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Competition winners

Congratulations to the winners of National Seniors Australia member competitions.

2024 Winners

Win one of 10 DVDs of Harry Wild: Series 2 - Drawn 8/4/2024

D. Finn, H. Williams, F. Tienan, P. Bamford, S. De Biasi, P. Wardman, L. Cooper-Lothian, A. Hills, D. Inkster, R. Connor

Win one of 3 copies of Lies My Mirror Told Me - Drawn 8/4/2024

K. Fatchen, L. Roberts, T. McDuff

Win one of 3 copies of Everyday Enlightenment - Drawn 8/4/2024

E. Mazzoleni, J. Vinson, J. Catalano

Win one of 3 copies of A Brilliant Life - Drawn 8/4/2024

R. Killesteyn, N. Hyams, P. Stevens

Win a copy of For Once in My Life - Drawn 8/4/2024

S. McKenna

Win one of 10 DVDs of Mrs Sidhu Investigates: Series 1 - Drawn 5/4/2024 

P. Atkinson, G. Andrews, W. Wells, G. Rankine, M. Kean, G. Nicholas, J. McGlew, P. Sumner, J. Nicholson, P. Danaher

Win one of 5 CDs of Cody Fry – The End - Drawn 5/4/2024

J. Lipp, G. Godding, C. Wing, M. O'Donnell, K. Westlake

Win one of 2 double passes to Titanic, The Musical - Drawn 5/4/2024

G. Nicholas, S. Lepp

Win one of 5 double passes to ROBOT DREAM - Drawn 5/4/2024

M. Bryson, J. Baker, D. Altschwager, G. Copper, W. Melling

Win a double pass to In Tails - Drawn 5/4/2024

M. Della Vedova, C. Perrett, W. Davis, S. Dunlop, C. Frederick, L. Riddell, P. Danaher, N. Hyams, J. Azemothe, F. Chia, W. Melling, L. Olivetti, L. Warn, M. Mortimer, R.Ryan, R. Tuzzolino, W. Pine, L. Day, L. Hulme, G Hamblin, S. Schmidt, D. Klemke, K. Norris, J. Chappelow, C. Baskerville, H. Williams, R. Belshaw, H. Vlahos, P. Dayton, J. Anderson, A. Francis, G. Curr, P. Oldfield, M. Kean, R. Cornelius, W. Cheng

Win one of 10 double passes to ANZAC War Epic BEFORE DAWN - Drawn 28/3/2024

J. Say, D. Henderson, M. Mortimer, C. Jacques, G. Henry, J. Sloan, J. Wardle, I. Lightbody, G. Kakavos, E. Fisher

Win one of 5 double passes to Goodbye Julia - Drawn 28/3/2024

S. Northover, G. Sands, N. Hyams, S. McKenna, G. Brown

Win one of 15 double passes to IO Capitano - Drawn 28/3/2024

J. Pollard, A. Lewis, P. Atkinson, J. Saunders, G. Hamblin, H. Hensley, F. Ederhard, K. Gavars, G. Palm, Y. Wilkins, C. Smith, S. Comino, J. Schmitz, K. Bourne, M. Wilson

Win one of 15 double passes to Wicked Little Letters - Drawn 20/3/2024

P. Karvelis, C. Fyffe, G. Mears, P. Stevens, J. Aveyard, K. Best, H. Roberts, D. Hoscher, D. Tuzzolino, G. Rankine, N. Hyams, SC. Pothast, R. Ryan, J. Catalano, J. Davies

Win 1 of 3 copies of Mrs Winterbottom takes a Gap Year book - Drawn 16/2/2024

Y. Wilkins, H. Cleaver, B. Trevorrow

Win a copy of What's For Dessert book - Drawn 16/2/2024

D. Neumann

Win 1 of 10 tickets to The Color Purple - Drawn 25/1/2024

H. Williams, S. Meldrum. H. Petzl, S. Griffin, W. Marthick, R. Blakeman, R. Cocker, S.C. Pothast, P. Hannan, G. Hamblin

Win 1 of 4 copies of The Quiet Tenant - Drawn 4/1/2024

J. Bunworth, N. Crawford, L. Warn, R. Zurek

Win a copy of Collecting Art Deco - Drawn 4/1/2024

P. Danaher

Win a copy of Voices in the Dark - Drawn 4/1/2024

M. Florian

Win a copy of Ripper - Drawn 4/1/2024

L. Hazlett

Win a copy of Kookaburra Cottage - Drawn 4/1/2024

G. Hamblin

Win 1 of 5 CDs of A World Outside - Drawn 4/1/2024

R. Tuzzolino, B. de Meyere, J. Bourne, S. Mentiplay, D. Millar

Win 1 of 5 CDs of The Neapolitan - Drawn 4/1/2024

N. Streek, W. Pine, K. Gavars, G. Kakavos, D. Stone

2023 winners

Win 1 of 5 copies of Aled Jones & Russell Watson - Christmas Harmonies - Drawn 15/12/2023

J. Bottle, B. Basell, A. Shields, J. Clarke, D. Sandy

Win a copy of Love, Oil and Fortunes of War - Drawn 17/11/2023

R. Frost

Win a copy of A Farming Life - Drawn 10/11/2023

M. Trustum

Win a copy of PAX - Drawn 3/11/2023

G. Beaubois

Win a copy of War and Punishment - Drawn 27/10/2023

J. Chappie

Win a copy of The Moongate - Drawn 20/10/2023

P. White

Win a copy of The Ferryman - Drawn 13/10/2023

P. Curucuruto 

Win a copy of Spanish Love Affair - Drawn 06/10/2023

J. Nagelkerke 

Win a copy of Period Repair Manual: Your Guide to Better Periods - Drawn 29/09/2023

G. Kakavos

Win a copy of Couple Skills: Making Your Relationship Work - Drawn 22/09/23

K. Meikle

Win a copy of Pens and Bayonets: Letters from the Front by soldiers of Yorke Peninsula during the Great War - Drawn 15/09/22

L. Cooper

Win a copy of The Fox: The Master Storyteller Returns - Drawn 25/08/2023

S. Postlethwaite

Win a copy of Great Australian Outback Teaching Stories - Drawn 18/08/2023


Win a copy of Kieran Modra: The Way I See It - Drawn 11/08/2023

K. Featherstone

Win a copy of Living at Home with Dementia & Parkinson's Disease: A Practical Guide for Carers - Drawn 04/08/2023

S. Stone

Win 1 of 5 copies of The Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla - Drawn 02/08/2023

C. Jarvis, R. Butler, M. O'Mara, C. Deeth, H. Petzl

Win a copy of Home Before Night - Drawn 02/08/2023

K. Mullane

Win a copy of Engaging with Ageing - Drawn 02/08/2023

S. Neenan

Win a copy of Echo Lake - Drawn 02/08/2023

B. Robinson

Win a copy of The Tea Ladies - Drawn 02/08/2023

H. Jarvis

Win one of two box DVD sets of Poirot: Complete Collection - Drawn 02/08/2023

J. Anderson, S. Felmingham

Win a copy of That Bligh Girl - Drawn 02/08/2023 

W. Kirk

Win a copy of Natural Causes: Life, Death and the Illusion of Control - Drawn 28/07/2023

S. Meldrum

Win a copy of The Getting of Garlic - Drawn 21/07/2023

L. Van Balleyoogen

Win a copy of Geoff Brock: The Man Who Saved a City - Drawn 14/07/2023

D. Kalathas

Win a copy of Elizabeth's Rival: The Tumultuous Tale of Lettice Knollys Countess of Leicester - Drawn 07/07/2023

K. Crowhurst

Win a copy of Love Will Tear Us Apart - Drawn 30/06/2023

C. Fong

Win a copy of Bird Bonds - Drawn 23/06/2023

L. Mackrill

Win 1 of 5 double passes to Cats in the Museum - Drawn 22/06/2023

W. Melling, G. Ungerer, D. Bouchardt, R. Wyatt, P. Geldard

Win a copy of Deep River - Drawn 16/06/2023

P. King 

Win a copy of Big Rough Stones - Drawn 09/06/2023

S. Mentiplay

Win a copy of South Australia on the Eve of War - Drawn 02/06/2023

N. Streek

Win a copy of Stern Justice - Drawn 26/05/2023 

S. Walker

Win a copy of Adani and the War Over Coal - Drawn 19/05/2023 

D. Cattell 

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Maybe I Do - Drawn 19/05/2023

M. Willford, C. Wallace, J. Bennett, V. Baker, C. Wiencke, P. Perry, I. Dela Cruz, A. Hancock, L. Rampant, C. Lowrie 

Win 1 of 3 copies of I Have Some Questions for You - drawn 12/05/2023

F. Acquino, J. Arena, G. Frankling

Win 1 of 4 double passes to MARLOWE - drawn 12/05/2023

I. Jackson, N. Brady, M. Congreve, W. Van Den Bossche, K. Flentge

Win a copy of Paradise Valley - drawn 05/05/2023

J. Sanderson

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Book Club: The Next Chapter - drawn 02/05/2023

J.Saunders, T.Cavallaro, A. Trost, A. Bamford, M. Dickson, B. McDonald, D. Altschwager, P. Foster, B. Sullivan

Win 1 of 10 double passes to the German Film Festival - drawn 28/04/2023

A. Atterson, J. Barker, M. Mortimer, I. Uttley, S. Kingston, G. Degger, I. McDonald, L. Ryan, R. Killesteyn, P. Davies

Win a copy of Up the Hill and Over the Wall - drawn 21/04/2023 

L. Mackay, A. Andriejunas, J. Raheb

Win a copy of Go As a River - drawn 14/04/2023

L. Andrews

Win a copy of Lockdown by Janna Thompson - drawn 07/04/2023

D. Gruar

Win 1 of 5 CD Copies of The Seekers: Carry Me - drawn 07/04/2023

Z. Olsthoorn, B. Williams, L. Gavenlock, H. Gee, L. Johnston

Win 1 of 10 Whitstable Pearl Season 2 - drawn 07/04/2023

M & B. Moffat, J. Hart, D. Oliver, C. O'Brien, P. Spaulding, W. Loud, W. Starling, E. Forde, G. Hudson, C. O'Brien, K. Mitchell, J.Hart, D.Oliver

Win a copy of Wish You Were Here - drawn 07/04/2023

C. Howell

Win a copy of The Light We Carry - drawn 07/04/2023 

I. Millbourn

Win a copy of Call of Empire - Drawn 07/04/2023 

D. Nikolic 

Win 1 of 10 copies of Recipes for Love and Murder S1 - drawn 07/04/2023 

C. Tink, J. McGlew, M. Puttman, A. Shipley, E. Matthews, B. Evans, K. Harme, W. Mercer, G. Logan, J. Moore

Win a copy of Mortals: How the Fear of Death Shaped Human Society - drawn 31/03/2023

B. De Meyere

Win 1 of 15 double passes to Allelujah - drawn 31/03/2023

D. Ross, C. Leach, N. Jeffs, P. Bamford, J. Marhin, J. Olah, R. Holden, H. Crow, G. Hamblin, A. Poulter, G. Gilbert, G. Lynn, B. Marshall, P. Rankine, I. Roberts

Win a copy of The Therapist - drawn 27/03/2023

M. Whalen

Win 1 of 6 double passes to Stephan Moccio - drawn 27/03/2023

K. Crowhurst, R. Storey, R. Connor, M. O'Donnell, M. Whalen, S. Meldrum

Win 1 of 3 copies of Love, Oil and the Fortunes of War - drawn 20/03/2023

K. Gawne, R. Maiden, A. Daley

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Shackleton - The Greatest Story of Survival - drawn 13/03/2023

R. Martin, K. Kay, D. Ahern, P. D'Alton, A. Raines, B. Forno, B. Olinder, G. Smareglia, M. Overton, A. Hollamby

Win 1 of 10 double passes to To Leslie - drawn 13/03/2023

P. Oldfield, S. De Biasi, M. Dickinson, P. Smark, J. Schmitz, M. Brooke, S. Cannon, H. Sabol, G. Gray, H. Petzl

Win 1 of 15 double passes to Living - drawn 13/03/2023

G. Shoring, P. Quinn, S. Mentiplay, S. Keating, M. Pannunzio, P. Hannan, K. Pitt, K. Chia, N. Streek, L. Roberts, M. Berndt, B. Sullivan, H. Crow, S. Grimes, G. Degger

Win a copy of Songs to the Unsong - drawn 06/03/2023

K. Bourne

Win a copy of Murder in Williamstown - drawn 27/02/2023

S. Gannon

Win a copy of Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story: Book by Bono - drawn 20/02/2023

M. Joahnasen

Win 1 of 15 copies of My Fairy Troublemaker - drawn 20/02/2023

G. Copper, R. Rice, D. Schulz, B. Ross, S. Gomes, E. Stanford, H. Murphy, S. Haylock, J. Harrington, G. Andrews, B. Basell, J. Mercer, S. Lepp, J. Northridge, R. Rabjones

