Competition Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of our member competitions


Senior Moments

Maryborough - T Pieniek

Caloundra - G Wallace

Hobart - G Calvert

The Realm - 20 double passes: drawn 17/05/19

S Gilbert, W Mutton, A Collins, I Yusoff, S Harris, E and G Laycock, R Storey, J Happs, A Joyner, J Morgan, B Clarke and T Radke, T Velden, T McDuff, J O'Dea and P Bates, B and I Pellow, A McCafferty, D Watson, D Kalathas and A Scarborough-Kalathas, L Strachan, B Batley

German Film Festival - double pass to selected film screening in nearest city: drawn 17/05/19

Adelaide - R Cole

Perth - A Moir

Melbourne - C Pezzimenti

Sydney - C Rostron

Canberra - E Reith

Brisbane - A McCafferty

Aladdin The Musical - 2 tickets to a Wednesday matinee 1pm performance: drawn 17/05/19

E Mazzone

Mother's Day Book Pack: winner drawn 15/05/19

P Pocock

Agatha Raisin Series 2 - 10 x DVDs: winners drawn 10/05/19

R Fleming, C Cosgrave, M Degger, L Makedona, S Northover, S Belshaw, A Trost, C Ruskin, M McMahon, R Colombi

Boy Out of the Country - One platinum double pass, 2 premium adult double passes: winners drawn 07/05/19

Platinum double pass - M Larkin

Premium double passes - N Guinery, M Gynther

Book Pack 1: winner drawn 03/05/19 

K Finch

Book Pack 2: winner drawn 03/05/19

M Helmrich

Book Pack 3: winner drawn 03/05/19

A Mizzi (re-draw)

Rocket Man: 20 double passes drawn 01/05/19 (tickets will be sent closer to first screening in late May)

J Hickie , J Bourne , J Lipp, D and B Palmer, J Oliver, J and A Hughes, R Storey, I and C Prideaux, B and I de Meyere, A Jeffries, J Saunders, D and R Irvine, P Fitz-Henry and J Sorensen, J and J Butler, S Dewson, A Francis, C Eagles, J and B Stafford-Neale, R Colombi, C Jones

Top End Wedding: 20 double passes drawn 26/04/19

M Flett, K Flew, P Meaney, P Duke, P Dobson and S Wearne, G Palm, S and D Valenta, J and P Nicolson, M Gibbs, C and C Baldwin, Mr B and L Rogers, M Bakker, B Clarke and T Radke, A and E Moir, S and J Franklin, J and P Bates, B Fulton, N and A Sterrenberg, Mrs D Trickey, L Robinson

Stonnington Jazz Festival: One prize pack drawn 26/04/19

L Taylor

Melbourne Dog Lovers Show: 5 double passes drawn 24/04/19 (tickets will be emailed)

M Gibb, F and J Eberhard, S and B McLennan, B and I Pellow, C Reynolds

Aussie Book pack: One drawn 24/04/19

G Lynn

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir: 20 double passes drawn 16/04/19 (tickets will be sent closer to first screening)

S Gilbert, D and B Palmer, J Campbell, J and H Weis, E Fisher, P Dobson and S Wearne, B and I de Meyere, J Arena, S Freeman, B and J Cavanagh, J and D Baldwin, G and J Copper, M May, J Zoellner and G Munday, L and R Ryan, A and E Moir, M and A Grzeszny, G Farrington, G Geldart, M Lo Monaco.

Berlin State Opera's Macbeth: 20 double passes drawn 12/04/19

M Bateup, D and B Palmer, E Fisher, M and E Schirmer, R Bosse, A Verdon, T Brooker, K and V Neller, L Boxer, M and J Smith, M and J Mortimer, L and J Skinner, R and R Guppy, S Stacey, T and S Bradford, F and YS Welten, A Pardalis, C Clark, G Kanizaj Clark and C Clark, B Batley

The Chaperone: 10 double passes drawn 12/04/19

O Sweeney, N and M Knight, C and L Bongaarts, M and E Schirmer, J and D Baldwin, K and K Fritz, J Turnbull, J Logan, C and C Pistikoudis, R Barnes

Celeste: 10 double passes drawn 12/04/19

A Jeffries, C Blair, E Dominguez, Dr D Ducrow, M May, J and M Mortimer, C and H Bull, J McGuire and J Gauw, S McFadden, EM Trims and Mrs Marie Hodgess

Merchandise Pack: One drawn 03/04/19 

P Smark, H Williams, P Searle, J Arena

The Runaway Daughter: One drawn 01/04/19 

K Becker

Hunter: One drawn 01/04/19

D Klemke

The War Artist: One drawn 01/04/19

H Georgeson

Love Lie Repeat: One drawn 01/04/19

D Inkster

Oxana Shevchenko: One double pass for Sydney event and one double pass for Melbourne event drawn 01/04/19

Sydney - A Andriejunas

Melbourne - R Connor

Super Bloom Festival: One double day pass drawn 01/04/19

D Palmer

Back of the Net: 10 family passes drawn 29/03/19

D and R Inkster, A and D Andriejunas, C Lewis, S Gilbert, K and J Norris, O Sweeney, D Fritz, G Brunton, H and T Williams, W Pine

Where Hands Touch: 15 double passes drawn 29/03/19

Ellen Reith, C Groves and F Janod-Groves, K and J Norris, I Yusoff, D Fritz, M and H Schaeche, D and B Palmer, J Johns, J Oliver, C Lewis, R Connor and G McNally, W and N Hyams, A and D Andriejunas, L Foo, D and R Inkster

The Aftermath: 20 double passes drawn 29/03/19

M Hogan, D and G Klemke, D and R Inkster, A and D Andriejunas, G and L Andrews, E Reith, C Lewis, N Smith, W and L Thompson, C Groves and F Janod-Groves, C Baskerville, G and M Gilday, R Gough, J Buhagiar, S Gilbert, A and A James, D and J Stone, R Simmons, Richard Liu, K and J Norris 

Fighting with My Family: 20 double passes drawn 21/03/19

A Somers, P Day, J Manson, M Rose, G Rinaldi, F Van Der Want, L Rampant, L Makedona, S Welsh, H Ellison, D Dibble, A Ross, H Goote, L Rutch, J Varischetti, A Grzeszny, PJ Schmack, L Dabelstein, T Bradford, C Wood

Swimming with Men: 20 double passes drawn 19/03/19

S Joy, R Bierton, B Larter, A Joyner, R Menso, L Dahm, G Smareglia, T Shell, D Cairns, B Clarke, W Egenes, S Felmingham, A Francis, G Geldart, T Collins, W Woodrow, D Watson, C Wood, M Mehta, E Kenny

Destroyer: 10 double passes drawn 08/03/19

J Hendry, J Streeter, D Slater, D Murdoch, S Welsh, K Poyner, P Oldfield, F Welten, J Harrison, C Ruskin

DVD Prize Pack: 15 DVD pack drawn 04/03/19

D Inkster, L Wilson, M Kelly, E Laycock, L Stafford, Y Bubb, P McMahon, M Kennedy, M Bakker, S Kruger, G Edwards, R Butler, A Trost, G Vicatos, D Ford

