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A free, user-friendly, online learning program aimed at helping older Australians connect to the internet.

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For those who wish to help older Australians explore the online world and learn to use the internet, by using the Federal Government's Be Connected learning program, you will be providing training or support to people who want to improve their digital skills.
This can either be one on one mentoring, in small groups, or running a group lesson if you like at a local community organisation, including one of our 100 National Seniors Australia branches.

Upcoming training

Tuesday 23 March at 9am AEST

Tuesday 30 March at 9am AEST

Thursday 8 April at 9am AEST

Tuesday 13 April at 9am AEST

Thursday 15 April at 11am AEST

Tuesday 20 April at 9am AEST

Thursday 22 April at 9am AEST

Tuesday 27 April at 9am AEST

Thursday 29 April at 9am AEST

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What is Be Connected?

Some older Australians are deterred from using the internet, despite awareness of the convenience it offers in maintaining connection and managing daily life. Lack of knowledge, skills, confidence and security concerns are the main barriers. To help older Australians get online confidently and securely we are working with The Good Things Foundation – a strategic partner who specialises in digital connection and education. 

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner and Good Things Foundation have developed the online learning program, Be Connected, which is funded by the Australian Government. This free learning program contains easy to follow click-through modules on a range of topics aimed at helping older Australians connect digitally. Modules start at the very basics to set up a device and progress into other topics like connecting to others, staying safe online, and online hobbies like researching family history, playing games and listening to music.

National Seniors are running a volunteer digital mentor program commencing in August 2019. ‘Digital Mentoring: Helping your community Be Connected’ is an interactive, free training and support program. Mentors receive online training and follow up support, building their confidence in delivering digital skills support to older people in their community via National Seniors branches or other groups. Mentors will use the existing Be Connected learning platform to teach people digital skills one-on-one or in small group settings.

Digital mentor training

Digital mentor training

You don't have to become a National Seniors mentor to help someone you know. Click here to complete a 30 minute online training module to assist you in supporting someone you care about.

Connecting is a choice

Professor John McCallum, CEO

It is, of course, a personal choice to want to get these skills but it is becoming harder to do things without them. So, we’re looking to help anyone who’s interested.

Professor John McCallum, CEO

What topics are covered?

The absolute basics

The absolute essentials of using your device, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Getting to know your device

The basic functions of a keyboard, a mouse and a computer, including how to change settings and manage your files

Getting started online

Some essential skills to getting started online

Safety first

Essential skills to stay safe online, the why and how of passwords, paying for goods and tips to avoid scams

More online skills

How to connect with friends and family using social networks, how to use a digital camera and how to watch TV or listen to music online

Connecting to others

How to get set up to make video calls and different ways to make free video calls using Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime

All about data

What data is, how we measure it, how you can buy it and what plans are available

Wi-Fi and mobile networks

All about Wi-Fi and how to connect at home or in a place, like a café, that has free Wi-Fi

Online hobbies

Researching family history, writing a blog, and using Google Earth

All about apps

What you can do with them, where you can get them and how to be safe using them

Want to learn with Be Connected?

Self-paced learning

Self-paced learning

For those who have access to a computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet device, know how to use email and have access to the internet. Sign up to the program at home or at your local library, and explore the topics that interest you at your own pace.

Important: remember to select National Seniors Australia as the support centre

Attend a training session

Attend a training session

For those who would like a little more help or prefer the social atmosphere of shared learning. Our network of community branches will be holding some 'bring your own device' learning sessions, and also holding some training workshops with devices provided. New events will be added to the events calendar as they're planned or contact your local branch to see if they are participating.