Win a copy of A Brief Affair - drawn 13/02/2023

T. McDuff

Win a copy of Storyteller - drawn 06/02/2023

R. Campbell

Win a copy of How Many More Women - drawn 30/01/2023

A. Virzi

Win 1 of 15 double passes to What's Love Got To Do With It? - drawn 16/01/2023

A. Moreland, M. Keller, M. Stoneham, R. Zurek, L. Mulheron, K. Norris, M. Bateup, A. Dikmans, I. Yusoff, D. Fritz, S. Horne, M. Holyoak, S. Lesser, G. Campbell, B. McCann

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Emily - drawn 09/01/2023

Y. Bishop, T. Velden, D. Ting, G. Nicholas, S. Hooper, A. Bynon, P. Danaher, C. Curry, M. McMullen, W. Hyams

Win 1 of 3 copies of ABC of Australian Cricket by Ken Piesse - drawn 09/01/2023

J. Woodhead, J. Strachan, F. Bunney

Win 1 of 5 Sing Like an Italian CDs by Silvia Colloca - drawn 09/01/2023

M. Heinrich, E. Hamwood, E. Laws, M. Govender, N. Mann

Win 1 of 5 The Disney Book CDs by Lang Lang + signed art card - drawn 09/01/2023

B. Thorne, M. Bastardi, P. Riley, R. Burns, P. Day

Win a copy of Mad Honey - drawn 09/01/2023

L. Beaton

Win a copy of Essex Dogs - drawn 09/01/2023

G. Palm

Win a copy of Not Now, Not Ever - drawn 09/01/2023

N. Forster

Win 1 of 5 copies of The Italian Home Cook by Silvia Colloca - drawn 09/01/2023

A. Lamanda, E. Kennard, P. Harris, P. Lacey, S. Monteath

Win 1 of 5 copies of Australian Word Puzzles - drawn 09/01/2023

M. Clark, P. Aram, C. Webb, C. Sander, D. Rivers

Win 1 of 10 copies of Darby & Joan Season 1 DVD - drawn 09/01/2023

J & E Storey, M. Hobbs, G. Campbell, C. Lowe, S. Williams, B. Coonan, J. Hathaway, J. Avery, B. Ritter, N. Grott

Win 1 of 10 copies of Witness Number 3 - drawn 09/01/2023

M. Souter, S. Scown, J. Calder, J. Collins, R. Cameron, L. Pryce, J. Catalano, J. Taylor, G. Pitt, D. Eaton

2022 winners

Win a copy of Runt - drawn 19/12/2022

F. Chia

Win a copy of The Orphans - drawn 12/12/2022

T. Maffescioni

Win a copy of Treasure State - drawn 05/12/2022

V. Louison

Win a copy of Australian Word Puzzles - drawn 21/11/2022

F. Aquino

Win a copy of The Secret History Of The Five Eyes - drawn 14/11/2022

K. Ball

Win a copy of Freeing My Family - drawn 7/11/2022

L. Dowling

Win an Ultimate Zea Relief Kunzea Bundle - drawn 7/11/2022

I. Uttley

Win a copy of The Opal Miner's Daughter - drawn 31/10/2022

D. Healy

Win a copy of Sincerely, Me - drawn 31/10/2022

G. Parslow

Win 1 of 10 family passes to The Nutcracker & The Magic Flute - drawn 24/10/2022

R. Quinn, E. Williams, K. West, V. Bates, M.Mattheyse, I. Bridgman, K. Gladwish, Z. Vernik, M.Struyve, A.Francis

Win a copy of Together We Can - drawn 24/10/2022

B. Fothergill

Win a copy of The New Ringer - drawn 24/10/2022

J. Emery

Win a copy of The River Gum Cottage - drawn 17/10/2022

J. Aveyard

Win a copy of Everything Feels Like the End of the World - drawn 17/10/2022

J. Bosley

Win 1 of 5 passes to The Night of the 12th - drawn 17/10/2022

J. Mersiades, K. Giovannini, M. Linneth, M. Holder, A.Burdon

Win 1 of 5 CDs: The World of Havasi by Havasi - drawn 10/10/2022

M. Austin, L. Day, F. Eberhard, A. Bartos , J. Mortimer

Win 1 of 10 copies of Signora Volpe Series One - drawn 10/10/2022

J. Kettle, J. Baxter, K. Best, L. Riley, S. Walker, A. Hawes, P. Modica, B. Hurst, S. De Biasi, J. Eastaway

Win 1 of 10 copies of London Kills Series Three - drawn 10/10/2022

M. White, G. Johnson, D. Goodchild-McLeish, G. Rankine, M. O'Brien, B. Dunphy, S. Wells, P. Aiken, L. Reid, N. Croyden

Win a copy of Smart, Stupid & Sixty by Nigel Marsh - drawn 10/10/2022

K. Thompson

Win a copy of The Man Who Loved Pink Dolphins: A True Story of Life and Death in the Amazon - drawn 10/10/2022

T. Valentino

Win a copy of Five Bush Weddings by Clare Fletcher - drawn 10/10/2022

L. Charles

Win a copy of The Unbelieved by Vikki Petraitis - drawn 10/10/2022

G. Aiello

Win 1 of 2 copies of The Pride - drawn 05/10/2022

M. Connolly, S.Henze

Win 1 of 10 tickets to Don't Worry Darling - drawn 05/10/2022

S. Faifai, T. Pollard, M. Bettonvil, A. MacKinnon, T. Taylor, M. D G Wilson, A. Gray, N. de Jongh, K. Bourne, M. Miller

Win 1 of 2 copies of The Tap Cats of the Sunshine Coast - drawn 26/09/2022

R. McEvoy, R. Frost

Win a copy of The Digger of Kokoda - drawn 19/09/2022

M. Fenwick

Win a copy of Gathering Storms - drawn 19/09/2022

J. Seery

Win 1 of 15 double passes to The Railway Children Return - drawn 05/09/2022

M. Snellgrove, D. Hine, P. Bunker, C. Snell, M. Wadsworth, W. Flett, M. Thistlethwaite, W. Pickering, R. Lopeman, P. Edwards, P. See, R. Richards, E. Martin, R. Sverdloff, G. Gerhardy

Win a copy of The Registrar - drawn 05/09/2022

O. Van Niekerk

Win a copy of Ghost Lover - drawn 29/08/2022

S. Philp

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Embrace: Kids - drawn 29/08/2022

B. Eastwood, J. Boyle, A. Hollamby, H. Kerslake, F. De Lorenzo, C. Harman, K. Finch, N. Woodforth, M. Nothdurft, H. Cleaver

Win a copy of Night Crawling - drawn 22/08/2022

J. Harris

Win an original art piece – Great Barrier Reef Study - drawn 22/08/2022

P. Carter

Win 1 of 10 double passes to BOSCH & ROCKIT - drawn 15/08/2022

D. O’Bryan, R. Killesteyn, K. Kunde, J. Cross, N. Stephenson, R. Brennan, R. Bierton, L. Warn, S. Ross, D. Murdoch

Win a copy of The Perfect Golden Circle - drawn 08/08/2022

G. Leighton

Win a copy of Little Nothings - drawn 01/08/2022

S. Wearne

Win a copy of Black River - drawn 01/08/2022

L. French

Win 1 of 10 double passes to The Forgiven - drawn 25/07/2022

I. New, C. Pendrick, J. Somogy, M. Schaeche, W. Verplak, J. Nichols, P. Lawry, J. Adamczyk, G. Ryan, M. McLennan.

Win 1 of 10 copies of Harry Wild Series 1 - drawn 25/07/2022

C. Harris, M. Cheers, F. Chatham, L. Dunkley, P. Dobson, A. Kemble, B. Ward, D. Hooker, F. Tienan, J. Young

Win 1 of 10 double passes to the Scandinavian Film Festival - drawn 18/07/2022

G. Hamblin, J. Rosenbrock, P. Richardson, G. King, L. Murphy, E. Conner, R. Depiazz, F. Aquino, M. Della Vedova

Win 1 of 10 copies of Queens of Mystery Season 2 - drawn 18/07/2022

F. Payne, E. Lager, H. Morris, M. O’Brien, H. McGrath, Y. Lynch, K. Allen, S. Moreland, A. Kovacevic, R. McCarthy

Win 1 of 10 copies of Rules of the Game - drawn 18/07/2022

J. David, S. Johnson, R. Marshall, R. Camp, R. Sceats, R. Vernon, J. Oliver, C. Klerks, R. Dearden, D. Keating

Win a copy of Metronome - drawn 08/07/2022

A. Foot

Win a copy of The Poinciana Tree - drawn 08/07/2022

G. Rochester

Win 1 of 10 tickets to Falling for Figaro - drawn 08/07/2022

S. Nightingale, D. Bernays, L.. Norton, C. Hayman, J. Nagle, D. McKenzie, J. Hughes, W. Kennedy, T. Johnson, K. Martyn

Win 1 of 3copies of The Opera House - drawn 08/07/2022

C. Walsh, H. Stawarz, R. Porter

Win a copy of Till Death Do Us Part - drawn 08/07/2022

J. Hillier

Win a copy of Esther's Children - drawn 08/07/2022

W. Graham

Win 1 of 5 copies of Assisted: A Doctor’s Story of Assisting Death and Embracing Life - drawn 08/07/2022

G. Wallace, K. West, D. Trickey, S. Dunlop, L. Olivetti 

Win a copy of Lessons in Chemistry - drawn 08/07/2022

R. Scott

Win 1 of 10 copies of The Chelsea Detective - drawn 08/07/2022

V. Pridannikoff, C. Parkes, A. Robertson, D. Palmer, B. Cavendish, B. Frater, C. Ward, O. Taylor, T. Olsthoorn, A. Hills

Win 1 of 10 copies of The Madame Blanc Mysteries - drawn 08/07/2022

J Friebel & J Findlow, P. Hills, N. King, M. Jenkins, N. Oliver, K. Peters, H. Logan, R. Mennell, A. Haselgrove, D. & D. Wortley

Win 1 of 5 copies of We Are - drawn 08/07/2022

V. & J. Stewart, S. Robinson, G. Lewis, J. McCurran, M. Carter

Win 1 of 5 copies of The New Four Seasons - drawn 08/07/2022

L. Ellison, D. Wright, J. Banham, A. Moir, S. Harris

Win 1 of 15 family passes to My Sweet Monster - drawn 27/06/22

A. Schlyder, R. Blakeman, D. Bowyer, S. Pothast, G. Sands, K. Freeston, P. Sutton, J. Wensley, B. Atterton, M. Conwell, C. Drake, K. Schuett, M. Chadwick, S. Hurst, J. Say

Win a copy of A Stone's Throw Away - drawn 27/06/22

I. Dimmock

Win a copy of The Leviathan - drawn 20/06/22

M. Fennell

Win a copy of Painting the Light - drawn 13/06/22

K. Grindlay

Win 1 of 5 copies of The Responder - drawn 13/06/22

G. Jenkin, D. Rogerson, A. O'Neill, S. Dimitrijevich, C. Billing

Win 1 of 15 double passes to Benediction - drawn 13/06/22

D. Groeneveld, G. Kakavos, M. Wood, G. Barrett, T. Glasson, T. Tan, L. Wiles, R. Chinotto, G. Curr, R. Garcia, J. Krohn, P. Smith, T. Hadley, J. Brain, E. Lytton

Win a copy of The Colony - drawn 06/06/22

V. Bell

Win 1 of 5 copies of Under The Vines - drawn 06/06/22

B. Zintschenko, M. Gledhill, T. Deleon, L. Broch, L. Brown

Win 1 of 5 copies of the 20th anniversary edition of Come Away With Me by Norah Jones - drawn 30/05/22

P. Croese, J. Woodcock, P. Richardson, R. Ongheen, D. Neumann

Win 1 of 15 double passes to Mothering Sunday - drawn 30/05/22

D. Kinross, M. Moran, M. Shum, N. Lockett, L. White, M. Schafer, D. Row, S. Logan, M. Mattingley, G. Francis, H. Van Der Steen, P. Spottiswood, J. McAninly, H. Georgeson, N. Smith

Win 1 of 10 double passes to the German Film Festival - drawn 30/05/22

L. Hggins, W. McKerracher, M. Weekes, M. Rowley, L. Scantlebury, P. Roberts, J. Breen, K. Parker, N. Hawkins, A. Mayne

Win a copy of Summer at Kangaroo Ridge - 23/05/22

N. Townend

Win a copy of Don't Be Too Polite, Girls - 23/05/22

G. St Clair

Win 1 of 10 double passes to How To Please a Woman - 23/05/22

B. Harriott, P. Campbell, C. Bowyer, H. Olde, J. Hicks, H. Williams, R. Cocker, D. Beardsley, G. McDonald, W. Hore

Win a copy of Outback Secrets - 16/05/22

K. Waters

Win a copy of Remember me - 16/05/22

T. Cheal

Win 1 of 2 copies of Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Handbook - 16/05/22