Sometimes Always Never: 20 double passes drawn 04/03/19

E Reith, N Smith, K Norris, P Danaher, J Boyd, D Adler, V Ferreira, C Teague, J Boyle, T Woodhams, J Sofronoff, P Sadler, L Porter, T Stokes, A Bynon, M Brooke, Y Wegen, N Magne, T Kropp, H Cummins

Greta: 15 double passes drawn 21/02/19

H Williams, D Hall, E Laycock, J Sawon, J Ingley, J Wilkinson, M Gibb, J Everton, M Osborn, J Butler, L Hulme, B Sullivan, S Lewis, I Millbourn, A Costello

Everybody Knows: 15 double passes drawn 21/02/19

G Fleming, G Brunton, C Frederick, S Dall, M Mortimer, M Slyth, O Pascoe, L Roberts, R Woolley, L Brouwers, S Wood, P Slade, J Semmens, D Tamburrini, S Barnwell

Stan and Ollie: 20 double passes drawn 15/02/19

I Loader, M Kelly, B Mayr, D Parker, R Hinton, L Middleton, D Stirling, G Rinaldi, D Brown, J Williams, J Taylor, G Turner, J Butler, A Moir, E Bell, J Schmitz, B Hurst, J Burton, D Tamburrini, K Schuett

King of Thieves: 20 double passes drawn 15/02/19

D Klemke, P Modica, G Fitzpatrick, C Frederick, M Garner, E Laycock, N Jeffs, J Moynihan, A Gray, L Szarski, V Baker, B Harrison, M Jones, A Croughan, S McGarry, M Garrod, J McGuire, J Roney, J Bannister, O Mirt

Clive James book pack: 1 drawn 13/02/19

A Ward

Young at Heart: 14 2x complimentary double passes drawn 12/02/2019

C Baskerville, C Gioseffi, S Marsland, A Hancock, B Cooper, B Larter, B Dixon, B Harrison, T Stokes, T Velden, T Watts, P Oldfield, D Ford, L Pietersen

Young at Heart: 29 two for one season pass drawn 12/02/2019

C Lewis, M Field, W Pine, W Hyams, J Reed, J Moynihan, G Degger, P Dobson, B Horton, K Grime, A Elbahy, S Williams, C Harman, W Loo, G Siebrecht, L Day, D Schulz, C Bull, C Bonaventura, A Rogers, J Priest, C Rostron, G O'Grady, J McGuire, M James, M Pannunzio, M Hinz, S Grimes, G Wallace

At Eternity's Gate: 22 double passes drawn 08/02/2019

R Lambert, R Marks, L Wilson, W Butland, L Tacoma, R Jones, B Berens, J Nash, L Eastburn, M Slater, A Hollamby, I Uttley, C Costello, J Butler, J Edson, M Hollis, L Brouwers, B Williams, R Kelly, K Hamilton, B Medley, T White

Book pack (1): 1 drawn 1/02/2019

B Ford

Tumultuous book pack: 1 drawn 1/02/2019

L Bowey

Cold Pursuit: 20 double passes drawn 31/01/2019

P Modica, D Gabriel, A Wood, R Kidd, M Kilby, R Allmond, T Gallagher, J Boyle, M Howarth, M Winter, F.V.D. Want, P Dolan, V Baker, G Cateris, J Rizzi, V Neldner, J Grunske, D Hollett, C McKay, S Macgregor

Queensland Theatre’s Death of a Salesman: 3 double pass drawn 30/01/2019

C Bonaventura, T Bradford, P Parry

Melbourne Pool & Spa Expo: 10 double pass drawn 25/01/2019

W Hyams, S CJ Muscat, E Smith, C Pezzimenti, J Schmitz, J Priest, K Swinson, G Kakavos, D Ford, G K Clark

Free Solo: 20 double passes drawn 25/01/2019

D Inkster, R Connor, P Day, J Waddell, J Croft, G Munn, A Rainford, A Moir, P Oldfield, V Neldner, S Pothast, P.J. Schmack, P White, A Williams, J Burton, K Seeds, A Costello, S McFadden, B Ross, C Conlon

Welcome to Marwen: 20 double passes drawn 24/01/2019

C Lewis, D Stone, R Marks, G Ives, S Davidson, D McKie, J Buzacott, G Shepherd, B Basell, B de Meyere, S Gosbell, D Grice, F Papasergio, C Marano, C Costello, R Crimmin, A Pradella, S Cannon, P.J. Schmack, J Harrison

Senior Moments: 5 stage show double passes drawn 22/01/2019

R Storey, J Reed, P Oldfield, J Wensley, L McHugh

Green Book Movie: 21 double passes drawn 18/01/2019

J Triggs, D Fritz, M Kelly, A Tummon, L Miller, W Myors, V Ferreira, A Jeffries, P Gibson, J Rolph, C Dalgliesh, S Harris, S Antonelli, M Bakker, D Hodda, T Velden, P.J. Schmack, D Macklyn, P Graham, M Wood, S Black

Andre Rieu – Romantic Moments II CD: 5 winners drawn 15/01/19

L Brown, G Brunton, J Boyle, I Anderson, M Noble

The Voice Behind the Stars: 4 double passes drawn 11/01/19

M O'Donnell, W Loo, G Erlandson, YS Welten.

Mary Queen of Scots: 20 double passes drawn 11/01/19

J Coats, P Hauwert, B Berens, M Moore, G Rinaldi, J Kneale, A Verdon, K Grime, C Marano, R Mitrovich, L Boxer, M Whalen, J Anthony, L Hulme, A Moir, A Bynon, E Bell, M Dalmeida, N Wendt, S Bones.

Pick of the Litter: 5 family passes drawn 07/01/19

M Arnold, D Dalmeida, G Kakavos, H McPherson, D Ward.

INSTANT FAMILY: 20 double passes drawn 07/01/19

S Castle, C Cutts, M Dalmeida, P Dent, S Foumakis, N Hall, K Hancock, J Happs, B Harrison, S Hudson, N Jeffs, R Jennings, D Klemke, B Mayr, S Mullis, K Poyner, J Roney, J Schmitz, A Thorpe, M Zagami.


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World: 20 double pass drawn 21/12/18
D Auddino, V Baker, D Baker, J Burton, A Costello, S Daniell, G Degger, L Foo, M Karner, G Makedona, J Manson, D McRae, J O'Gorman, M Payne, K Scagliotti, K Schuett, L Skinner, K Tinson, C Walmsley, M Whalen.

Colette: 20 double pass drawn 13/12/18
B Barr, L Beikoff, C Colgan, T Collins, P Cunningham, D Cunningham, R Edmeades, K Gladwish, C Groves, S Harte, G Ives, E Kirkham, E Laycock, P Martinek, E Moir, L North, L Roberts, S Simpson, B Smith, M Winter.

73rd Australian DanceSport Championships: 5 double pass drawn 5/12/18
R Connor, W Hyams, L Boxer, L Puschner, B Basile.

