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Mature Age Employment

Resources and supports for mature age workers

National Seniors’ Research has shown that many older Australians opt to work beyond retirement age or seek to return to work after a time of retirement. For some, it’s a desire to contribute and serve as an opportunity to support the nation. For some, especially those with limited savings, working in later life addresses the need for additional income to meet basic living costs.

Whatever the motivation, in recent times, a large number of older Australians have filled positions created by workplace shortages brought on by the pandemic. Australia is currently facing critical labour force shortages across multiple sectors including health and aged care, hospitality, agriculture, and mining.

Older Australians’ Perspectives on Working After Retirement

Older Australians’ Perspectives on Working After Retirement

National Seniors Australia surveyed 3,938 Australians aged 50+ in 2022, asking questions about their employment and retirement status, their interest in re-entering paid work after retirement and motivations for this, and the barriers retirees face when seeking to re-enter the paid workforce.

Our report showed

The main motivations were financial (earning money), activity and interest, contribution and meaning, connection and community, and response to calls for assistance.

Barriers to working at a mature age included ageism, pension, tax, and superannuation rules, disability and ill health, digital engagement issues and uncertainties related to applying for jobs.

The research found ageism, pension rules, and lack of appropriate opportunities are among the significant barriers facing older Australians wanting post-retirement work.

Read the report here

Let pensioners work

Current means testing policies regarding the Age Pension discourages older people from working.

While the Work Bonus allows pensioners to earn more income without affecting their Age Pension, the incentive is not enough.

In our Pre-Budget Submission 2024, National Seniors has urged the Federal Government to exempt Age Pension recipients from the income test for any work undertaken in the care sector.

The exemption should be available as a two-year trial to aged care, disability care, and childcare workers to assess the effectiveness of this policy.

Support for mature age workers

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