J. Eaves, A. Farrell

Win a copy of Missing - 09/05/22

L. Bowey

Win a copy of The Mother - 09/05/22

J. Rosenbrock

Win 1 of 5 copies of The Art of Collaboration - 09/05/22

J. Weis, E. Beilby, T. Horton, W. Marthick, M. Valenti

Win a copy of Road to Rosalee - 02/05/22

J. Quinn

Win a copy of Osprey Reef - 02/05/22

R. Quick

Win a copy of The Islands - 26/04/22

J. Bear

Win a copy of Since we last met - 26/04/22

R. Munro

Win 1 of 10 double passes to the Spanish Film Festival - 26/04/22

B. Ferre, L. McLean, J. Missenden, S. Kingston, S. O'Neill, J. McLaughlin, C. Dwyer, J. Simmons, V. Carkeet, J. Ure

Win 1 of 10 tickets to Downton Abbey: A New Era - 26/04/22

K. Bartlett, J. Dawes, R. Geraty, R. Walker, I. Gorfin, J. Pinkster, R. Lavers, R. Evans, R. Fleming, K. McDonald

Win a copy of Dead Horse Gap - 26/04/22

D. Horsburgh

Win 1 of 10 double passes to The Good Boss - 26/04/22

A. Sandry, M. Pannunzio, K. Gavars, C. Walmsley, L. Nuttall, G. Bulpitt, R. Rogenmoser, C.Hutchinson, D. Byrne, W. Batters

Win 1 of 10 copies of Dalgliesh Season One - drawn 11/04/22

E. Proctor, R. Thomas, W. Green, P. Robinson, S. Brown, J. Aiberti, S. Ellis, J. Pryce, J. O'Mara, M. Allocca

Win 1 of 5 copies of Piano Songbook CD - drawn 11/04/22

F. Aquino, J. Skene, D. Oliver, J. Pinnow, G. Bennett

Win 1 of 5 copies of Fragile CD - drawn 11/04/22

J. Kirkham, P. Frost, C. De Freitas, A. Wade, C. Ellis

Win 1 of 10 copies of A Discovery of Witches - drawn 11/04/22

L. Van Ballegooyen, J. Charles, H. Ullmann, L. Malmstone, W. Tapp, S. Gilholme, B. Williams, C. Leins, J. Macdermott, D. Packer

Win a copy of The Prodigal Sister - drawn 11/04/22

S. Watson

Win a copy of The Ghost Tattoo - drawn 11/04/22

C. Gould

Win a copy of Will - drawn 11/04/22

J. Collyer

Win 1 of 2 copies of Those Brisbane Romantics - drawn 11/04/22

L. Lewis, H. Symmans

Win a copy of Wish You Were Here - drawn 04/04/22

D. Finn

Win a copy of Osprey Reef - drawn 04/04/22

N. McNab

Win a copy of Treasure & Dirt - drawn 28/03/22

A. Phillips

Win 1 of 5 copies of Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries - drawn 28/03/22

J. King, D. Watson, E. Lindau, B. Scott, P. O’Neil

Win a copy of Virtuoso: Pianists Of The Sydney International Piano Competition (1992-2016) - drawn 28/03/22

W. Dobrow

Win 1 of 20 double passes to The Duke - drawn 28/03/22

A. Clews, T. Savage, H. Van Der Meer, G. Lambkin, G. Hoffman, D. Flaxman, L. Murphy, L. Tate, C. Gioseffi, K. Parakh, J. Manson, D. Ratcliff, J. Purse, J.Winter, J.Langdon, A. Todd, E. Fisher, J. Happs, C. Millar, A. Mellish

Win a copy of The Russian Wife - drawn 21/03/22

L. Zambello

Win a copy of The Freedom of Birds - drawn 21/03/22

L. Goldsmith

Win 1 of 2 copies of The Dark Hours - drawn 14/03/22

A. Cuthbert, D. Gabriel

Win a copy of Outback Secrets - drawn 14/03/22

M. Phillips

Win 1 of 4 copies of Clouds on the Horizon - drawn 14/03/22

C. Borrie, A. Suteras, J. Lovett, J. Herkes

Win a copy of Silverview - drawn 21/02/22

J. Cameron-Smith

Win a copy of Once Burnt, Twice Shy - drawn 21/02/22

N. Reasin

Win 1 of 5 copies of Stephan Moccio's album Lionheart - drawn 14/02/22

J. Bardsley, M. Sheehan, P.Sumner, J. Newton Peirce, C. Garrity

Win 1 of 5 copies of At My Piano - drawn 14/02/22

B. Wheatley, B. Spears, R. Liu, B. Minnett, G. Harrison

Win a copy of Love, Luck and the Demon - drawn 14/02/22

M. Hamil

Win 1 of 6 double passes to A Stitch in Time - drawn 14/02/22

R. Donovan, G. Brown, W. Thompson, B. Barbouttis, C. Dobbin, P. Harding

Win a copy of The Swift and the Harrier - drawn 14/02/22

E. Reith

Win a copy of Beyond Words - drawn 14/02/22

J. Buhagiar

Win a copy of Fancy Meeting You Here - drawn 14/02/22

J. Lipp

Win a copy of The Spy's Wife - drawn 04/02/22

G. Shoring

Win a copy of You're Doing it Wrong - drawn 04/02/22

P. Matters

Win a copy of My Favourite Movies - drawn 04/02/22

M. Kelly

Win a copy of Leaping Into Waterfalls - drawn 28/01/22

R. Gough

Win a copy of ER Nurses - drawn 28/01/22

D. Stone

Win a copy of State of Terror - drawn 28/01/22

J. Ford

Win a copy of The Colonial's Son - drawn 28/01/22

G. Neville

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Belfast - drawn 28/01/22

G. Hamblin, W. Pine, J. Rosenbrock, M. Joel, W. Wells, W. Skaines, B. de Meyere J. Rolph, M. Gifford, J. Copper

Win a copy of The Banksia House Breakout - drawn 21/01/22

A. Rintoul

Win a copy of Borges and Me - drawn 20/01/22 

G. Henry

Win a copy of Deception Creek - drawn 20/01/22

P. McQuilty

Win a copy of The Freedom of Birds - drawn 14/01/2022

L. Griffin

Win a copy of The Arbornaut - drawn 14/01/2022

P. Dowling

Win 1 of 10 family passes to Around the world in 80 days - drawn 14/01/2022

C. McGahon, M. Kean, E. Lindsey, C. Clark, J. Cavanagh, J. Azemothe, L. Ryan, J. Hickie, R. Newman, J. Donnelly

Win a copy of A Slow Fire Burning - drawn 07/01/2022

K. Bray

Win 1 of 10 copies of Deceit - drawn 07/01/2022

L. Jelley, L. Dennison, F. Spencer, P. Williams, D. Kampf, J. Buddee, S. Robinson, J. Donald, E. Wynne, R. Hinton

Win 1 of 2 copies of Everything I Love to Cook - drawn 07/01/2022

P. Harris, J. Brodie

Win a copy of Grandparenting Grandchildren - drawn 07/01/2022

S. Layton

Win 1 of 10 copies of My Life is Murder Season 2 - drawn 07/01/2022

K. Hilder, A. Lamanda, J. Causley, P. Sinnamon, E. Kennard, J. Blow, F. Eames, J. Guinea, E. Connor, J. Coleman

Win 1 of 2 copies of No One Left Behind - drawn 07/01/2022

R. Sutton, G. Tilden

Win 1 of 2 copies of The Heron’s Cry - drawn 07/01/2022

J. Hannaford, S. Bauer

Win 1 of 5 copies of The Princess and the Piano CD - drawn 07/01/2022

S. Harris, C. Helbig, F. Nikolic, M. Taylor, B. Webster

2021 winners

Win 1 of 3 copies of Magnus Nights: The Helios Incident - drawn 10/12/2021

K. Sams, A. Hancock, J. Azemothe

Win a book pack of 2 books (Lord Somerton’s Heir and Buchanan Girls) - drawn 10/12/2021

E. Lindsey

Win a copy of You: Part Two - drawn 3/12/2021

G. Gregory

Win a copy of The Farmer's Friend - drawn 3/12/2021

M. Lacey

Win a copy of Corporal Hilter's Pistol - drawn 3/12/2021

G. Henry

Win a copy of Cat Dog - drawn 26/11/21

S. Lepp

Win a copy of Meet Me in Bendigo - drawn 26/11/21

R. Woolley

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Cry Macho - drawn 23/11/21

I. Monger, D. Tuzzolino, W. Hyams, P. Oldfield, D. Rafferty, W. Morvan, A. Parkin, T. Collins, H. Stevenson, A. Petersen

Win 1 of 10 double passes to The Boss Baby: Family Business - drawn 23/11/21

J. Mattinson, D. Macklyn, R. Razga, L. Wherry, M. Schirmer, D. Schulz, P. Martinek, S. Bates, I. Lightbody, K. Westlake

Win 1 of 5 copies of Blood Trail - drawn 19/11/21

J. Burke, J. Cavanagh, W. Mutton, T. Velden, E. Conner

Win 1 of 10 copies of Whitstable Pearl - drawn 19/11/21

S. Gough, J. Davies, B. Northcott, D. Wright, I. Reay, K. Gawne, A. Lenard, J. Donnelly, W. Ashlin, D. Peters

Win 1 of 10 family passes to A Boy Called Christmas - drawn 12/11/2021

R. Ryan, G. Copper, J. Haigh, A. Hornsey, H. Briant, A. Cusack, R. Renouf, L. Gelson, J. Pearce, L. Hurst

Win 1 of 20 double passes to Best Sellers - drawn 12/11/2021

B. Vlahos, M. Gibson, N. Caulfield, S. Davidson, M. Thomas, J. Nagelkerke, P. Day, B. Cooper, G. Smith, D. Inkster, K. Conyers, I. De Souza, K. Paroz, A. Scott-Sondergled, A. Grzeszny, A. Mitchelson, T. Velden, K. Morris, P. Ballard, J. Hudson

Win a copy of Cave Diver - drawn 12/11/2021

P. O'Brien

Win a copy of The Wattle Island Book Club- drawn 12/11/2021

P. B. Atkinson

Win a copy of The 3 day diet - drawn 5/11/2021

J. Taylor

Win a copy of The Luminous Solution - drawn 5/11/2021

A. Gordon

Win a copy of Blood Trail - drawn 29/10/21

G. St. Clair

Win 1 of 10 double passes to the British Film Festival- drawn 29/10/21

G. Campbell, J. Pollard, G. Hopley, T. Houey, A. Holden, K. Poyner, C. Eagles, P. Modica, S. Dunlop, G. Beaubois

Win a copy of The Nest - drawn 22/10/21

G. Bulpit, L. Butler, Y. Predebon, S.G. Lyons, R. Davis, M. Bryant, F. Fletcher, B. Batley, B. Dixon, E. Smith

Win a copy of Languages of Truth - drawn 22/10/21

J. McGuire

Win a copy of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking - drawn 15/10/21

J. Triggs

Win a copy of Secrets of Happiness - drawn 15/10/21

V. Knevitt

Win 1 of 10 double passes to the ST. ALi Italian Film Festival - drawn 14/10/21

L. Mcdonald, G. Palm, T. K. Lee, M. Gilby, J. Dunstan, T. Parish, L. Ryan, B. Sullivan, R. Barker, P. Carrier

Win a copy of The Five Wounds- drawn 08/10/2021

R. Rozanski

Win a copy of The Seekers CD- drawn 08/10/2021

D. Hall, A. Lamanda, H. Leins, N. Cannon, J. Cotterell

Win a copy of Tsarina's Daughter- drawn 08/10/2021

M. Buick

Win a copy of The Presidents Daughter - drawn 08/10/2021

L. Makedona

Win a copy of Wally Lewis My Life- drawn 08/10/2021

P. Williams

Win a copy of The Sounds Series 1 on DVD- drawn 08/10/2021

E. Kennard, W. Mercer, L. Fisher, J. Donelli, R. Hinton, D. Hibberd, G. Martin, P. Price, G. Tilden, J. Donald

Win a copy of Tin Star: The complete series on DVD - drawn 08/10/2021

D. Auddino, A. Stone, P. Sinnamon, J. Coleman, G. King, J. Brodie, J. Causley, S. Harris, M. Moffatt, J. Blow

Win a copy of Mirusia – Live in Concert on CD - drawn 08/10/2021

P. Newman, D. Parker, S. Ruhsam, C. Helbig, S. Robinson

Win a copy of The Wattle Seed Inn- drawn 08/10/2021

B. Medley

Win a copy of Gun To The Head- drawn 08/10/2021

N. Streek

Win a copy of Marking Time: A Chronicle of Cancer - drawn 01/10/2021

K. Langton

Win 1 of 2 copies of On the Up: The making of a Perth boy - drawn 01/10/2021

H. Falkingham, R. Nagel

Win a copy of The Vet from Snowy River - drawn 24/09/2021

F. Mohr

Win 1 of 10 copies of A Discovery of Witches: Series 1 & 2 - drawn 17/09/2021

J. Cummings, A. Duncan, J. Schmitz, P. Cunningham, D. Carpenter, C. Knappers, C. Robertson, H. McPherson, P. Humphreys, D. Millar