Jersey Boys: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane double passes drawn 04/12/18 
S Litt, J Mattinson, J Williams

Madiba the Musical: Perth and Adelaide double passes drawn 04/12/18 
D Cripps, M Slater.

CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME?: 20 double pass drawn 29/11/18
M Brooke, A Brooks, F Chia, G Clark, C Drew, C Eagles, G Edwards, K Hancock, M Kelly, C Millar, D Murray, J Parsons, J Reed, D Richardson, I Rutch, PJ Schmack, D Schubert, D Schulz, R Storey, D Torr.

The King and I in cinemas: 1 double pass per 7 locations drawn 23/11/18 
E Reith, G Cliff, A Wood, F Chia, L Wherry, P Mitchell, L Hulme

The Son: 20 DVDs drawn 19/11/18
G Harrison, R Storey, R Seabrook, F Aquino, S Meldrum, S Wallis, K Grime, S Moore, K Werninghaus, C Bull, C Krolikowski, L Wang, M Grzeszny, F Eberhard, M Allwood, D Blair, C Eagles, A Sandry, B Griffiths, H Barbara.

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in cinemas: drawn 19/11/18
D John, M King, L Boxer, E Kirkham, A Brooks, L Pryce, A Rainford, J Richardson, M Donovan, N Grosse.

Member Satisfaction Survey: WISH gift card drawn 16/11/18
T Brain.

Book Pack 3: 1 drawn 14/11/18
A Sleat.

Widow: 20 double pass drawn 6/11/18
B Blacklock, S Bonaventura, G Clarke, L Craig, C Cutts, P Dent, S Foumakis, C Frederick, T Moate, L North, A Parcej-Collins, S Pothast, J Quinn, R Razga, P Richardson, C Ruskin, J Stephan, W Tapp, Y Welten, A Wydeveld.

The Old Man & The Gun: 20 double pass drawn 6/11/18

P Atkinson, E Barnett, J Baxter, K Brennan, J Brodie, G Brunton, H Cray, P Day, B Egan, L Foo, D Frank, E Hobb, B Hurst, G Kakavos, G King, A Matyear, D Palmer, K Sams, F Van Der Want, P Vanderplas.

Cliff Richard Anniversary Concert: 5 double pass drawn 6/11/18

C Cosgrave, H Foumakis, N Guinery, A Hancock, J Schmitz.

Patrick Melrose DVD: 20 double pass drawn 1/11/18

T Bradford, T Coghlan, A Costello, D Donohoe, P Dowling, S Gosbell, J Happs, C Hayman, M Lo Monaco, B McLennan, L Murphy, L Newson, L Roberts, J Roberts, S Ryan-Raison, C Skewes, N Spethman, T Squire, F Thies, P Woollard.

Book Pack 2: 1 drawn 1/111/18

M Schafer.

Book Pack 1: 1 drawn 1/11/18

L Warrener.

Journey's End: 20 double pass drawn 30/10/18

C Beech, K Carseldine, G Clark, K Dalzell, M Donovan, A Elbahy, J Grasso, S Halliwell, L Hamilton, D Harvey, C Johnson, M Kempton, S Lawes, J Morel, R Newman, T Parkinson, J Riches, R Rozanski, T Woodhams, P Woollard.

Lake Honghu at the Opera House: 6 double pass drawn 30/10/18

J Clark, A Costello, J Goad, G Ives, J Mortimer, K Poyner.

Brisbane Dog Lovers Show: 6 double pass drawn 30/10/18

D Dalmeida, I Hooker, A Jones, M O'Sullivan-Roderick, P White, M Wood.

Bohemian Rhapsody: 20 double pass drawn 24/10/18

M Bingley, S Black, J Buddee, J Butler, R Clark, L Fox, R Hogan, W Hyams, B McCracken, J McGuire, M Mulcahy, B Reis, C Reynolds, B Scarfi, Y Schenoni, K Starrit, K Trubody, P Vanderplas, Y Sang Welten, J Zoellner.

Jersey Boys, Sydney: 1 double pass drawn 24/10/18

J Williams.

Madiba the Musical, Melbourne: 1 double pass drawn 23/10/18

P Robbins.

Keeping Faith: 20 DVDs drawn 23/10/18

F Aquino, M Bakker, J Bottle, K Bunter, B Cavanagh, C Chatham, G Curr, L Day, J Glenny, H Grenkowitz, W Loo, J McGuire, M Mortimer, R Ongheen, B Phillips, P Rebello, J Ridley, G Shepherd, D Torr, C Woodcock.

1%: 10 double passes drawn 23/10/18

D Adler, V Baker, M Bakker, J Clark, L Davies, G Fleming, J McGuire, L Semmens, L Shashkoff, C Skinner.

Ghost Stories: 20 double passes drawn 19/10/18

C Bull, J Burton, M Dalton, P Day, L Day, S De Biasi, J Ezzy, S Gilbert, L Hazlett, M Hinz, J Humble, M Imeson, G Kakavos, G Kanizaj Clark, L Kimlin, J Oliver, P Stapleton, J Taylor, D Watson, S Williams.

In Like Flynn: 20 double passes drawn 05/10/18

S Bonaventura, H Brown, M Bullock, P J Button, P Croese, J Davies, M Dickson, S Gosbell, J Hilder, J Ireland, M McLennan, P McMeikan, S Myers, K Seeds, G Smith, L Stone, T Watts, M Wilde, G Williams, J Young.

The CSIRO Healthy Gut Cook Book: 10 drawn 19/09/18

I Humphrey, A Jeffries, J Neilsen, T Simpson, L Wiltshire.

The Pretty Things: 4 double passes drawn 02/10/18

R Connor, H McPherson, K Tinson, M Todaro.

The Seagull: 15 double passes drawn 02/10/18

G Carne, L Gross, S Huggins, T Johnson, R Liu, C Meagher, M Mulcahy, P Oldfield, T Parish, J Pearce, A Rainford, J Rickens, O Taylor, T Wedding, L Wiltshire.

First Man: 20 double passes drawn 19/09/18

R Chester, B Clarke, P Day, A Dikmans, C Eagles, D Frank, K Hancock, L Hulme, W Hyams, S Keating, M Larkin, K Malouf, F Munro, J Pointing, Y Predebon, R Renouf, B Scarfi, M Schirmer, J Stone, A Szajna

McKellen: Playing the Part: 10 double passes drawn 19/09/18

J Bourne, C Cutts, S Fanello, M King, C Lewis, T McDuff, S Moore, S Pothast, J Reed, C Ufer.

Johnny English Strikes Again: 20 double passes drawn 19/09/2018

A Andriejunas, C Bonaventura, K Bourne, J Butler, D Cairns, L Dahm, L French, K Grime, A Grzeszny, L Milligan, D Murdoch, Y Predebon, C Rakic, L Roberts, T Scheiwe, S Skinner, P Smith, K Smith, D Stone, C Wood

Ladies in Black: 10 double passes drawn 17/09/18

C Corino, B Cronan, W Davis, G Fleming, M Lowe, G Meyers, P O'Connor, J Shannon, S Sirett, T Velden.

