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Cost of Living

National Seniors is campaigning to reduce the cost of living and inflationary pressures affecting older Australians.

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The issue

The issue

Inflation has soared, causing high costs for consumer goods and services, and older Australians are among those hit hardest.

What we're calling for

What we're calling for

A reduction in fuel costs via the fuel excise, a cost-of-living dividend to reflect additional revenue raised during periods of high inflation, and a freeze in deeming rates are among our policy priorities.

The benefits

The benefits

To improve household living standards and support older Australians on low fixed incomes.

Our policy recommendations

Address cost-of-living and inflationary pressures by reducing fuel costs via the fuel excise

National Seniors is calling for a temporary reduction in the fuel excise while oil prices remain high (up to 20c per litre), a pause of indexation while oil prices are high, or a revision of the method used to calculate indexation to ensure it is not contributing to inflationary pressures.

Provide a cost-of-living dividend during periods of high inflation

We recommend that surplus budget revenue be used to deliver a cost-of-living rebate of up to $500 to Australian households via electricity bills. The government could provide a base rebate to all households with a higher rebate to those most in need such as pensioners.

Create a targeted Pensioner Concession Card Plus (PCC+)

The prevalence of poverty among Australian aged 65 and older is estimated to be 20%. We urge the Federal Government to create a targeted Pensioner Concession Card to provide additional support. Existing customer data could help tailor the PCC+ eligibility to target those who need it most.

Fair and consistent deeming rates

National Seniors is calling for a further 12-month freeze to deeming rates. The government should use this time to establish a consistent and transparent methodology for setting deeming rates, one that reflects community expectations. This would stop any confusion about how rates are set when changes to interest rates occur in the future.

Campaign wins

Download the report

Read our report on Older People’s Responses to the Rising Cost of Living

National Seniors Australia surveyed 5,806 people aged 50 or over about recent cost-of-living increases and the impact they have had on their lives. This report focuses on personal experiences: the multitude of ways older individuals have responded to the cost-of-living crisis.

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