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 Are you looking  to connect with an influential community of people aged 50+?

Are you looking to connect with an influential community of people aged 50+?

Look no further than National Seniors Australia! With a diverse community of over 185,000 people aged 50+, we offer an ideal platform to promote your products, services, or initiatives aimed at improving the wellbeing of older Australians.

Why advertise with us?

Highly engaged community

National Seniors Australia has a broad and diverse community, consisting of active seniors, retirees, and those planning for their retirement. By advertising with us, you can effectively reach your target audience and connect with potential customers who are actively seeking products and services that enhance their lives.

Reach a diverse customer base

National Seniors Australia represents people aged 50+ from all walks of life, ensuring that your message resonates with a wide range of individuals from different backgrounds, interests, and locations throughout Australia.

Establish trust and credibility

For nearly 50 years, National Seniors Australia has been a leading voice advocating for the rights and well-being of older Australians. Our organisation is highly regarded and trusted by seniors, their families, and the wider community. When you advertise with us, you align your brand with our respected reputation, gaining instant credibility and trust.

Multi-channel approach

We offer a range of advertising channels to ensure maximum visibility and impact. Choose from options such as our website, e-newsletters, social media platforms, and print advertising. With our diverse advertising solutions, you can tailor your approach to suit your specific goals and budget.

Our advertising channels



Reach our community directly through our regular e-newsletters, featuring news, updates, and valuable content. Showcase your brand and offerings with sponsored content in Connect, Member Matters and Money Matters email newsletters.

Magazine print &  digital magazine

Magazine print & digital magazine

Advertise in our quarterly Our Generation magazine publication and reach our members and subsribers. The magazine features lifestyle stories, provides up-to-date financial advice, outlines new and existing government initiatives, uncovers exciting travel destinations, explores relevant health issues and promotes positive ageing.



Display your brand prominently on our high-traffic website, ensuring maximum visibility to our members and visitors.

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Discover the benefits of a National Seniors Australia membership

Discover the benefits of a National Seniors Australia membership

National Seniors Australia is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1976.  We rely on people like you to become a member, or use our services, so we can continue to tackle issues such as age discrimination, accessible housing, pension poverty, health costs, aged care and improve retirement income.

We also have a range of discounts and benefits to help with the rising cost of living. For only $49.50, anyone can become a member and it only takes a few minutes to join.

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With National Seniors, your voice is valued. Discover how we campaign for change on your behalf.

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