7 Days in Entebbe: 10 DVDs drawn 17/09/18

J Butler, B Cronan, C Hayman, M Karner, J Manson, M Rampant, A Ryan, A Stone, R Storey, S Welsh.

The Merger: 10 double passes drawn 07/09/18

G Cohen, C Eagles, M Gough, D Hamilton, C Harman, J Heirdsfield, S Keating, M Lo Monaco, J Mills, P Oldfield

The Melbourne Cat Lovers Show: 5 double passes drawn 31/08/18

D Blair, A Brumen, L Day, P Hammond, W Hyams, J Neilsen, S Pothast, J Schmitz, S Williams

The Flip Side: 10 double passes drawn 31/08/18

J Cummings, S De Biasi, H Foumakis, L Hammond, E Lindsey, S McFadden, E Moir, S Pothast, C Prance, G Siebrecht

Tin Star: 20 DVDs drawn 01/08/18

S Bancroft, R Barnes, J Buddee, J Dove, J Edson, G Fleming, H Grenkowitz, J Guinea, R Hinton, B Hurst, W Hyams, D Keese, H Lammle, S Moore, A Parcej-Collins, J Reed, P Schmack, A Szajna, M Winter, J Witney.

Book pack including Teatimes: A World Tour: 1 drawn 01/08/18

L Lowry.

Book pack including How to Argue with a Cat: 1 drawn 01/08/18

J Small.

Book pack: 1 drawn 01/08/18

F Deeran.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout: 20 double passes drawn 01/08/18

R Aspinall, S Aston, B Atterton, J Bennett, M Burns, J Cateris, T Cavallaro, H Ellison, S Fenech, A Hansen, S Henze, L Jared, B Johnson, G Johnston, C Kaplanis, L Olivetti, G Rinaldi, A Rossouw, J Smith, J Turnbull.

Book club: 20 double passes drawn 01/08/18

L Austin, B Baily, T Brooker, R Butland, E Clissold, J Coats, B Davies, C De Freitas, N Grosse, M Harbort, M Hertel, N James, G Kakavos, J Mortimer, S Nixon, A Rahman, R Rodgie, S Speechley, M Wallace, M Wigan.

Facebook Competition 1 x The Wife double pass and 3 x RGB double passes drawn 30/07/18

D Maddaford, M Vaccarella, M Parsissons, P Gorman.

Irish Celtic, 5 double passes drawn 30/07/18

S Belshaw, G Munn, K Poyner, R Ryan, D Ward.

Save Me: 20 DVDs drawn 27/07/18

A Andriejunas, B Basell, M Bonke, J Booy, F Chatham, C Duff, V Fitzpatrick, C Kelly, K Leach, A McCafferty, P Moss, D Muir, C O'Kane, D O'Keefe, D Palmer, M Rawlings, M Schirmer, M Wilson, D Wright, I Yusoff.

The Wife: 20 double passes drawn 26/07/18

C Beswick, E Bingham, P Bingley, C Clarke, D Eggersdorff, A Elbahy, V Fitzpatrick, J Hancock, J Hastwell, K Leach, R Leech, R Merrill, S Miles, P Nottingham, J Pinnow, L Reilly, R Scown, W Stewart, S Tod, K Westlake.

Dog Show: 5 double passes drawn 26/07/18

A Andriejunas, K Burton, N Cecil, P Moss, J Thurston.

RGB: 20 double passes drawn 18/07/18

R Bowyer, G Brouwer, R Clark, G Cliff, J Cooper, V Dowse, D Gabriel, T Gallagher, P Hellens, R Lambert, P Mitchell, J O'Gorman, P Parry, M Rutland, H Sehgal, W Tapp, P Townend, T Wedding, B Xerri, J Young.

Beautiful: Carole King the Musical: 5 double passes drawn 16/07/18

E Bell, C Conlon, S Franklin, L Gordon, L Hammond.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: 20 double passes drawn 10/07/18

L Anderson, C Blair, G Bryans, G Campbell, N Cannon, J Clark, C Costello, M Dwarika-Tam, J Eldridge, J Hastwell, G Kaggelis, N King, K Knott, D Millar, T O'Brien, J Salt, P Sewell, L Smolenski, J Trace, K Werninghaus.

The Australian Youth Orchestra with Andrey Gugnin: 2 double passes drawn 04/07/18

J Schmitz, R Tuzzolino.

Mad for Love with Sumi Jo: 4 double passes drawn 04/07/18

M Barelds, A Costello, L Hammond, J Skalka.

Mamma Mia! The Musical in Melbourne: 1 double passes drawn 29/06/18

R Razga.

Mary Shelley: 20 double passes drawn 29/06/18

D Baker, C Bonaventura, E Brunning, P Collins, R Durie, M Dwarika-Tam, C Edwards, S Harris, C Hayman, S Heyworth, L Mackay, J Miller, B Mortimer, C Pezzimenti, H Schreiber, S Slocombe, L Sugars, R Taylor, C Ufer, L Whitfield.

The Bowerbird & The Bride: 5 double passes drawn 28/06/18

F Eberhard, J Flett, A Hoeben, D Macklyn, J Stumpf.

Mum series 1 and 2 on DVD: 10 drawn 28/06/18

S Batt, M Bonke, L Day, N de Jongh, J Hawkins, S Joy, C Knappers, W Loo, R Ongheen, J Wright.

Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation: 10 family passes drawn 22/06/18

C Andrews, S Grimes, G Henry, R Hodgson, M King, K Parakh, K Poyner, S White, D Wilkinson, S Williams.

Brothers' Nest: 20 double passes drawn 18/06/18

R Blakeman, K Bourne, L Boxer, G Bryans, Y Bubb, P Buckle, B Clarke, A Costello, P Croese, L Dahm, M Davis, R Friend, G Harrison, A Hollamby, M Kool, R Mitchell, H Petzl, R Spark, M Sykes, R Walker.

Edie: 20 double passes drawn 18/06/18

S Barnett, R Bierton, J Butler, T Coghlan, G Englart, R Feenaghty, L Hamilton, J Hendry, A Hoeben, G James, S Matthew, V McHugh, K Norris, J O'Gorman, L Porter, B Rinaldi, V Shanahan, M Stevens, M Ward, M Whalen.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: 10 double passes drawn 13/06/18

J Butler, G Clarke, P Danaher, V Heckmann, P Lacey, L Lowry, S Reeves, L Smith, S Walker, I Yusoff.

