Know your holiday accommodation rights

NSW Fair Trading is reminding consumers of their rights in relation to holiday accommodation.

Since January 2015, the state government agency has received almost 1,500 complaints from consumers about accommodation providers.

Complaints generally relate to unsatisfactory conditions, cancellations, undisclosed fees and charges, and refunds.

Grab a piece of airport history

Calling all aviation buffs…here’s your chance to buy a piece of an iconic airport you may have passed through on your travels.

London’s Heathrow is selling off everything inside Terminal 1 to the highest bidder.

When it was opened by the Queen in 1969, Terminal 1 was seen as the gateway to the UK for millions of holiday-makers, celebrities and politicians.

Now it stands empty, waiting to be demolished to provide taxiway space for the double decker Airbus from Terminal 2.

Melbourne has more holiday appeal

New research shows more people want to holiday in Melbourne, lured by sporting events, art exhibitions, shopping, dining and nightlife to the Victorian capital.

The Roy Morgan Research Holiday Tracking Survey, out this week, showed that in 2016, Melbourne was the most desirable capital city by far, with just over 4.2 million people saying it was on their holiday wish-list.

This was an increase of 33 per cent over the last decade.

Life on the Steppe

Former 50 something journalist Casey-Ann Seaniger is now living and working in Mongolia. She took time out to travel to the country’s wild west for a glimpse of life on the steppe with the eagle hunters.

A win for ACT Seniors using public transport in NSW

National Seniors has welcomed NSW government moves to streamline access to public transport concessions for ACT seniors.

ACT residents holding a Seniors Card will now be able to obtain public transport concessions while travelling in NSW without having to reapply for a new concession card every 60 days, as was previously the case.

Plans to tighten pension portability

A new rule proposed by the Coalition Government would reduce the amount of time pensioners can travel overseas before having their pension adjusted.

If passed into law, the change would come into force from 1 January 2017.

National Seniors Chief Executive Dagmar Parsons said the proposal to tighten Age Pension portability unfairly targets many older people who choose to take an extended overseas trip to visit their family and friends.

Making streets safer for walkers

A new report has recommended ways to help keep safe older Victorian pedestrians after research showed they made up a large proportion of fatalities on the state’s roads.

Walking health promotion charity Victoria Walks analysed more than 1,000 crashes between 2008 and 2013 and found that people aged 65 and over represented 14.6 per cent of the population but accounted for 39 per cent of pedestrian fatalities.

NSW Opal Card switch looms

NSW pensioners could be hit with full fares or fines of up to $550 if they fail to show their Gold Opal card when travelling from next month.

The state’s Opposition Transport spokesperson Jodie McKay said a leaked document shows it will take pensioners five to 10 days to get their Gold Opal.

Today is the last day that pensioners and seniors can apply for an Opal card and get it back in the post in time for August 1 when the automated card system replaces paper tickets.

Golfers' favourite state

Queensland is the preferred destination for golfers wanting an active holiday in Australia.

Roy Morgan Research said 1.9 million Australians aged 14 years or over play golf either regularly or occasionally, with 49.6 per cent of those surveyed saying they would most like to visit Queensland in the next two years.

Their Queensland golfing destinations of choice were Noosa, Surfers Paradise and Cairns.

Out West

Detour a little west and you’ll not only escape South East Queensland’s infamous crowds but also discover a foodie’s paradise. Rosemary Desmond samples Stanthorpe’s tree-ripened apples and full-bodied reds.

If you fancy burning off some of your indulgence, the Girraween National Park is just is 26km south of Stanthorpe.

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