British director Ridley Scott.

The Last Laugh

At 50, Hollywood superstar and all round nice-guy, Steve Carell, is officially the “world’s funniest man”. Casey-Ann Seaniger puts it to the test.

Worth an estimated $45 million and branded the world’s funniest man, it is easy to jump to conclusions about actor Steve Carell’s life.

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