The ultimate tea hamper: 6 drawn 10/06/18

S Brown, M Degger, P Harrison, D Hunter, A McDowell, R Shuffell

The Leisure Seeker: 20 double passes drawn 06/06/18

S Aicher, H Briant, C Costello, M Hegarty, J Hilder, D Hodda, L Jared, G Kaggelis, S Lingard, P Martin, P McMahon, R Mitchell, J Nash, L Pantaur, L Parkes, J Ramsbottom, D Schulz, S Speechley, L Warn, C Wotherspoon

Tea with the Dames: 20 double passes drawn 01/06/18

J Arena, R Bowyer, R Connor, B Lisa Field, G Fleming, H Foumakis, K Gladwish, D Harrison, E Hoffmann, R Ingpen, S Joy, A Joyner, M Karner, L Nathaniel, T Parish, J Purse, L Rutch, L Stone, I Uttley, C Vakas

Sando on DVD: 20 drawn 01/06/18

P Bazen, M Bonke, H Cameron, B Cavanagh, J Cunningham, F Eberhard, R Fleming, D Grime, K Jones, A Joyner, W Loo, G Makedona, I Monger, M Nechwatal, R Newman, B Pellow, S Pothast, S Stanfield, R Trethewey, D Williams

Facebook, The Bookshop: 5 double passes drawn 21/05/18

M Bayada, C Dei, F Janod-Groves, L Turner, H Twist

A novel pack: 1 pack drawn 22/05/18

L McHugh

Tea with the Dames: 20 double passes drawn 22/05/18

J Allen, B Armstrong, G Brunton, D Dalmeida, P Danaher, S Dunlop, J Ebenezer, J Howard, L Hulme, T Johnson, C Lewis, B McDonald, K McLaughlin, F Mohr, J O'Dea, P Slade, W Sundstrom, P Towe, M Trethewey, L White

The Bookshop: 20 double passes drawn 22/05/18

I Baulch, K Brennan, R Campbell, G Curr, S Gillibrand, C Gioseffi, D Gleeson, D Hall, L Hulme, M Joel, T Johnson, K Leach, F Mohr, J Nichols, T Parish, C Ruskin, N Small, C Thomas, A Tupper, L Walker

A book pack: 1 pack drawn 22/05/18

N Davis

The Post: 2 packs drawn and 8 DVDs drawn 30/04/18

P Gorman, F Rowland and K Bourne, P Day, B Fulton, A Jones, J Nebe, A Ridley-Oldman, G Shoring, W Van Der Meer

The International Cake Show 4 three-day passes drawn 02/05/18

R Arden, H Flett, D Hodda, M Todaro.

Facebook, I Feel Pretty 2 double passes drawn 03/05/18

H Broderick, J Somers.

Tully 10 double passes drawn 03/05/18

C Eagles, M Hegarty, S Hopesmith, H Kerslake, J Seery, J Skalka, A J Somers, R Tuzzolino, L Warn, S Williams.

Book pack 1 drawn 17/05/18

C Stocks.

The Bookshop: 20 double passes drawn 17/05/18

R Bosse, V Crawford, B Dixon, R Fleming, S Gilbert, K Gladwish, D Harrison, A Morrison, I Nicholson, L Olivetti, P Parry, S Reeves, L Rutch, A Ryan, N Shooter, O Taylor, S Thompson, A Trost, M Wilson, K Woodhams.

The Monsarrat Series book pack: 1 drawn 01/05/18

L McGugan.

Peaky Blinders on DVD: 20 drawn 01/05/18

C Bawtree, W Chang, M Driessen, S Halliwell, D Hodda, D Johnson, J McGuire, B Mullis, J Newell, P Oldfield, D Pragt, L Rampant, M Slater, M Smith, M Takahashi, C Theel, S Thompson, W Wells, P White, D Wright.

The Post prize pack: 2 drawn 01/05/18

P Gorman, F Rowland.

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society double passes: 14 drawn 17/04/18

M Best, J Booy, C Bowles, K Flew, D Foley, D Fritz, S Hall, M Hogan, G Kaggelis, C Knappers, P Oldfield, M Rampant, M Takahashi, L Waters.

Delicious Season 1 and 2: 20 drawn 17/04/18

H Barbara, L Bowey, G Brunton, J Collins-Rubie, G Copper, A Curcuruto, C Drew, K Grime, N Grosse, L Hulme, G Kakavos, G Moor, G Pfingst, S Pothast, K Randell, P Sumner, E Trims, A Tummon, M Whalen, M Winter.

Last Flag Flying double passes: 20 drawn 17/04/18

D Bowyer,L Cole, C Cutts, W Davis, T Eichmann, T Fenwick, D Ford, K Gifford, K Gladwish, L Hammond, L Lowry, F Mcdonald, V Neldner, K Norris, K Paroz, S Pothast, L Rampant, A Rochford, M Ryan, C Theel.

The Bee Gees double passes: 15 drawn 09/04/18

D Baker, P Bazen, M Bonke, L Boxer, J Cummings, S Davis, W Egenes, J Hilder, A Hollamby, C Millar, L Stanley, B Strickland, A Tummon, T Velden, L Waters.

A Quiet Place double passes: 20 drawn 05/04/18

G Brunton, P Crawley, N Grosse, F Howell, J Hughes, P Kaufman, C Linney, G Makedona, D McGovern, L McLean, P Mirkovic, D Muir, V Neldner, P Oldfield, L Pantaur, J Purse, S Robinson, I Thompson, M Ward, L Watts.

Day on the Plain double passes: 10 drawn 05/04/18

S Batt, A Boyle, L Casey, L Craig, D Ford, C Hooker, L Murphy, K Phillips, A Ross, S Ryan-Raison.

The Party double passes: 20 drawn 02/04/18

K Becker, J Bourne, J Butler, A Costello, J Cunningham, V Ferro, P Green, A Grzeszny, A Hood, J Lipp, M MacKenzie, G Makedona, L McEwen, F Munro, L Rutch, K Tinson, J Turnbull, S White, J Williams, S Williams.

The Man who Invented Christmas double passes: 20 drawn 02/04/18

M Abery, M Best, J Butler, M Degger, C Economous, J Harrison, M Hinz, W McCourt, S Mcmillan, M Mortimer, L Morton, S Ryan-Raison, L Saunders, L Stone, D Storm, K Usman, A Van Heel, Y Van Wegen, T Velden, W Wells.

Young at Heart Festival double passes: 25 drawn 29/03/18

P Adam, M Bell, J Bourne, L Burn, P Collins, C Cotton, C Eagles, W Egenes, H Ellison, B Field, C Fraser, G Hamblin, L Hillier, N James, B Jordan, G Kakavos, S Lawes, J Mattinson, T Parish, C Pendrick, S Speechley, M Todaro, J Weire, A Whibley-Jones, M Whitman.

Walking Out double passes: 20 drawn 26/03/18

K Kaiser , P Glenane , M Joel , J Sawon , C Kunde , R Heathwood , S Aicher , G Makedona , J Topham , I Hooker , E de Candido , R Jones , P Smark , M D G Wilson , L Horne , S Mcmillan , A McCafferty , C Stocks , A Antrobus , L Semmens.

Early Man double passes: 5 drawn 22/03/18

L Griffin, A Hollamby, W Hyams, A Palkovs, T Parkinson, J Burton, G Fleming, L Hammond, G Henry, A Jeffries, R Kok, J Letchford, M May, D Schulz, L White.

The Sting double passes: 5 drawn 22/03/18

J Bourke, D Ford, G Hamblin, K Norris, K Poyner.

Chocolat double passes: 5 drawn 22/03/18

J Bourne, D Ford, K Norris, S Screech, B Strickland.

The Death of Stalin double passes: 10 drawn 21/03/18

G Cohen, D Dalmeida, K Grime, A Grzeszny, E Leahy, F Mohr, L Rampant, L Roberts, J Schmitz, B Sullivan.

