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Planning to be Productive - The Detailed Retirement Planning Strategies of Australian Pre-Retirees

Central to the goal of successful and productive ageing is adequate planning for retirement. Together with Insuranceline, National Seniors Australia has been conducting research on the prevalence and types of plans that pre-retirees have in place for their retirement.

What Next? Workforce Transitions and Retirement Planning Among Australian Pre-Retirees

Over the previous 12 months, much work has been conducted on the workforce behaviour of mature age Australians.

Both the Government’s Consultative Forum on Mature Age Participation and the Panel on the Economic Potential of Senior Australians have been tasked with providing evidence on, amongst other things, the labour force behaviour of mature age people.

The Future of Aged Care in Australia

Providing for quality care in later life is a key concern of Australians as they age. In a survey of 801 Australians aged 50 and over conducted by National Seniors Australia earlier this year, 74% of respondents said aged care was an extremely important issue and 14% said aged care policies would influence who they voted for in the 2010 federal election.

Australians want to know that they will be able to have affordable quality care in later life. Aged care is an integral and growing component of the healthcare system. It will be more pronounced with the ageing of our population.

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