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National Seniors produces submissions in response to key Bills, consultation papers and inquiries into issues affecting the over 50s. Below are a collection of submissions we have presented to state and federal government bodies.

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NT 2008 Election Priorities.

Recommendations for the 2008 NT election agenda. 
01 Aug 2008

Proposed Reform of the Regulatory Framework for Aged Care – Submission

At this stage, support for a number of the proposed reforms is measured due to a lack of detailed information. National Seniors also has concerns that there may be adverse impacts for care recipients and their families. In particular, greater...
01 Aug 2008

Submission to National Fuelwatch (Empowering Consumers) Bill 2008.

National Seniors strongly supports initiatives that put downward pressure on petrol prices and that provide consumers with price certainty and price transparency. In this regard I note the positive claims made by the Australian Competition and...
01 Jul 2008

Submission to National Fuelwatch (Empowering Consumers Consequential Amendments) Bill 2008.

National Seniors seeks assurances that older Australians will not be disadvantaged by a reduction in the predictability of price cycles, and by the potential for price cycles of smaller amplitude and longer duration. National Seniors is concerned...
01 Jul 2008

Social Integration Seminar Summary Report

This report outlines a summary of stakeholder views expressed at the Social Integration Seminar convened by the ACT Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing in partnership with the National Seniors Australia, supported by the ACT Office for Ageing,...
01 Jul 2008

Inquiry into Better Support for Carers – Submission

Recognition of carers In 2003, there were 2.5 million carers, of whom 18% (452,300) were aged 65 and over.1 Carers Australia estimates the real number of Australians affected by carer policy decisions is well over 5 million, as carer policy not...
01 Jul 2008

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