Billy Joel Tribute Concert double passes: 15 drawn 21/03/18

J Brodie, R Conroy, J Davies, K Jones, M May, R Meissner, F Morey, T Parkinson, K Poyner, P Rebello, G Schier, G Sperling, R Taylor, T Wedding, M Winter.

Paul, Apostle of Christ double passes: 10 drawn 20/03/18

K Gladwish, R Harris, M Hinz, M Joel, M Lancaster, A Leach, C Lewis, K Piercy, L Semmens, M Smit .

Mary Magdalene double passes: 20 drawn 20/03/18

J Aveyard, J Azemothe, C Bongaarts, G Byrne, D Dalmeida, M Donald, R Erlich, D Frank, D Grice, S Halliwell, K Leister, S Martins, I Monger, G Natalier, K Poyner, R Ryan, D Schulz, L Semmens, K Smith, N Wilson.

Peter Rabbit family passes: 5 drawn 20/03/18

L Hammond, S Joy, I Rutch, J Semmens, K Trubody.

Rellik Season 1 DVD: 20 drawn 20/03/18

L Anderson, B Barr, J Bilby, S Brown, J Clarke, A Curcuruto, M de Laine, K Freeston, D Grice, R Holmes, M Kelly, A Moir, L Rampant, J Riches, J Semmens, G Siebrecht, R Simpson, B Spears, M Takahashi, F Welten.

The Mercy double passes: 10 drawn 01/03/18

P Davies, N Grosse, P Matters, J McGuire, S Monteath, C Niall, L Olivetti, U Osborne, D Scrimshaw, C Woodmass.

Love, Lies & Records DVD: 10 drawn 01/03/18

E Charter, R Connor, P Feltoe, S Franklin, F George, W Hyams, A Marsh, V McHugh, U Osborne, D Tamburrini

The Square: 18 drawn 21/02/18

V Baker, C Bull, H Cleaver, M Conway, V Crawford, G Curr, D Fritz, K Langridge, K Maddison, A McCafferty, M McDonell, K Norris, A Rainford, J Reid, L Roberts, J Turnbull, R Tuzzolino, L White

Finding your Feet double passes: 20 drawn 16/02/18

P Cunningham, D Fritz, G Geldart, M Grzeszny, H Henry, J Hughes, G Kakavos, J Kenny, K Leach, J Milnthorpe, J Moynihan, P Nottingham, C Oxley, D Palmer, M Payne, J Riches, J Roberts, L Thompson, A Tummon, S Wearne.

The BBQ double passes, Facebook competition: 20 drawn 16/02/18

E Bellocq, M Bonfigilo, L Chambers, A Grieve.

Lady Bird double passes: 20 drawn 08/02/18

M Angelucci, H Barbara, K Becker, W Boyce, T Brooker, H Bull, C Felmingham, A Hancock, C Harman, G Henry, S Lepp, S McFadden, M Parsissons, J Roney, J Saunders, C Stocks, K Tinson, A Todd, R Tuzzolino, W Wells.

Fifty Shades Freed double passes: 20 drawn 08/02/18

T Auld, W Boyce, G Copper, A Costello, P Danaher, F Eberhard, H Fernee, D Ford, P Gorman, A Hollamby, L Irwin, C Marano, B Medley, S Ryan-Raison, H Schreiber, C Stocks, D Tamburrini, M G Wilson, N Wilson, M Woodward.

Book Pack One with 2 books: 1 drawn 01/02/18

J Peate.

Book Pack Two with 2 books: 1 drawn 01/02/18

M Dixon.

Book Pack Three with 2 books: 1 drawn 01/02/18

R Holden.

The book The Best Death: How to die well: 10 drawn 01/02/18

B Berens, J Butler, M Crompton, P Druitt, J Morabito, R Taylor, A Todd, M Turner, L Williams, A Wong.

Home Again on DVD: 20 drawn 01/02/18

M Arber, D Bernays, A Bond-Meehan, J Common, P Cunningham, P Day, J Harrison, R Holden, S Keniry, Y McRae, C Millar, K NORRIS, L Nott, A Parcej-Collins, L Puschner, M Rowe, A Trost, J Varischetti, D Voysey, K White.

Phantom Thread double passes: 20 drawn 30/01/18

P Atkinson, L Beikoff, P Bingley, D Bowyer, N Brunton, W Chang, B Clarke, C Costello, P Croese, D Dalmeida, H Dixon, K Gawne, H Henry, J Henwood, K Kowitz, K Parakh, I Peacock, J Peate, A Todd, M Trethewey.

Aussie Scrabble game: 5 drawn 30/01/18

P Danaher, E Hoffmann, T Coghlan, D Arentz, H Budd.

delicious.daily cookbook: 5 drawn 30/01/18

R Anderson, D Edwards, K Mitchell, L Mori, I Richards.

The Best Death, Facebook Competition: 1 drawn 22/01/18

E Martin

The Rocky Horror Show, Brisbane: 1 drawn 22/01/18

B Pawson

The Rocky Horror Show, Melbourne: 1 drawn 22/01/18

J Fulcher

The Rocky Horror Show, Perth: 1 drawn 22/01/18

D Hudson-Hamilton

Mamma Mia! The Musical, Sydney: 1 drawn 19/01/18

G Russell

The BBQ: 20 drawn 17/01/18

P Boman, R Burke, J Burton, A Costello, S De Biasi, L Della-Maddalena, A Dennis, K Finch, G Hamblin, H Hensley, A Holobrodskyj, Cl Keane, N King, E Kirkman, R Kok, R Meissner, G Natalier, L Pryce, A Scott-Sondergeld, J Williams.

Sweet Country: 20 drawn 17/01/18

G Andrews, S Bauer, M Bromley, K Currie, C Harman, B Hurst, R Lambert, I Lightbody, P Martin, J McGuire, W Moore, P Moss, E Perry, W Pine, Y Predebon, C Rackemann, I Rutch, M Shum, O Stanley, C Whitton.

Swinging Safari: 20 drawn 17/01/18

R Burke, M Carlisle, A Costello, P Danaher, N Eerden, C Groves, N Guinery, S Joy, A Joyner, J Kettle, A McCafferty, M Priestley, J Roberts, J Saunders, T Shell, K Smith, D Tamburrini, A Verdon, T Wedding, J Weis.

A Dog’s Purpose DVD Facebook competition: 9 drawn 10/01/18

D Conyard, A Dossett, R Dravnieks, E Fairhead, K Ferry, C Hulse, S Robinson, K Sainsbury, J Smith.

The Post: 20 double passes drawn 10/01/18

F Boag, W Boyce, M Burns, T Condon, P Crawley, K Dalzell, M Degger, K Jarvis, J Leonforte, P McMahon, L Neilen, A Rahman, C Rakic, A Ridley-Oldman, V Savaris, G Siebrecht, K Smydzuk, J Southcombe, A Thompson, P Troise.

