Fairness in Retirement

This campaign promotes a retirement income system based on principles of adequacy, sustainability, certainty and fairness.

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The issue

The issue

Many seniors, especially pensioners, have limited income and face increasing cost-of-living pressures.

What we're calling for

What we're calling for

We’re calling for changes to pension rules to let pensioners work without penalty and to increase pension gifting limits.

The benefits

The benefits

Allowing pensioners to work will improve their lives and help address the nation's crippling labour shortage.

Our recommendations

Let pensioners work

We recommend employment income be exempt from the income test for pensioners with limited savings or assets. Allowing pensioners to work will boost their retirement incomes and meet crippling labour force shortages.

Adopt a universal pension

A universal pension would give everyone a basic pension. It would eliminate means testing, doing away with deeming and taper rates, which complicate retirement planning of millions of retirees.

Fair and consistent deeming rates

National Seniors Australia is calling for a fair and transparent approach to setting deeming rates.

Increase Age Pension Gifting Limits

National Seniors Australia is calling for an increase in the amount exempt from the Age Pension test that can be gifted to others to encourage older people to support younger people access education, health and housing.

Campaign win

National Seniors Australia campaigned to improve the Pension Loans Scheme (now called the Home Equity Access Scheme).

We were successful in lowering of the interest rate from 5.25% to 3.95%. A huge win for seniors who need a safe way to release their home equity to live a better retirement.

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