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National Seniors produces submissions in response to key Bills, consultation papers and inquiries into issues affecting the over 50s. Below are a collection of submissions we have presented to state and federal government bodies.

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Submission to the Western Australian State Budget 2016-2017

National Seniors has outlined a number of key recommendations for consideration as part of the 2016-17 State Budget that would improve outcomes for older people in Western Australia.  
11 Feb 2016

IPART Review of Public Transport Fares

National Seniors has raised concerns that IPART’s proposals to change to concession pricing and concession eligibility will significantly disadvantage seniors and have opposed the recommendations put forward as they stand.
05 Feb 2016

Feedback to the Fraser Review

National Seniors highlights the need for improved governance arrangements across the superannuation industry to build fund resilience and member confidence.
04 Feb 2016

Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) - On-supply customer access to energy rebates and the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland

National Seniors provided comment to the Queensland Government regarding energy rebates for “on-supply” customers and has raised concerns about the ability of on-supply customers to access government rebates and cost effective dispute resolution...
29 Jan 2016

Submission to the 2016-17 Queensland State Budget

National Seniors has provided a submission to the Queensland State Budget process outlining a number of key recommendations to improve the health and wellbeing of older people in Queensland.
29 Jan 2016

Submission on Improved Superannuation Transparency

National Seniors highlights the need for consistency of information contained on the superannuation product dashboards and the more detailed product disclosure statements so consumers are not misled or confused.
20 Jan 2016

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