Darkest Hour: 20 double passes drawn 06/01/18

P Armitage, M Best, B Bird, L Bones, S Cannon, J Eaves, G Edwards, E Fisher, C Harte, N Higgins, M Hinz, H Hughes, M Larkins, S Logan, S McFadden, H O'Callaghan, G Reid, B Scarfi, L Taylor, T Woodhams.


National Seniors Australia Win a Cruise promotion drawn 4/12/17

R Butcher.

Titanic The Exhibition: 10 double passes drawn 21/12/17

M Arber, V Bell, P Cole, D Dubaich , K Finch, G Fleming, D Hall, S Lamrock, B Mumberson, Y Predebon.

The Greatest Love of All – The Whitney Houston Show: 3 double passes drawn 21/12/17

L Anderson, R Evans, L Watts.

Breathe: 20 double passes drawn 20/12/17

M Bateup, S Belshaw, T Brooker, J Coleman, S Dunlop, L Hulme, E Hynes, R Leech, J McKeone, D McPartlan, J Milnthorpe, A Parcej-Collins, J Pinnow, C Prance, C Riley, J Robertson, J Saunders, A Schlyder, L Szarski, C Yap.

Paddington 2: 5 double passes drawn 20/12/17

D Bradley, P Curcuruto, M Grzeszny, R Hazzard, P Smark.

The Greatest Showman: 20 double passes drawn 20/12/17

L Bones, P Button, A Bynon, A Constable, G Edwards, J Geisker, D Harrison, R Holden, H Irons, S Lehmann, A Marsh, V McHugh, P O'Brien, M Petrie, D Repalust, L Roberts, D Sloper, G Smith, K Trubody, M Wallace.

The Windsor DVD box sets: 20 double passes drawn 20/12/17

D Byrne, M Curtis, C Dalgliesh, A Formosa, C Frederick, S Garrett, A Hannah, M Hinz, L Hoeben, L Jared, K Langridge, P Moss, P Nottingham, I Prangnell, J Reed, G Siebrecht, S Tindall, B Ubert, C Walker, L Wang.

The Rocky Horror Show, Adelaide: 1 double pass drawn 20/12/17

P Fosdike.

Mamma Mia, Brisbane: 1 double pass drawn 20/12/17

C Sherritt.

The ABBA Show drawn 19/12/17

L Deev, P Dwight, I Fairweather, B Ubert, V Wheeler.

Ducks for Dark Times book Facebook competition drawn 18/12/17

G Garrett.

George Gently on DVD drawn 13/12/17

T Coghlan, J Feher, G Fleming, K Hancock, R Mitrovich, S Pothast, A Schlyder, E Stumpf, C Walker, T Watts.

Wonder Wheel Facebook competition drawn 8/12/17

J Campbell, J Delaney, M Ghaly Szabo, P O'Neill.

Roy – A Tribute to Roy Orbison drawn 8/12/17

J Carden, I McKenzie.

Hampstead on DVD: 5 DVDs drawn 1/12/17

S Cross, S Freeman, B Phillips, A Tummon, L Watts.

Wonder Wheel: 20 double passes drawn 1/12/17

O Morrison, A Joyner, C Teitzel, D Grime, M Rampant, M Orban, B McDonald, B Rogers, J Rizzi, S Collins, K Poyner, H Cray, H Roberts, N Caulfield, L Hammond.

Special Seniors Preview screening double passes to Wonder Wheel at Dendy Newtown: 5 double passes drawn 1/12/17

R Connor, K Finch, G Harrison, P Hawkins, R Reily.

The Secret Scripture: 20 double passes drawn 30/11/17

A Baartz, A Chan, P Hawkins, W Hyams, D Korving, C Lewis, V McHugh, W Morvan, K Mylrea, P Oldfield, G Pergaris, R Reily, P Searle, N Sevastianov, R Simmons, S Skinner, O Sweeney, K Tinson, G Weeks, M Wilson.

Only the Brave: 10 double passes drawn 27/11/17

A Chan, W Davis, S Mcdonald, K Mylrea, R Ongheen, J Roberts, I Rutch, N Sevastianov, L Shashkoff, N Wilson.

The Man Who Invented Christmas: 20 double passes drawn 27/11/17

D Altschwager, A Andriejunas, N Brunton, J Catalano, S Cross, K Grime, D Hancox, K Harding, A Hazelwood, K Jenkin, M Lehmann, D Macklyn, C Murphy, M Pannunzio, I Pellow, G Siebrecht, A Szajna, L Warn, T Wedding, M Wilson.

Valkyrien on DVD: 10 DVDs drawn 21/11/17

G Copper, C Economous, A Joyner, G Kakavos, E Lindsey, C Martin, A McCafferty, R Merrill, A Ward, K White.

Daddy's Home 2: 20 double passes drawn 20/11/17

P Baumann, S Bonaventura, J Catalano, R Connor, D Fritz, J McGuire, D Palmer, C Pezzimenti, K Pheeney, R Ryan, J Saunders, P Schmack, J Schmitz, N Sevastianov, C Teitzel, G Thomas, A Todd, F Van Der Want, L Wherry, T Woodhams.

Pot Pourri Concert: 5 double passes drawn 17/11/17

A Petersen , J Bourne , R Storey , A Marsh , D Moffatt.

Cine Latino Film Festival: 14 double passes drawn 17/11/17

R Gough , R Dikmans , K Norris, P Sadler, C Pistikoudis, M Bowdler, D Wark, P Baumann, N Grosse, M Pannunzio, B Barr, V Crawford , H Jolly , M Mellows.

50 something famly book pack drawn 9/11/17

E Stumpf.

Murder on the Orient Express: 20 double passes drawn 3/11/17

E Reith , Y Patron , I Richards , R Ongheen , H Thomas , A Tummon , D Todd , L Jared , A Laverty , J Van Bilsen , M Shum , S Williams , W Tapp , G Calvert , S Felmingham , K Sperling , G Eichmann , T Pieniek , M Turner , M Conway.

My Little Pony: 5 family in-season passes drawn 27/10/17

D Ward , P Parry , G Makedona , D Arentz , A Petersen.

Cookbook prize packs: 3 copies drawn 1/11/17

C Harman , M Buth , G Geldart.

Three Summers: 10 double passes drawn 1/11/17

C Chambers , C Woodward , G Willis , C Marano , D Dibble , Ro Panting , A Scott-Sondergeld , L Schmiede , A Clarke , C Hogben.

50 something 5 book pack drawn 26/10/17

A Lamanda.

SMSF's 'Your self managed super fund in focus' event: 30 passes drawn 26/10/17

K Poyner , D Jamieson , B Wheatley , A Rahman , M Eves , E Sloane , F Chia , L Brown , C Niall , G Beacom , S Raynes , A Holobrodskyj.

Cunard British Film Festival: 14 double passes drawn 23/10/17

L Jared , M Degger , A Chan , G Torepe , J Geasley , P Oldfield , U Osborne , J Olah , E Lindsey , P Richards , R Lambert , R Butler , L Nathaniel , A Francis.

Loving Vincent at Cinema Nova: 5 double passes drawn 24/10/17

I Uttley , L Charvet , S Matthew , R Taylor , D Waroux.