Win a copy of The Bombay Prince - drawn 10/09/2021

S. Meldrum 

Win a copy of Nancy Business - drawn 03/09/2021

L. Kroehn

Win a copy of How To Get A Good Job After 50 - drawn 27/08/2021

S. Greene

Win a copy of Peri Menopause Power - drawn 20/08/2021

P. White

Win 1 of 10 copies of Finding Joy - drawn 13/08/2021

D. Hodda, O. Taylor, G. Brady, T. McDuff, G. Copper, R. Edwards, M. Keller, C. Clark, M. Driessen, A. Hills

Win 1 of 2 copies of Fully human: A new way of using your mind - drawn 13/08/2021

G. Cliff, M. James

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Eiffel - drawn 13/08/2021

P. Madden, H. Foumakis, R. Storey, N. Small, H. Ellison, C. Wiencke, E. Moir, E. Laycock, M. Brooke, A. Ross

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Respect - drawn 09/08/2021

J. Clarke, P. Wilson, D. Klemke, M. Della Vedova, M. Berndt, T. Johnson, P. Hannan, K. Bourne, B. Hurst, S. Felmingham

Win 1 of 5 copies of Denis Walter's album Yesterday Once More - drawn 09/08/2021

B. Cavanagh, C. Ward, C. Mackay, J. Cloeraine, L. Ford

Win 1 of 10 double passes to the Scandivian Film Festival - drawn 02/08/2021

D. Slater, D. Baker, G. Degger, L. Best, A. Moir, K. Bourne, C. Laurenson, K. Baum, M. Mulcahy, B. Basell

Win a copy of The Devil You Know by Gwen Adshead - drawn 02/08/2021

K. Murray

Win a copy of The Thief - drawn 26/07/2021 - drawn 02/08/2021


Win 1 of 3 double passes to Doll House: Miniature Worlds of Wonder - drawn 02/08/2021

G.Karipidis, J. Lansell, R. Connor

Win a copy of Gough and Me - drawn 19/07/2021

I. Grayson

Win 1 of 15 double passes to The Misfits - drawn 12/07/2021

F. Geitz, L. Tyler, S. Stratford, E. West, J. Lloyd, H. Roberts, D. Dibble, C. Felmingham, C. Kunde, E. Garrahy, G. Newman, R. Gray, T. Bradford, A. Bynon, L. Clarke

Win a copy of Mirror Man - drawn 12/07/2021

B. Moussa

Win a copy of A paper inheritance - drawn 12/07/2021

B. Haynes

Win 1 of 2 copies of Avoiding The Ageing Parent Trap - drawn 05/07/2021

W. Boyce, H. Harrington

Win 1 of 5 copies of the Grigoryan Brothers CD: This Is Us - drawn 05/07/2021

R. Jennings, B. Hoare, M. Bell, L. Wilson, D. Foley

Win 1 of 5 copies of the Jon Batiste CD: We Are - drawn 05/07/2021

J. Dove, E. Farry, C. Marcus, M. Whalen, K. Crowhurst

Win a copy of The Beauty of Living Twice - drawn 05/07/2021

R. Guppy

Win a copy of The Lady with the Gun Asks the Questions - drawn 05/07/2021

D. Woolcott

Win a copy of The Last House on Needless Street - drawn 05/07/2021

G. Smareglia

Win 1 of 10 copies of Keeping Faith S3 DVDs - drawn 05/07/2021

M. de Wit, S. Freeman, W. Runciman, R. Aldag, J. Stephan, N. Sterrenberg, E. Farry, C. Rakic, A. Sayers, A. Hordijenko

Win 1 of 10 copies of Bloodlands DVDs - drawn 05/07/2021

N. Moss, J. Robinson, P. McMahon, E. Dundas, H. Sabol, R. Maiden, R. Ashby, J. Greenwood, J. Hinson, D. Hay

Win a copy of Beyond Alice - drawn 05/07/2021

J. Riches

Win a copy of Take Me Home - drawn 21/06/2021

P. Gibson

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Herself - drawn 21/06/2021

D.Tulloch, M. Summers, M. Kealty, S. O’Shea, E. Masters, I. Nicholson, J. Gregson, G. Russell, M. Holyoak, D. Stannett

Win a copy of Second Place - drawn 14/06/2021

C. Tonkin

Win 1 of 10 family passes to Moonbound - drawn 14/06/2021

J. Sullivan, R. Matthews, I. Connolly, G. Moor, S. Leach, W. John, G. Kaggelis, J. Bourne, G. Walker, J. Kern

Win a copy of Present Tense - drawn 14/06/2021

R. Barnes

Win a $500 eWISH card as thanks for participating in our membership satisfaction survey - drawn 07/06/2021

P. Barton

Win 1 of 5 double passes to Cousins - drawn 07/06/2021

B. Fitzpatrick, N. Boyle, B. Seeds, L. Stevens, G. Couchman

Win 1 of 10 copies of The Drowning DVDs - drawn 07/06/2021

J. Matthews, A. Rich, F. Evans, K. Harte, H. Grenkowitz, L. Watts, J. O'Brien, S. Huggonson, L. Schiele, R. Taylor

Win 1 of 5 family passes to Cranston Academy: Monster Zone - drawn 07/06/2021

K. Nielsen, C. Wilson, J. Hissey, G. Munn, D. Cattell

Win a copy of The House Uptown - drawn 31/05/2021

L. Colreavy

Win 1 of 2 copies of Twelve Rules for Living a Better Life - drawn 31/05/2021

J. Brace, L. Nash

Win 1 of 10 tickets to the German Film Festival - drawn 31/05/2021

H. McPerson, D. Cameron, L. Walker, P. Bygott, S. Matthew, P. Gardener, M. May, D. Michelle, K. Coughlan, M. Albertson

Win a copy of the book Something to hide - drawn 24/05/2021

A. Acheson

Win a book pack - drawn 24/05/2021

T. Grice

Win a copy of Early On Morning - drawn 17/05/2021

T. Cavallaro

Win a copy of the book The French Gift - drawn 17/05/2021

B. Griffiths

Win 1 of 15 double passes to My Name Is Gulpilil - drawn 10/05/2021

S. Peck, D. McAuley, K. Whaley, D. Addis, R. Olszewski, T. O'Brien, F. Harris, N. Robinson, G. Young, P. Simpson, M. Bush, M. Borg, V. Neldner, O.Sweeney, S. Stone

Win 1 of 3 copies of All we have is now - drawn 10/05/2021

J. Nichols, R. Geary, J. Heit

Win 1 of 5 double passes to Finding You - drawn 10/05/2021

S. Lewis, L. Beikoff, D. Torr, S. Hodge, V. Baker

Win a copy of How To Train Your Dog - drawn 03/05/2021

D. Arentz

Win a copy of The Family Doctor - drawn 03/05/2021

G. Wallace

Win 1 of 3 copies of A Caramel Sky - drawn 26/04/2021

T. Fuller, K. Norris, I. Richardson

Win 1 of 3 copies of Codebreakers - drawn 26/04/2021

E. Corlis, K. Bray, T. Henderson

Win 1 of 10 It's A Sin Season 1 DVDs - drawn 26/04/2021

A. Wood, I. Nicolson, K. Oliver, P. Kaggelis, J. Saunders, I. Anderson, G. Newsome, K. Featherstone, P. Smark, S. Monteath

Win 1 of 15 double passes to June Again - drawn 26/04/2021

S. Rhodes, J. Roney, M. Costa, N. Brosnan, B.Knight, D. Keid, S. Weismantel, J. Ogg, A. Rowe, R. Porter, C. Moulton, C. Bull, A. Panjkov, J. Collins, T. Weddings

Win 1 of 10 passes to The Moro Spanish Film Festival - drawn 19/04/2021

A. Lewis, L. Hamann, G. Daniel, K. Atthow, T. Jones, J. Bosley, L. Delta, I. Trainor, A. Somers, B. Quelch

Win a copy of With My Little Eye - drawn 19/04/2021

S. Joy

Win a copy of The Imitator - drawn 12/04/2021

L. Jared

Win a copy of Fury - drawn 12/04/2021

N. King

Win 1 of 10 copies of Never Too Late DVD - drawn 12/04/2021

D. Bunker, T. Fenwick, R. Wadrop, T. Ayache, A. Crosby, M. Price, G. Malouf, D. Brown, L. Roberts, L. Williams

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Six Minutes to Midnight - drawn 12/04/2021

H. Marshall, L. Austin, L. Williams, M. Ryan, C. Skinner, J. Anderson, K. Fuller, V. O'Keefe, J. Stewart, L. Evans

Win 1 of 10 copies of Skald CD - drawn 06/04/2021

H. Petzl, C. Pezzimenti, B. Quinn, M. Savage, S. Lingard, C. Baskerville, C. Knight, R. Box, A. Costello, B. Jackson

Win 1 of 10 copies of Poor Clares Of Arundel CD - drawn 06/04/2021

P. Hall, B. Skaines, N. Grosse, G. Handasyde, P. Brown, P. de Jong, K. Dove, J. Priest, P. Karvelis, N. McMartin

Win a book pack valued at $180 - drawn 06/04/2021

B. McCann

Win a copy of Neighbours - drawn 06/04/2021

E. Mazzoleni

Win a copy of What Could Be Saved - drawn 06/04/2021

J. Allison

Win a copy of The Frenchman - drawn 06/04/2021

C. Groves

Win a 1 of 5 passes to Tom & Jerry The Movie - drawn 29/03/2021

D. Williams, D. Hamilton, S. Marsland, G. Heathwood, G. Jones

Win 1 of 10 copies of Sweet Inspiration by Kate Ceberano - drawn 29/03/2021

N. Foster, I. Crossley, T. Shell, C. Butzbach, M. Goding, L. Ferris, A. Shaw, L. Eastburn, D. Hair, M. Schembri

Win 1 of 15 double passes to Supernova - drawn 29/03/2021

R. Fennell, I. Scherer, G. Sells, C. Newman, J. Peet, J. Carroll, A. Dikmans, J. Robertson, P. Marton, L. Brouwers, R. Haimes, K. Pinkerton, R. Cornelius, L. Foura, M. Cruice

Win 1 of 10 copies of Retirement Made Simple - drawn 29/03/2021

R. Christopher, J. Smith, L. Mackrill, E. Baker, M. Curwood, D. Webster, B. Little, B. Connell, I. Kidd, D. Fotheringham

Win a copy of Crackenback - drawn 22/03/2021

J. Byrnes

Win 1 of 10 copies of Tin Star S3 DVDs - drawn 22/03/2021

B. Akkermans, N. Jeffs, M. Alexander, B. Brummell, E. Mcfadden, M. Kean, H. Moir, J. Ingley, W. Hayes, D. Frank

Win 1 of 10 double passes to The Father - drawn 22/03/2021

A. Bynon, E. Humphreys, M. Hodge, S. Grimes, A. Wilson, M. Conway, C. Johnson, J. Richardson, Y. Warnick, M. Mortimer

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Golden Voices - drawn 15/03/2021

J. Zoellner, D. Henderson, H. Sweet, R. Rosen, A. Tummon, E. Meindertsma, J. Hall, S. Cannon, Z. Turton, J. Neve

Win a copy of The Women and the Girls - drawn 15/03/2021

G. Natalier

Win 1 of 3 copies of Close to Home - drawn 08/03/2021

A. Wydeveld, L. Lyon, A. Barich

Win a copy of Elizabeth and Elizabeth - drawn 08/03/2021

A. Tupper

Win a copy of In My Past Life I Was Cleopatra - drawn 01/03/2021

P. Hawkins

Win 1 of 2 book packs - drawn 22/02/2021

B.Keegan, R.Vearing

Win 1 of 2 copies of The Long, Long Afternoon - drawn 22/02/2021

P. Parks, D. Trickey

Win 1 of 5 doubles passes to Minari - drawn 15/02/2021

G. Mol, M. MacKenzie, M. Gibbs, A. Schwartzkopff, H. Cook

Win a copy of Eagles Take It To The Limit - drawn 15/02/2021

J. Ezzy

Win a copy of A Promised Land - drawn 15/02/2021

J. Allen

Win 1 of 50 double passes to Wild Mountain Thyme - drawn 08/02/2021

C. Sherritt, J. Wright, J. Jonas, M. Hinz, L. Wang, H. Bull, M. McInerney, B. Stickland, S. Cook, T. Brooker, W. Mitchell-Stephenson, S. McGarry, G. Nicholas, R. Bruce, P. Olman, G. Siebrecht, I. Jackson, M. Parker, S. Belshaw, S. Williams, R. Rice, J. Megaloconomos, P. Danaher, K. Anastassiou, J. Streeter, B. Barr, M. Baldock, S. Jones, S. Haylock, C. Prance, D. Fritz, M. Ritchings, A. Cahill, B. McDonald, S. Fraser, Y. Schenoni, A. Williams, A. Francis, S. Mentiplay, J. Lutke-Schipholt, D. Knight, L. Gee-MacRae, M. Melnikas, P. Koens, L. Day, K. Granger, M. Zolich, E. Goschnick, W. Melling, A. Loeken

