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Don't go it alone: Life satisfaction among older Australians

The Australian population is ageing. Responding to this demographic change is critical to both capitalise on the opportunities and meet the challenges population ageing presents. Successful ageing represents principles adopted by different actors to improve outcomes for older people and society generally. It describes individuals' experience of 'the best old age possible'. Achieving it offers a range of benefits to individuals and the community as a whole in the context of population ageing.

Share your thoughts on Aged Care visitors scheme

National Seniors would like to know your thoughts on the Community Visitors Scheme, under which volunteers make regular visits to older people in aged care homes or to recipients of home care packages.

The aim of the scheme is to enhance the lives of aged care consumers through the contact they have with community volunteers, with benefits such as increased self-esteem or general feeling of wellbeing, feeling cared for and/or connected to the community, and reduced feelings of loneliness or isolation.

Staying social helps ward off depression

An active social life can help ward off depression in women when they stop driving, a new study has found.

University of Queensland School of Psychology Professor Nancy Pachana said that older women were more likely to stop driving prematurely and also were more vulnerable to depression than older men.

“There’s a sense of losing control and independence when you stop driving so it’s important to have social support and take action to put alternatives in place before you or a loved one has to stop,” Dr Pachana said.

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