Age Management Toolkit

Age Management Toolkit

The National Seniors Age Management Toolkit is designed for each employer to tailor the best age management initiatives according to an organisation’s individual strategic goals, its size and age profile.

As there are many and significant differences within and between organisations, employers, employees and across various sectors, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. 

The toolkit comprises evidence-based information, resources, guidelines and good practice examples that have been sourced from a wide range of leading national and international agencies and expert bodies specialising in the fields of employment, management and workforce ageing.

The information and resources contained in the toolkit are designed to:

  • Provide valuable practical tips and resources on age management practices
  • Assist in the effective management of the ageing workforce
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of mature age workers 

What is distinctive about this age management toolkit?

Our toolkit:

  • Consolidates information from a wide range of sources in one location
  • Is online and allows for individual tailoring according to organisational difference and goals
  • Is comprehensive in information and provision of resources and practical tools
  • Includes detailed HR metrics and diversity diagnostic calculators and resources

Who can use the age management toolkit?

These resources can be used by all stakeholders responsible for employment, such as managers, HR practitioners, policy makers, industry associations, recruitment agencies, trade unions, providers of labour market programs, training and education providers and management consultants.

Contents and structure of the toolkit

This toolkit is intended to guide you through the policy process from start to finish, including identifying a need and consideration of possible solutions for your organisation; the introduction and implementation of successful policies; and the measurement and modification of sound age management policies.

The background is set by outlining the demographic context of the general population, with discussion on the effects facing the Australian workforce, and the impending projections of skills and labour shortages.

The business case for adopting considered age management strategies is also given, highlighting incentives and outcomes resulting from implementing effective policies.

The toolkit is broken down into three distinct sections:

1. Initiation - getting started - The initiation of sound age management strategies for your organisation can be made by following a structured plan such as the one outlined in this section

2. Implementation - The Implementation section focuses on what to do with the information you have gathered duringInitiation, including good practice initiatives for your consideration. The purpose and benefits of implementing each strategy are outlined.

3. Evaluation - It is important to factor effective evaluation strategies into the overall process. The overall aim of evaluation is to determine whether the implementation of the policy and programs has produced the set desired outcomes in an effective manner.

We have compiled various quality resources for each section, such as: Networks and organisations; Consultants; International and national case studies on best practice of age management; Research papers, books and articles; Workforce planning; and Age diversity in the workplace awards.

Accessing the Age Management Toolkit

The Age Management toolkit is a resource of National Seniors Australia. Please click here to access the full toolkit.


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