Win 1 of 20 double passes to Love Weddings & Other Disasters - drawn 08/02/2021

A. Woodcock, H. Schreiber, J. Letchford, J. Norris, K. Wilson, S. Shiel, C. Dalgliesh, L. Dahm, P. Taylor, C. Allane, J. Varischetti, W. Davis, C. Frederick, R. Depiazz, J. McBurney, P. Searle, Robert Dale, S.Moore, M. McMullen, M. McLaren

Win a copy of The Beatles: Illustrated Lyrics - drawn 08/02/2021

P. Foster

Win a copy of How Not To Be Wrong: The Art of Changing Your Mind - drawn 08/02/2021


Win 1 of 10 double passes to The Food Club - drawn 01/02/2021

D. Palmer, N. Roberts, R. Oldman, P. Bingley, M. Campbell, M. McInerny, B. Strazzari, R. Holden, D. Todd, M. O’Connor

Win a copy of Brisbane by Matthew Condon - drawn 01/02/2021

P. Corkran

Win a copy of The Power of Bad And How to Overcome It - drawn 01/02/2021


Win 1 of 2 In Case Emergency medical USBs - drawn 01/02/2021

R. Kok, L. Foo

Win 1 of 10 double passes to High Ground - drawn 25/01/2021

K. Leach, B. Dittman, M. Johansen, H. Standage, M. Eddy, L. Hulme, P. John Schmack, G. Kanizaj Clark, P. Parry, D. Ford

Win a copy of Dune: The Duke of Caladan - drawn 25/01/2021

J. Catalano

Win a copy of The Godmothers - drawn 18/01/2021

G. Andrews

Win 1 of 5 copies of Keeping Faith S1-2 DVDs - drawn 18/01/2021

M. Hogan, B. Phillips, A. Rice, T. Blue, J. Docherty

Win 1 of 3 copies of Lawson Sisters - drawn 11/01/2021

B. Johnstone, B. Smith, K. Best

Win a copy of The Freedom Circus - drawn 11/01/2021

D. Sloper

Win 1 of 20 double passes to Maya The Bee: The Golden Orb - drawn 04/01/2021

A. Gray, C. Harding, J. Arena, I. Yusoff, N. Sevastianov, C. Cavendish, J. Butler, M. Takahashi, J. Allder, C. Grima, K. Carseldine, M. Smith, R. Day, M. O'Donnell, A. Legge, S. Felmingham, N. Mann, R. Quinn, F. Eberhard, K. Mitchell

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Dreambuilders - drawn 04/01/2021

L. Riley, J. Mortimer, J. Copper, S. Faifai, J. Cooper, T. Langton, T. Pollard, B. Crispe, J. Hilder, A. Andriejunas

2020 winners

Win a copy of What’s it Like to be Chased by a Cassowary - drawn 21/12/2020

P. Nottingham

Win 1 of 10 copies of Patrick Roberts Imagine CD - drawn 21/12/2020

B. Webster, D. Packer, E. Lindsey, J. Baxter, L. Griffin, D. Beardsley, B. Dixon, L. Code, F. Van Der Want, S. Dunlop

Win a copy of Climbing Fear - drawn 21/12/2020

R. L. Sutton

Win a copy of The Shearer's wife - drawn 21/12/2020

J. O'Loughlin

Win a copy of The Autumn of the Ace - drawn 21/12/2020

J. Triggs

Win 1 of 10 copies of Tales of Solace CD - drawn 21/12/2020

P. Carrier, C. Garrity, P. Pocock, J. Hay, W. Hyams, G. Beaubois, T. Parish , J. Boyle, R. Fleming, M. Frischkorn

Win 1 of 5 Agatha Raisin DVD box sets - drawn 21/12/2020

C. Kelly, C. Willis, P. White, K. Langton, F. Tienan

Win 1 of 10 DES S1 DVDs - drawn 21/12/2020

J. Coleman, S. Mann, L. Makedona, L. Ellison, E. Kennard, M. Thomas, E. Fisher, M. Kelly, C. Teitzel, B. Vlahos

Win a double pass to the S.H. Ervin Gallery - drawn 21/12/2020

D. Rafferty

Win a copy of Senior moments - the complete guide on how to be senior - drawn 21/12/2020

P. Martin

Win a copy of Something like this - drawn 14/12/2020

D. Blanch

Win a copy of All that Glitters - drawn 14/12/2020

A. Moir

Win 1 of 20 double passes to A Christmas Gift from Bob - drawn 14/12/2020

J. Clarke, L. Dowling, A. Poulter, L. Wherry, T. McDuff, H. Foumakis, D. Slater, G. Campbell, E. Clissold, J. Pollard, B. Basell, C. Ward, P. Humphreys, F. Mohr, L. Fagan, W. Mutton, T. Collins, T. Taylor, M. Rampant, H. Stevenson

Win a copy of Retirement Made Simple - drawn 7/12/2020

Y. Predebon

Win a copy of Extraordinary old dogs - drawn 7/12/2020

G. Cohen

Win a copy of Bananarama - really saying something - drawn 7/12/2020

C. Wiencke

Win a copy of The Law of Innocence - drawn 30/11/2020

C. Terawsky

Win 1 of 5 double passes to The War With Grandpa - drawn 30/11/2020

R. Woolley, M. Ward, W. Pine, L. Collins, G. Curr

Win 1 of 5 double passes to Oliver Sacks: His Own Life - drawn 23/11/2020

M. Mobbs, J. Burke, M. Berndt, G. Day, J. Cockerell

Win a copy of Lonely in Longreach - drawn 9/11/2020

H. Georgeson

Win a copy of Death in Daylesford - drawn 9/11/2020

J. McKinley

Win a copy of Second chance lane - drawn 9/11/2020

J. Baldwin

Win 1 of 10 copies of Striking out season 1 and 2 on DVD - drawn 9/11/2020

F. Cook, P. Modica, C. Jordan, SC. Pothast, A. Sandry, M. Blomkamp, R. Firster, P. Curcuruto, D. Clayton-Smith, H. Williams

Win $50 to spend on Country Feeling Australia products - drawn 9/11/2020

J. Charles

Win 1 of 5 double passes to the British Film Festival presented by Palace - drawn 9/11/2020

A. Rainford, T. Parkinson, B. Horton, R. Stack, M. Todaro, A. McColm

Win 1 of 15 double passes to Radioactive - drawn 9/11/2020

L. Kroehn, A. Hawes, K. Poyner, M. D G Wilson, P. Hannan, P. Hawkins, D. Allen, B. Medley, G. Erlandson, C. Harman, M. Grzeszny, L. Wiles, S. Blackall, D. Stead, A. Hancock

Win a PowerGear set to the value of $270 - drawn 4/11/2020

N. Woodforth, B. Nilsson, K. Westlake, C. McGirr, M. Lacey

Win a copy of Untold Resilience: Stories of courage, survival and love from women who have gone before - drawn 2/11/2020

J. Nicoll

Win a copy of Expect a miracle - drawn 2/11/2020

J. Harrison

Win 1 of 20 buy one get one free tickets to Never Too Late - drawn 31/10/2020

K. Gladwish, H. Cleaver, T. Velden, A. Wapstra, D. Wright, D. Baker, S. Stanfield, T. Bradford, M. Woodward, M. Thorburn, T. Johnson, T. Kelly, G. Palm, C. Jones, L. Warn, A. Morrison, S. Welsh, G. Lynn, A. Yelland, M. Davis

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Aussie film RAMS - drawn 26/10/2020

K. Thompson, W. Mitchel, D. Hall, T. Peck, R. Campbell, B. Larter, J. Christie, D. Murray, K. Freeston, C. Medcalf

Win a copy of Trust - drawn 26/10/2020

M. Chadwick

Win a copy of Faith, Compassion and the Challenge of Business - drawn 26/10/2020

K. Bourne

Win 1 of 20 passes to Honest Thief - drawn 19/10/2020

D. Groeneveld, C. Hooker, D. Livermore, G. Barrett, G. Fleming, E.Laycock, G. Francis, R.Hinton, L. Warn, S. Ross, L. White, J. Pinnow, L. Teo, D. Nagy, P. Oldfield, E. Bell, I. De Souza, D. Carter, A. Hills, D. Inkster

Win 1 of 5 double passes to Never Too Late - drawn 19/10/2020

G. Ives, B. Cooper, C. Weston, B. Atterton, G. Byron

Win a copy of Honeybee - drawn 19/10/2020

J. Howe

Win a copy of Only Happiness Here: In Search of Elizabeth Von Arnim - drawn 12/10/2020

D. Schulz

Win a copy of Richard Flanagan's The living sea of waking dreams - drawn 12/10/2020

M. Winter

Win 1 of 5 copies of Foyle's War DVDs - drawn 6/10/2020

F. Nikolic, E. Proctor, E. A. Davies, P. Cummings, P. Robinson

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Bill & Ted face the music - drawn 6/10/2020

E. Moir, M. Bakker, R. Ongheen, C. Millar, A. Todd, B. Hurst, S. Bonaventura, R. Storey, J. Jeffrey, R. Ryan

Win a copy of Moonflower Murders - drawn 6/10/2020

T. Kase

Win a copy of Royal by Danielle Steel - drawn 6/10/2020

P. Perry

Win 1 of 10 copies of Max Richter From Sleep CD - drawn 6/10/2020

S. Harris, H. Leins, M. Dickson, C. Eagles, R. Newman, I. Uttley, S. Martins, P. Duke, R. Cutler, K. Currie

Win a copy of The orphan of good hope - drawn 6/10/2020

E. Lambert

Win a copy of The Bush Telegraph - drawn 6/10/2020


Win 1 of 2 copies of Blunt Force - drawn 6/10/2020

L. Ferguson, G. King

Win a copy of The darkest evening - drawn 6/10/2020

R. Razga

Win a book pack valued at $89.95 - drawn 28/09/20

J. Davies

Win a copy of Catvinkle and the Missing Tulips - drawn 28/09/20

G. Brady

Win a copy of The new long life: A Framework for Flourishing in a Changing World - drawn 28/09/20

S. Meldrum

Win a copy of First among equals: Australia's Prime Ministers from Barton to Morrison - drawn 28/09/20


Win 1 of 5 double passes to the 2020 ST. ALi Italian Film Festival presented by Palace - drawn 28/09/20

L. Olivetti, C. Lewis, M. Conwell, T. Watts and K. Dalzell

Win a copy of The lying life of adults - 21/09/20

P. Atkinson

Win a copy of Public enemies - Russell 'Mad Dog' Cox, Ray Denning and the golden age of armed robbery - drawn 14/09/20

L. Smith  

Win a copy of The phone box at the edge of the world - drawn 14/09/20

R. Baker

Win a copy of Peace crimes - Pine Gap, national security and dissent - drawn 18/08/20

J. Lipp

Win a copy of The good teacher - drawn 18/08/20

H. Ullmann

Win a copy of The Goldminer's Sister - drawn 18/08/20

O. Taylor

Win a copy of Women and Leadership - real lives, real lessons - drawn 18/08/20

S. Skinner

Win a copy of The sister's gift - drawn 18/08/20

G. Griffiths

Win 1 of 10 copies of Call of the wild - drawn 12/08/20

M. Buick, J. Woodhead, B. Speros, L. Donoghoe, D. Wortley, D. Oliver, R. Kenney, P. Newman, C. De Freitas, J. Cotterell

Win 1 of 10 copies of Schitts Creek Season 6 - drawn 10/08/20

J. Brodie, L. Faulkner, I. Dimmock, D. Turner, J. Pearce, D. Grice, D. Macklyn, L. French, W. Marthick, S. Coleman

Win 1 of 10 copies of Blood Season 2 on DVD - drawn 07/08/20

L. Stafford, E. Proctor, J. Eaves, M McDonald, G.M Harris, P Hughes, M. Davidson, J. Mattinson, E. Andre, L. Cossins

Win 1 of 10 copies of the Seekers album - drawn 03/08/20

R. Stone, G. Bennett, S. Robinson, L. Gavenlock, J. Sommersby, J. Hoffman, F. Takamaa, P. Palmer, A. Zweytzer, R. Masters

