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Financial advisers
Consultation paper calls for submissions on ways to lift professional standards.

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Age Management Toolkit
Practical information for employers on best practice age management initiatives.
Piecemeal pension changes encourage retirees to blow savings bit.ly/1KqfD9C @FinancialReview #auspol #whysave
'The professor who wants to cut older workers' pay to make them more employable', read our response: @FinancialReview afr.com/news/the-profe…
RT @Siobhan_ODwyer: #AgedCare is pretty miserable for older people too. Suggesting otherwise is ignorant & discriminatory http://t.co/2LnqT#disability
Financial report
National Seniors Australia's 2013-2014 Financial Report is available online
Age Pension Portability
How will travelling overseas affect your Age Pension payments?
50 something
June-July 2015