Win a copy of Something to talk about - drawn 03/08/20

J. Milligan 

Win a copy of The Vienesse Girl - drawn 03/08/20

J. Guinea

Win a copy of Husband replacement therapy - drawn 03/08/20

L. Jelley

Win a copy of The secret life of Shirley Sullivan - drawn 03/08/20

J. Causley

Win a copy of Stars over the southern ocean - drawn 29/07/20

G. Pitt

Win 1 of 2 copies of Last survivor - drawn 29/07/20

W. Thompson, R. Killesteyn

Win a copy of Drugs, guns and lies - my life as an undercover cop - drawn 13/07/20

N. Streek

Win a copy of Up on horseshoe hill - drawn 06/07/20

S. Aston

Win a copy of Daddy's Girls - drawn 06/07/20

K. Shaw

Win a copy of The Stockman's secret - drawn 06/07/20

C. Theel

Win a copy of Untamed - stop pleasing, start living: drawn 06/07/20

G. Atkinson

Win a copy of Friendship: drawn 03/07/20

T. Horton

Win a copy of Piranesi: drawn 03/07/20

D. Altschwager

Win a copy of Elsa Goody: Bushranger: drawn 22/06/20

G. Parslow

Win a copy of The half sister: drawn 22/06/20

J. Leahy

Win a copy of Daddy Cool: drawn 15/06/20

K. Robinson

Win a copy of Fair warning: drawn 15/06/20

B. Moore

Win a copy of Mackenzie's mission: drawn 15/06/20

K. Pitt

Win a copy of The Goldminer's sister: drawn 15/06/20

J. Manson

Win a copy of We begin at the end: drawn 08/06/20

S. Hopesmith

Win a copy of Tsarina: drawn 08/06/20

W. Tapp

Win a copy of The Wedding Dress: drawn 08/06/20

G. Kakavos

Win 1 of 10 copies of London Kills season 1 DVD: drawn 08/06/20

G. Harris, J Cavanagh, M Bonke, C Whitton, A Trost, D Ireland, C Pistikoudis, F Rissman, C Laycock, C Clark

Win a copy of Fool me once: drawn 01/06/20

S. Antonelli

Win a copy of The Satapur Moonstone: drawn 01/06/20

J. Young

Win a copy of The safe place: drawn 06/05/20

P. Richardson

Win a copy of Lobster for Josino: drawn 06/05/20

R. Gough

Win a copy of Charlotte Pass: drawn 06/05/20

A. Ross

Win 1 of 5 Queens of Mystery season 1 DVD - drawn 06/05/20

R. Blakeman, M. Pannunzio, M Whelan, R. Zappelli, M. Farrell

Win 1 of 10 ICE Emergency USBs - drawn 05/05/20

G. Clarke, A. Brown, G. Neville, M. Keller, N. Smith, C. Harris, J. Ford, R. Lambert, D. Crossingham, V. Bell

Win 1 of 5 Acorn TV subscriptions - drawn 05/05/20

V. Sanford, J Westerman, V. Ferro, W. Holder, A. Skull

Win a copy of Jane in love: drawn 01/05/20

P. Cunningham

Win a copy of The museum of desire: drawn 01/05/20

J. Russell

Win a copy of A country nurse: drawn 01/05/20

K. Morris

Win a copy of Let it go - downsizing you way to a richer, happier life: drawn 01/05/20

I. Richards

Win a book pack featuring Scrublands and Silver: drawn 01/05/20

J. Wensley

Win a copy of The Lawson Sisters: drawn 01/05/20

L. Murphy

Win a copy of the XX brain: drawn 27/04/20

J. Purse

Win a copy of The Octopus and I: drawn 27/04/20

J. Skene

Win a copy of Captain Cook's epic voyage: drawn 20/04/20

L. Hazlett

Win 1 of 10 copies of Agatha Raisin Season 3 DVD: drawn 20/04/20

J. Bottle, B. Harrison, L. Ford, D. Carpenter, J McGuire, P. Day, W. Wells, A. Mitchelson, S. Foumakis, M. Mulcahy

Win a copy of Rules for perfect murders: drawn 20/04/20

L. Cassidy

Win a copy of The Numbers Game: drawn 14/04/20

J. Cavanagh

Win a copy of The Banksia Bay beach shack: drawn 14/04/20

I. Prentice

Win a copy of The secrets of strangers: drawn 14/04/20

C. Harman

Win a copy of The Missing American: drawn 07/04/20

G. Carpenter

Win a Timeless Wisdom book pack: drawn 30/03/20

G. Henry

Win a copy of Death in the Ladies' Goddess Club: drawn 30/03/20

P. Carter

Win a copy of The Good Woman of Renmark: drawn 20/03/20

J. Cloeraine

Win a copy of The House Party: drawn 20/03/20

M. Brooke

Win a copy of Crescent City: drawn 19/03/20

B. Roper

Win a copy of Cry of the Firebird: drawn 19/03/20

S. Lepp

Win a copy of A murder at Malabar Hill: drawn 19/03/20

G. Harrison

Win a copy of Women artists A to Z: drawn 19/03/20

R. Hargreaves

Win a copy of Interval Weight Loss for Women: drawn 06/03/20

P. King

Win a family inspired triple book pack: drawn 06/03/20

D. Rivers

Win a copy of Bone and Beauty: The Ribbon Boy's Rebellion book: drawn 06/03/20

L. Duffy

Win a copy of Alexander's Legacy - to the strongest book: drawn 28/02/20

A. Jones

Win a copy of Death at Sea book: drawn 28/02/20

G. Hopley

Win 1 of 20 double passes to Military Wives: drawn 25/02/20

D Klemke, G Hamblin, L Brown, R Connor, S Davidson, I Roberts, C Ufer, J Aveyard, M Florian, E Smith, I Monger, D Murdoch, A Hollamby, R Drake, D Hooker, L Rampant, B Sullivan, G Suter, M Lowe, M Wood

Win a copy of The Wrong Callahan book: drawn 25/02/20

D Peters

Win a friendship and romance book pack: drawn 14/02/20

S Logan

Win a copy of The Queen's Colonial book: drawn 14/02/20

D Harrison

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears: drawn 14/02/20

E Reith, R Donovan, B Bird, J Conley, R Courtney, A McKinney, M Pannunzio, R Rabjones, G Bulpitt, J Maestracci AM

Win 1 of 20 double passes to The Professor and The Madman: drawn 14/02/20

J Buhagiar, M Schaeche, J Rosenbrock, D Ting, E Culph, P Dowling, S Schober, C Klerks, T Simpson, I Lightbody, F Gascoigne, J Quinn, C Moolenschot, H Perowitz, M Cloutier, L McGugan, E Conner, G Degger, G Gerhardy, B de Meyere

Win 1 of 5 doubles passes to The Young at Heart Film Festival: drawn 14/02/20

G Shoring, J Roxburgh, C Carmichael, M Slyth, F Aquino

Win 1 of 10 double passes to The Leunig Fragments: Drawn 13/02/20

H Ellison, R Hogan, W Loo, L Ryan, J Varischetti, B McLennan, R Aspinall, C Minter, M Bateman, M Westgarth

Win a copy of The Desert Midwife book: drawn 08/02/2020

K Murray

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Emma: drawn 07/02/2020

P Wilson, M Gledhill, J Weis, C Bongers, W Wapstra, J Schmitz, G Proudfoot, M James, I Millbourn, D Pope

Win a copy of The Wisdom Years Book: drawn 24/01/2020

W Loo

Win a copy of Miss Austen: drawn 24/01/20

M Driessen

Win 1 of 5 double passes to the SPASA Victoria Pool & Spa Expo + Outdoor Living: drawn 17/01/20

G Gregory, P Sutton, J Olah, S Fenech, L Higgins

Win 1 of 5 Cold Chisel Albums: drawn 10/01/20

J Cameron-Smith, H Wilson-Roberts, R Tuzzolino, J McGlew, S Foumakis

Win a copy of Prince Albert: The Man Who Saved the Monarchy: drawn 03/01/20

C Chambers

Win 1 of 10 family passes to A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon: drawn 03/01/20

M Joel, C Woodward, J Winter, D Slater, A Jeffries, D Murdoch, E Forsyth, R Friend, H Briant, P Rebello

Win 1 of 10 double passes to see 1917: drawn 03/01/20

R Hankinson, P Lawry, C Gioseffi, A Schlyder, R Brighouse, M Schirmer, A Ridley-Oldman, M Zagami, M Della Vedova, H Kerslake

2019 winners

Win a secret hamper: drawn 31/12/19

M Zahra

Win a copy of The Grey Nomad's Ultimate Guide to Australia: drawn 30/12/19

K Kowitz

Win a Game Changers book pack: drawn 30/12/19

C Stiff

Win a quirky book pack: drawn 30/12/19

Y Predebon

Win a Crime Fiction book pack: drawn 30/12/19

R Wadrop

Win a history and nostalgia book pack: drawn 30/12/19

A Mitchelson

Win a 'find your path' book pack: drawn 30/12/19

G Rochester

Win a copy of The Last Bushrangers: drawn 24/12/19

I Reuter

Win a copy of Who owns History?: drawn 24/12/19

E Kennard

Win a copy of Spy: drawn 24/12/19

R Bierton

Win a copy of The Case of the Wandering Scholar: drawn 24/12/19

J Donald

Win a copy of Church of the Open Sky: drawn 24/12/19

J Boyle

Win a copy of The Night Fire: drawn 24/12/19

J Coleman

Win a memoirs book pack: drawn 24/12/19

T Bradford

Win a murder mystery book pack: drawn 24/12/19

J Harrison

Win a double book pack: drawn 24/12/19

A Gray

Win a copy of Tantric sex and menopause: drawn 24/12/19

G Jones

Win a copy of The Nancys: drawn 24/12/19

S Franklin

Win a copy of The Last Resort: drawn 24/12/19

G Fleming

Win a copy of Stringybark Creek: drawn 24/12/19

C Long

Win a copy of Josephine's Garden: drawn 24/12/19

K Gladwish

Win a copy of Roly Poly: drawn 23/12/19

D Bowyer

Win a copy of Rebel Prince: drawn 23/12/19

K Currie

Win a copy of Becoming - a guided journey for discovering your voice: drawn 23/12/19

J Mortimer

Win a family pass to Playmobil: drawn 13/12/19

R Blakeman, K Carseldine, A Hollamby, E Forsyth, M Bonke, A Dauw, O Taylor, J McBurney, M Bravery, R Cocking

Win a Britain's Leading Ladies DVD bundle: drawn 13/12/19

J Bottle, J Westendorp, R Quick, R Cocker, M Abery

Win a copy of Agent Running in the Field: drawn 13/12/19

B Feenaghty

Win a copy of Wham! George and Me: drawn 13/12/19

R Camp

Win a cool kids book pack: drawn 29/11/19

B Barbouttis

Win an Inspirational book pack: drawn 29/11/19

G Hamblin

Win a Grandkids book pack: drawn 29/11/19

R Aldag

Win a double pass to Mrs Lowry & Son: drawn 29/11/19

I Lightbody, R Storey, L Jared, M Mulcahy, W Van Der Meer, C Rundle, C Johnston, J Franklin, G Kaggelis, W Kostraby, B McDonald, J Varischetti, S Tindall, L King, G Lynn, A Francis, J Roney, A Costello, S Cooper, T Wedding

Win a double pass to see Mirusia: drawn 29/11/19

T Grice

Win 1 of 5 double passes to the Melbourne Cat Lovers Show: drawn 22/11/19

L Paten, A Brumen, H Bird, C Eagles, K Koetsier

Win 1 of 2 double passes to the Australian DanceSport Championship: drawn 22/11/19

P Sutton, K Westlake

Win a copy of Blue Moon: drawn 15/11/19

D Hounsome

Win 1 of 5 double passes to Farming: drawn 15/11/19

R Razga, R Ongheen, D Wright, M Takahashi, A Sandry

Win a copy of Child's Play: drawn 8/11/19

B Rinaldi

Win a double pass to the Great British Film Festival: drawn 1/11/19

J Nichols, B Quelch, M Degger, T Wakelam, L Ford, A Freeman, E Hardy

Win a double pass to Official Secrets: drawn 1/11/19

G Conyngham, D Gabriel, G Ives, P Hawkins, P Matters, H Olde, H Williams, G Campbell

Win a double pass to Pain and Glory: drawn 1/11/19

P Harding, G Natalier, P Carroll, A Hancock, G Catchlove, D Wright, W Davis, L Ryan, T McDuff, T Briggs

Win a copy of My Name is Why: drawn on 1/11/19

T Pieniek

Win a copy of Bruny: drawn on 1/11/19

L Foo

Win a copy of Anzac and Aviator: drawn 1/11/19

W Pine 

Win a copy of A River With a City Problem: drawn 1/11/19

F Eberhard

Win a copy of Long Way Home: drawn 25/10/19

J Cameron-Smith

Win 1 of 5 double passes to the 2019 MINI British Film Festival: drawn 24/10/19

L Parry, D Beardsley, N Robjohns, J Mortimer, L Hulme

Win 1 of 15 double passes to After the Wedding: drawn 18/10/19

L Buchan, R Storey, N Grosse, M Thomas, L Brockwell, K Poyner, A Rogers, L Mackay, P White, A Sandry, B Barr, J Seng, J Hart, K Miller, M Shaw

Win a copy of The Rescue Dog: drawn 18/10/19

S Grindrod

Win a copy of Where the Light Enters: drawn 18/10/19

A Dikmans

Win a copy of Great Aussie Car Fails: drawn 18/10/19

G Handasyde

Win a copy of Pans Labyrinth: drawn 18/10/19

Y Schenoni

Win a copy of Lost and Found: drawn 18/10/19

E Latta

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Pavarotti: drawn 18/10/19

J Wallis, A Foot, J Lashin, R McLeod, G Hoppe, H Foumakis, J McInerney, K Nielsen, G Hughes, K Miller

Winner of book, 'The Burnt Country'

  • Pam O, Kaleen ACT

Winner of book, 'The Dirty Dozen'

  • Therese J, Robina QLD

Winner of book, 'Lady in the Lake'

  • Rex C, Delahey VIC

Winners of 5 double passes to movie, 'The Portal'

  • Eric K, Woodville SA
  • Donna T, Kyneton VIC
  • Patricia R, Langford WA
  • Gregory F, Old Toongabbie NSW
  • Patty W, Holland Park West QLD

Winner of Australian Masters Games $250 Rebel Sport Gift Card

  • John Wilson-Smith

Winner of 2 books, 'Meet me at Lennons'

  • Lorraine D, Karabar
  • Alice P-C, Dianella

Winner of the book, 'See you at Toxteth'

  • R Sutton, Corio

Winner of the book, 'The Club'

  • David S, Taigum

Winner of the book, 'Dark Side'

  • Elaine L, Goulburn

Winner of the book, 'The Unforgiving City'

  • Maria S, Frankston

Winner of the book, 'Sleep'

  • Patricia R, Bossley Park

Winners of a double pass to Judy, drawn 4/10/19

  • Judy L, Mount Austin; Bill H, Beaconsfield; Evelyn M, Stirling; Thomas S, Wacol; Margaret K, South Hobart

Win a double pass to the Italian Film Festival: drawn on 27/09/19

A Macdonald, K Coppleman, P Richards, J McGlew, J Hickie, Y Flanagan, P Grace

Win 1 of 20 double passes to Ride Like A Girl: drawn on 27/09/19

J Rosenbrock, S Schober, G Murdoch, D Adler, J Baker, P Kaggelis, J Richardson, S Williams, W Loo, P Pezzimenti, J McGuire, K Leach, A Chapman, K Currie, A Fordham, M Hegarty, W Freeman, K Coughlan, J Jones, D Baillie

Win 1 of 10 double passes to Abominable: drawn on 27/09/19

S Meldrum, J Catalano, M Rampant, J Butler, L Brouwers, D Turner, Leanne Wherry, S Lahey, H Foumakis, C Laycock

Win a copy of Widows' Revenge: drawn on 20/9/19

G Ward

Win a copy of The Need: drawn on 20/09/19

A McCafferty

Win 1 of 10 copies of Schitt's Creek - season five - on DVD: drawn 6/9/19

R Kok, J Reed, M Henry, L Jared, P Humphreys, D Grice, C Whitton, C Perrett, L Ryding, N Jackson

Win a copy of Eat, Drink and Still Shrink: drawn 6/09/19

P Croese

Win a copy of Edoardo Albinati's The Catholic School: drawn 6/09/19

A Neate

Win 1 of 15 double passes to Downton Abbey: drawn 29/08/19

H Young, I Kermolj, A Jeffries, M Ritchings, S Stanfield, M Cole, A Parcej-Collins, B Coonan, C Kelly, P Perry, T Velden, G Profilio, P de Silva, R Razga, M Miller

Win a double pass The Art of Banksy: drawn 30/08/19

W Egenes, J Foster

Win 1 of 20 double passes to The Nightingale: drawn 30/08/19

B Wheatley, J Rosenbrock, D Adler, R Hinton, J Marinich, M Brooking, J Catalano, R Friend, L Ison, D Cameron, I Trainor, K Poyner, C Thomas, T McDuff, J Harrison, S Matulis, J Hughes, T Glasson, S Faifai, D Beeston

Win 5 double passes Affordable Art Fair Melbourne competition: drawn 23/08/19

M Rampant, L Prudden, L Makedona, I Uttley, G Murphy

Win a copy of Che: a revolutionary life: drawn 22/08/19

P Cunningham

Win 1 of 20 double passes to The Australian Dream: drawn 22/08/19

N Smith, F Crombach, M Morris, M Schirmer, R and T Depiazz, A and S Gray, J Barkla, J Arena, M and L Rampant, A and W Gallagher, P McMahon, J and J Butler, C and H Bull, A Breust, B Anderson and S Ellison, C and W Slattery, A and G Fordham, B Mortimer, L Higgins, D Trickey

Win a copy of Smoke - 1 prize drawn: 16/08/19

K Thompson

Win a copy of Detention - 1 prize drawn: 16/08/19

N Oliver

Win a copy of Fortune - 1 prize drawn: 16/08/19

D Wright

Win a copy of The Nancys - 1 prize drawn: 16/08/19

R Rozanski

Win a double pass to A Dog's Journey - 15 prizes drawn: 16/08/19

R Hodgson, J Brodie, L Attrill, F Aquino, M Driessen, N Shoring, B Skaines, M Cole, B Harrison, J Riches, L Pendreigh, A Chapman, D Weinert, C Laycock, T Cavallaro

Win a double pass to Palm Beach - 15 prizes drawn: 16/08/19

L Wilson, D Knight, P Day, J Burke, P Martin, G Shepherd, J Rolph, P Offord, S Smith, D Harris, L Makedona, R Borgeaud, M Peverley, D Banks, P Porter

Win a double pass to Blinded by the Light - 15 prizes drawn: 16/08/19

H and T Williams, R Ongheen, E Smith, G Palm, A Verdon, R Campbell, W Loo, C and J Perrett, L and J Skinner, I and L Rutch, M D G and A Wilson, S Keating, J Robertson, M and G Noble, P de Silva

Note: the scheduled release date has been delayed. Please consult with your local cinema regarding screening times.

Win a copy of Brain Changer - 1 prize drawn 16/08/19

R Steele

Win a copy of The Good Fat Guide - 1 prize drawn: 16/08/19

R Colombi

Win a Copy of Feeding the Birds at Your Table: A guide for Australia - 1 prize: drawn 16/08/19

W Hyams

Pianist Kenny Broberg - 2 double passes: drawn 09/08/19

Melbourne - J Schmitz

Sydney - B Harrison

Music in the Round at Abbotsford Convent - 1 prize: drawn 09/08/19

E Forde

A Grave for Two - 1 copy: drawn 09/08/19

C Rostron

The Meaning of Pain - 1 copy: drawn 09/08/19

L Rampant

Victoria's first backyard and garden show - 10 double passes: drawn 02/08/19

R and C Razga, B McLaren and G Bouten, A Mizzi, G and E Wynne, J Bosley, P Foster, T Scheiwe, M Miller, J and J Halliday, J and R Osborne

Ophelia - 10 double passes: drawn 02/08/19

B Spears, W and N Hyams, O and P Taylor, K Poyner, S and C Felmingham, D Cunningham and D Margeston, P and N Small, K and P Williamson, S Aston, W Van den Bossche

West Side Story opening night - 1 double pass: drawn 02/08/19

L Ryan

The Melbourne Fair - 5 double passes: drawn 26/07/19

S Williams, D Achilles, G Profilio, J Neilsen, K Davies

Sydney Dog Lovers Show - 5 double passes: drawn 26/07/19

L and K Wiltshire, J and M Mortimer, F Chia, J Burton, M Hinz

The Australia Youth Orchestra performance at the Sydney Opera House - 2 double passes: drawn 26/07/19

G Andrews and S Lewis

Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan - 20 double passes: drawn 26/07/19

A and D Andriejunas, J and H Weis, J Aveyard, W and M Wells, A and P Todd, L and O Stanley, G and J Copper, J and C Perrett, L Puschner, C and S Skinner, R and G Day, V Burt and R Frittmann, B and K Seeds, K Trubody, T and S Bradford, F and Y S Welten, T Cavallaro, P and K Hayes, D Trickey, N Hayman

Paris Opera's Don Giovanni - 15 double passes: drawn 23/07/19

K and J Norris, W Pine, R Connor and G Mcnally, I Davey, D Wright, L and R Jared, G and J Shepherd, P Moran, A and S Gray, W Loo, K Bourne, L and R Ryan, J Roney, M Todaro, M and M Bettonvil

The Keeper - 10 double passes: drawn 23/07/19

L Taylor, M McInerney, S Davidson, L McGugan, J Saunders, L and B Cole, J and F Munro, A Costello, S Caligari, G Rewald

Scandinavian Film Festival - Hobart - 1 double pass: drawn 18/07/19 

R Storey

An unexpected love - 10 double passes: drawn 12/07/19

R Connor and G Mcnally, A and S Gray, C and M Harman, C and J Perrett, J McGlew, S Guernieri, J Roney, L Hart, C and W Byers, L Higgins

Bletchley Circle - San Francisco on DVD: 10 drawn 11/07/19

R Cameron, J and L Smith, P and J Raeside, P McMahon, J Morgan, L and C Miller, D and R Bowyer, D Altschwager, J and H Saville, A McCafferty

Apollo 11 - 10 double passes: drawn 11/07/19 

R and M Cheers, B Spears, W and R Butland, A and L Hancock, R and L Ryan, T Watts, A and K Marsh, Y Flanagan, J McGuire and J Guaw, B and K Seeds

Scandinavian Film Festival - Brisbane - 1 double pass: drawn 11/07/19

G Ryan

Scandinavian Film Festival - South Australia and Western Australia - 2 double passes: drawn 05/07/19

South Australia - P Fox

Western Australia - P Richards

Love, Luck and the Demon - one drawn 02/07/19

T Pieniek

Scandinavian Film Festival - NSW, ACT and Victoria - 4 double passes: drawn 27/06/19

Sydney - A Andriejunas

Byron Bay - B Harrison

Canberra - D Sloper

Melbourne - J Osborne

Yesterday, 15 double passes: drawn 20/06/19

G Fleming, P and A Zielinski, J and L Taylor, W and M Wells, B Thomson, S. Thomas, B Basell, D and E Hoffman, D and M Ducrow, V Rushton and L Brooke, I Halligan, D and R Peters, K Simpson, D and G Cohen, S Wood

Red Joan, 15 double passes: drawn 20/06/19

I Roberts, U Gray, S and B Meldrum, P & A Taylor, M May, E and A Moir, A and J McKinney, D Soxsmith, F and J Eberhard, J Duncan, M Hinz, J and J Harrison, J McNab, V and S Chapman, S and R Berghofer

Puttin' on the Ritz, Perth shows - 4 double passes drawn 21/06/19

J Lauri, A Hughes, L Howell, S Walker

Tin Star Series 2 DVDs - 20 drawn 13/06/19

J Walton, L Cox, R Storey, J Reed, M Gifford, M. Slater, B Horton, J Catalano, S Welsh, K Roberts, L Boxer, F Morey, P Pezzimenti, K Poyner, S De Biasi, M Dickson, J Lewis, M Truscott, P Hayes, C Denke

Magic Little Meals - one drawn 06/06/19

C Ruskin 

CSIRO Protein Plus Nutrition and Exercise Plan - one drawn 06/06/19

S Beaver

L’amante Anglaise - 10 double passes: drawn 31/05/19

J Butler, K Poyner, J Schmitz, S Pothast, M Grzeszny, L Watts, C Eagles, T Wedding, J Neilsen, D Trickey

Sweeney Todd - 4 double passes: drawn 31/05/19

Winners for Sydney

B Mitchell, S Belshaw

Winners for Melbourne

L Fagan, M Kelly

2040 - 10 double passes: drawn 30/05/19

O and L Stanley, P Beal, G and P Kaggelis, S and J Franklin, F and L Conyer, L and J Shashkoff, J and M Cummings, S Fanello, M Davies, H Bird

A Good Death - one drawn 30/04/19

R and J Phillips

Asterix prize pack: drawn 27/05/19

G Parsons

Red Joan - 20 double passes: drawn 24/05/19

M Payne, R and C Razga, R Connor and G Mcnally, J and B Cavanagh, G Hodge, G and C Goebel, N and T Blue, L and O Stanley, K and K Fritz, A Verdon, K Gladwish, R Barnes and I Thompson, J and M Mortimer, D and M Schulz, M Karner, L and M Watts, L Ferris, M Todaro, R and P Graham, S and A Stansfield

Senior Moments

Maryborough - T Pieniek

Caloundra - G Wallace

Hobart - G Calvert

The Realm - 20 double passes: drawn 17/05/19

S Gilbert, W Mutton, A Collins, I Yusoff, S Harris, E and G Laycock, R Storey, J Happs, A Joyner, J Morgan, B Clarke and T Radke, T Velden, T McDuff, J O'Dea and P Bates, B and I Pellow, A McCafferty, D Watson, D Kalathas and A Scarborough-Kalathas, L Strachan, B Batley

German Film Festival - double pass to selected film screening in nearest city: drawn 17/05/19

Adelaide - R Cole

Perth - A Moir

Melbourne - C Pezzimenti

Sydney - C Rostron

Canberra - E Reith

Brisbane - A McCafferty

Aladdin The Musical - 2 tickets to a Wednesday matinee 1pm performance: drawn 17/05/19

E Mazzone

Mother's Day Book Pack: winner drawn 15/05/19

P Pocock

Agatha Raisin Series 2 - 10 x DVDs: winners drawn 10/05/19

R Fleming, C Cosgrave, M Degger, L Makedona, S Northover, S Belshaw, A Trost, C Ruskin, M McMahon, R Colombi

Boy Out of the Country - One platinum double pass, 2 premium adult double passes: winners drawn 07/05/19

Platinum double pass - M Larkin

Premium double passes - N Guinery, M Gynther

Book Pack 1: winner drawn 03/05/19 

K Finch

Book Pack 2: winner drawn 03/05/19

M Helmrich

Book Pack 3: winner drawn 03/05/19

A Mizzi (re-draw)

Rocket Man: 20 double passes drawn 01/05/19 (tickets will be sent closer to first screening in late May)

J Hickie , J Bourne , J Lipp, D and B Palmer, J Oliver, J and A Hughes, R Storey, I and C Prideaux, B and I de Meyere, A Jeffries, J Saunders, D and R Irvine, P Fitz-Henry and J Sorensen, J and J Butler, S Dewson, A Francis, C Eagles, J and B Stafford-Neale, R Colombi, C Jones

Top End Wedding: 20 double passes drawn 26/04/19

M Flett, K Flew, P Meaney, P Duke, P Dobson and S Wearne, G Palm, S and D Valenta, J and P Nicolson, M Gibbs, C and C Baldwin, Mr B and L Rogers, M Bakker, B Clarke and T Radke, A and E Moir, S and J Franklin, J and P Bates, B Fulton, N and A Sterrenberg, Mrs D Trickey, L Robinson

Stonnington Jazz Festival: One prize pack drawn 26/04/19

L Taylor

Melbourne Dog Lovers Show: 5 double passes drawn 24/04/19 (tickets will be emailed)

M Gibb, F and J Eberhard, S and B McLennan, B and I Pellow, C Reynolds

Aussie Book pack: One drawn 24/04/19

G Lynn

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir: 20 double passes drawn 16/04/19 (tickets will be sent closer to first screening)

S Gilbert, D and B Palmer, J Campbell, J and H Weis, E Fisher, P Dobson and S Wearne, B and I de Meyere, J Arena, S Freeman, B and J Cavanagh, J and D Baldwin, G and J Copper, M May, J Zoellner and G Munday, L and R Ryan, A and E Moir, M and A Grzeszny, G Farrington, G Geldart, M Lo Monaco.

Berlin State Opera's Macbeth: 20 double passes drawn 12/04/19

M Bateup, D and B Palmer, E Fisher, M and E Schirmer, R Bosse, A Verdon, T Brooker, K and V Neller, L Boxer, M and J Smith, M and J Mortimer, L and J Skinner, R and R Guppy, S Stacey, T and S Bradford, F and YS Welten, A Pardalis, C Clark, G Kanizaj Clark and C Clark, B Batley

The Chaperone: 10 double passes drawn 12/04/19

O Sweeney, N and M Knight, C and L Bongaarts, M and E Schirmer, J and D Baldwin, K and K Fritz, J Turnbull, J Logan, C and C Pistikoudis, R Barnes

Celeste: 10 double passes drawn 12/04/19

A Jeffries, C Blair, E Dominguez, Dr D Ducrow, M May, J and M Mortimer, C and H Bull, J McGuire and J Gauw, S McFadden, EM Trims and Mrs Marie Hodgess

Merchandise Pack: One drawn 03/04/19 

P Smark, H Williams, P Searle, J Arena

The Runaway Daughter: One drawn 01/04/19 

K Becker

Hunter: One drawn 01/04/19

D Klemke

The War Artist: One drawn 01/04/19

H Georgeson

Love Lie Repeat: One drawn 01/04/19

D Inkster

Oxana Shevchenko: One double pass for Sydney event and one double pass for Melbourne event drawn 01/04/19

Sydney - A Andriejunas

Melbourne - R Connor

Super Bloom Festival: One double day pass drawn 01/04/19

D Palmer

Back of the Net: 10 family passes drawn 29/03/19

D and R Inkster, A and D Andriejunas, C Lewis, S Gilbert, K and J Norris, O Sweeney, D Fritz, G Brunton, H and T Williams, W Pine

Where Hands Touch: 15 double passes drawn 29/03/19

Ellen Reith, C Groves and F Janod-Groves, K and J Norris, I Yusoff, D Fritz, M and H Schaeche, D and B Palmer, J Johns, J Oliver, C Lewis, R Connor and G McNally, W and N Hyams, A and D Andriejunas, L Foo, D and R Inkster

The Aftermath: 20 double passes drawn 29/03/19

M Hogan, D and G Klemke, D and R Inkster, A and D Andriejunas, G and L Andrews, E Reith, C Lewis, N Smith, W and L Thompson, C Groves and F Janod-Groves, C Baskerville, G and M Gilday, R Gough, J Buhagiar, S Gilbert, A and A James, D and J Stone, R Simmons, Richard Liu, K and J Norris 

Fighting with My Family: 20 double passes drawn 21/03/19

A Somers, P Day, J Manson, M Rose, G Rinaldi, F Van Der Want, L Rampant, L Makedona, S Welsh, H Ellison, D Dibble, A Ross, H Goote, L Rutch, J Varischetti, A Grzeszny, PJ Schmack, L Dabelstein, T Bradford, C Wood

Swimming with Men: 20 double passes drawn 19/03/19

S Joy, R Bierton, B Larter, A Joyner, R Menso, L Dahm, G Smareglia, T Shell, D Cairns, B Clarke, W Egenes, S Felmingham, A Francis, G Geldart, T Collins, W Woodrow, D Watson, C Wood, M Mehta, E Kenny

Destroyer: 10 double passes drawn 08/03/19

J Hendry, J Streeter, D Slater, D Murdoch, S Welsh, K Poyner, P Oldfield, F Welten, J Harrison, C Ruskin

DVD Prize Pack: 15 DVD pack drawn 04/03/19

D Inkster, L Wilson, M Kelly, E Laycock, L Stafford, Y Bubb, P McMahon, M Kennedy, M Bakker, S Kruger, G Edwards, R Butler, A Trost, G Vicatos, D Ford

Sometimes Always Never: 20 double passes drawn 04/03/19

E Reith, N Smith, K Norris, P Danaher, J Boyd, D Adler, V Ferreira, C Teague, J Boyle, T Woodhams, J Sofronoff, P Sadler, L Porter, T Stokes, A Bynon, M Brooke, Y Wegen, N Magne, T Kropp, H Cummins

Greta: 15 double passes drawn 21/02/19

H Williams, D Hall, E Laycock, J Sawon, J Ingley, J Wilkinson, M Gibb, J Everton, M Osborn, J Butler, L Hulme, B Sullivan, S Lewis, I Millbourn, A Costello

Everybody Knows: 15 double passes drawn 21/02/19

G Fleming, G Brunton, C Frederick, S Dall, M Mortimer, M Slyth, O Pascoe, L Roberts, R Woolley, L Brouwers, S Wood, P Slade, J Semmens, D Tamburrini, S Barnwell

Stan and Ollie: 20 double passes drawn 15/02/19

I Loader, M Kelly, B Mayr, D Parker, R Hinton, L Middleton, D Stirling, G Rinaldi, D Brown, J Williams, J Taylor, G Turner, J Butler, A Moir, E Bell, J Schmitz, B Hurst, J Burton, D Tamburrini, K Schuett

King of Thieves: 20 double passes drawn 15/02/19

D Klemke, P Modica, G Fitzpatrick, C Frederick, M Garner, E Laycock, N Jeffs, J Moynihan, A Gray, L Szarski, V Baker, B Harrison, M Jones, A Croughan, S McGarry, M Garrod, J McGuire, J Roney, J Bannister, O Mirt

Clive James book pack: 1 drawn 13/02/19

A Ward

Young at Heart: 14 2x complimentary double passes drawn 12/02/2019

C Baskerville, C Gioseffi, S Marsland, A Hancock, B Cooper, B Larter, B Dixon, B Harrison, T Stokes, T Velden, T Watts, P Oldfield, D Ford, L Pietersen

Young at Heart: 29 two for one season pass drawn 12/02/2019

C Lewis, M Field, W Pine, W Hyams, J Reed, J Moynihan, G Degger, P Dobson, B Horton, K Grime, A Elbahy, S Williams, C Harman, W Loo, G Siebrecht, L Day, D Schulz, C Bull, C Bonaventura, A Rogers, J Priest, C Rostron, G O'Grady, J McGuire, M James, M Pannunzio, M Hinz, S Grimes, G Wallace

At Eternity's Gate: 22 double passes drawn 08/02/2019

R Lambert, R Marks, L Wilson, W Butland, L Tacoma, R Jones, B Berens, J Nash, L Eastburn, M Slater, A Hollamby, I Uttley, C Costello, J Butler, J Edson, M Hollis, L Brouwers, B Williams, R Kelly, K Hamilton, B Medley, T White

Book pack (1): 1 drawn 1/02/2019

B Ford

Tumultuous book pack: 1 drawn 1/02/2019

L Bowey

Cold Pursuit: 20 double passes drawn 31/01/2019

P Modica, D Gabriel, A Wood, R Kidd, M Kilby, R Allmond, T Gallagher, J Boyle, M Howarth, M Winter, F.V.D. Want, P Dolan, V Baker, G Cateris, J Rizzi, V Neldner, J Grunske, D Hollett, C McKay, S Macgregor

Queensland Theatre’s Death of a Salesman: 3 double pass drawn 30/01/2019

C Bonaventura, T Bradford, P Parry

Melbourne Pool & Spa Expo: 10 double pass drawn 25/01/2019

W Hyams, S CJ Muscat, E Smith, C Pezzimenti, J Schmitz, J Priest, K Swinson, G Kakavos, D Ford, G K Clark

Free Solo: 20 double passes drawn 25/01/2019

D Inkster, R Connor, P Day, J Waddell, J Croft, G Munn, A Rainford, A Moir, P Oldfield, V Neldner, S Pothast, P.J. Schmack, P White, A Williams, J Burton, K Seeds, A Costello, S McFadden, B Ross, C Conlon

Welcome to Marwen: 20 double passes drawn 24/01/2019

C Lewis, D Stone, R Marks, G Ives, S Davidson, D McKie, J Buzacott, G Shepherd, B Basell, B de Meyere, S Gosbell, D Grice, F Papasergio, C Marano, C Costello, R Crimmin, A Pradella, S Cannon, P.J. Schmack, J Harrison

Senior Moments: 5 stage show double passes drawn 22/01/2019

R Storey, J Reed, P Oldfield, J Wensley, L McHugh

Green Book Movie: 21 double passes drawn 18/01/2019

J Triggs, D Fritz, M Kelly, A Tummon, L Miller, W Myors, V Ferreira, A Jeffries, P Gibson, J Rolph, C Dalgliesh, S Harris, S Antonelli, M Bakker, D Hodda, T Velden, P.J. Schmack, D Macklyn, P Graham, M Wood, S Black

Andre Rieu – Romantic Moments II CD: 5 winners drawn 15/01/19

L Brown, G Brunton, J Boyle, I Anderson, M Noble

The Voice Behind the Stars: 4 double passes drawn 11/01/19

M O'Donnell, W Loo, G Erlandson, YS Welten.

Mary Queen of Scots: 20 double passes drawn 11/01/19

J Coats, P Hauwert, B Berens, M Moore, G Rinaldi, J Kneale, A Verdon, K Grime, C Marano, R Mitrovich, L Boxer, M Whalen, J Anthony, L Hulme, A Moir, A Bynon, E Bell, M Dalmeida, N Wendt, S Bones.

Pick of the Litter: 5 family passes drawn 07/01/19

M Arnold, D Dalmeida, G Kakavos, H McPherson, D Ward.

INSTANT FAMILY: 20 double passes drawn 07/01/19

S Castle, C Cutts, M Dalmeida, P Dent, S Foumakis, N Hall, K Hancock, J Happs, B Harrison, S Hudson, N Jeffs, R Jennings, D Klemke, B Mayr, S Mullis, K Poyner, J Roney, J Schmitz, A Thorpe, M Zagami.