The Son of Bigfoot: 5 prize packs drawn 20/10/17

B Grimshaw , C Chambers , N Drylie , V Oughton , W Morvan.

The Promise and 20th Century Women: 15 eOne DVD packs drawn 14/10/17

P Corkran , G Eattell , S Ridsdale , K Bourne , C Collingridge , P Smark , J Lillie , C Pistikoudis , S Ryan-Raison , N Rysko , J Ensor , A McCafferty , L Ferris , Jan Schafferius , G Googe.

Home Again: 15 double passes drawn 17/11/17

H Georgeson , L Abberfield , R Quan , K Bourne , P Perry , K Small , A Jones , W Chang , K Werninghaus , V Burt , J Morel , D Hancox , J Feher , J Olah , M Pannunzio.

Taikoz 20: Land-Sea-Sky-Home: 10 double passes drawn 13/10/17

A Andriejunas, P Buckle, P Cunningham, A Formosa, K Grime, C Groves, J Howard, G Ives, C Niall, K Poyner

The Snowman: 20 double passes drawn 12/10/17

D Gabriel, A Little, J Hendry, S Reeves, R Quan, I Barry, S Robinson, M Cole, G Du Rand, C Riley, M Bakker, I Dela Cruz, I Rutch, P Troise, E Bell, S Pothast, L Wang, J Coleman, G Geldart, M Harper

The Good Karma Hospital and Line of Duty: 15 DVD packs drawn 14/10/17

J Bottle , J Westendorp , G Bennett , P Sinnamon , G Newsome , B White , C Skewes , K Shaw , A Brooks , C Felmingham.

The Mountain Between Us: 20 double passes drawn 5/10/17

P Appleby , L Broch , J Nebe , J Martinuzzi , B Jordan , K West , M Odron , H Lammle , A Ross , A Pradella , B Basile , N James , S McLennan , T Meakin , L Nathaniel , J Park , S Brinkley , P Ashworth , N Neubauer , G Googe.

Beatlemania on Tour: 5 double passes drawn 4/10/17

S Robinson , L Lubans-Bates , M Folan , Y Predebon , G Hamblin.

Madiba: 14 DVDs drawn 1/10/17

J Coats , L Miller , L Candish , W Wells , S Dell'Oste , R Maiden , E McInnes , M Winter , N Shooter , A Ross , S Keniry , S Lawes , S Ryan-Raison , J Coimbra.

Final Portrait: 20 double passes drawn 29/9/17

R Flarey , S Charlton , G Catchlove , L McGugan , J Moynihan , B Jordan , J Sofronoff , G Kaggelis , A Mead , M Alexander , G Roy , T Bourquin , R Guppy , S Mcmillan , J Drenth , M Blanch , J Arlett , W Morvan , R Mathers , B Barr.

Albert Hammond: 5 CDs drawn 28/9/17

E Reith , G Hamblin , S Kloot , M Wright , P Oldfield.

Brave New World exhibition: 5 double passes drawn 22/9/17

B Basile , J Schmitz , D Palmer , R Shuffell , A Taylor.

Battle of the Sexes: 20 double passes drawn 22/9/17

G Cliff , M MacKenzie , C Bongaarts , E Charter , D Fraser , E Farry , B Vieira , B Skaines , P Hansen , T Tharenou , V Heckmann , D Ellison , D Neubauer , D Hancox , C McFarlane , B Macrae , M Van de Graaff , L Neilen , C Economous , M Pannunzio.

Wallace & Gromit exhibition: 3 double passes drawn 17/9/17

A Brumen , A Taylor , M Guareschi.

Victoria and Abdul: 20 double passes drawn 08/09/17

J Allen, I Anderson, B Arthus, C Bonaventura, C Bull, J Cridge, P Cunningham, P Day, S Dunlop, S Felmingham, S Franklin, G Kreutzer, M Lehmann, S Pothast, H Roberts, C Schubert, F Somerville, K Usman, L Watts, T Woodhams

Floriade Twilight Concert: 2 tickets drawn 07/09/17

P Bazen

Ali's Wedding: 20 double passes drawn 25/08/17

C Lewis , A Brumen , J Nichols , C Chambers , H Watton , C Theel , C Millar , L Young , M Degger , J Yelland , D Arentz , K Werninghaus , J Christie , T Wesley , M Irani , W Morvan , R Schier , A Bond-Meehan , G Gewargis , G Beacom , J Callachor.

American Made: 20 double passes drawn 22/08/17

I Lightbody , D Hounsome , M Phelan , V Jorgensen , G Shepherd , A Ridley-Oldman , C Marano , S Franklin , W Chang , N Gordon , N Nichols , T Wesley , M Van de Graaff , J Olah , A Morrison , P Rahme , C Martin , D Spedding , T Bradford , J Yeark.

Maudie: 10 double passes drawn 18/08/17

S Miles , V Jorgensen , P Hannan , A Ridley-Oldman , L Puschner , S Lawes , C Drew , M Carrick , M Gough , L Saville.

Brisbane International Film Festival: 10 double passes drawn 17/08/17

K Redpath , G Murdoch , C Baty , J Davis , A Bond-Meehan , N Chand , B Suosaari , A Stubbington , D Harley , V Darnell.

Hampstead: 20 double passes drawn 17/08/17

D Hine , D Hounsome , E Martin , C Norton , G Delta , J Marinich , F Van Der Want , J Murphy , K Usman , I Anderson , H Roberts , A Stafferton , W Morvan , R Schier , G Geldart , C Hynd , P Rahme , R Benedetto , A Sandry , A Bond-Meehan.

Madame: 10 double passes drawn 18/08/17

J Pittier , G Delta , M Holm , S Hopkins , R Crake , S Lawes , N Hawkins , M Donald , C Felmingham , S McFadden , T Wedding.

Boîte Millennium Chorus: 5 double passes drawn 11/08/17

P Matters , M Dohnt , H Schreiber , P Towe , I Richards.

Going in Style: 10 DVDs drawn 05/08/17

M Degger , R Burnett , G Clarke , H Bull , B McLennan , P Gough , K Saron , D Settem , M van Lint , D Schubert. 

The Time of Their Lives: 20 double passes drawn 04/08/17 M Bonke, A Brooks, L Cole, D Fritz, M Grzeszny, A Hancock, M Holm, T Langton, E Laycock, M Lowe, L Lowry, B McHugh, E Moir, W Monsalve, W Nordin, I Richards, G Sperling, J Topham, D Woodbury, A Woodcock

The Trip to Spain: 20 double passes drawn 01/08/17 C Lewis, G Thomas, P Curcuruto, B Scarfi, L Rampant, Y Bubb, P Button, W Tapp, S Brown, H Cleaver, K Sperling, E Moir, C Noonan, P Lacey, J Downing, L Horne, V Gelders, S Gillibrand, L Dolling, S Haggett

Delicious: 20 DVDs drawn 01/08/17 W Hyams, W Medford, R Haimes, S Stanfield, M Bonke, M Rampant, J Howard, C Harman, S Hall, H Boal, C Noonan, S Monteath, V Neldner, N de Jongh, T Langton, K Dalzell, J Altoft, F Heath, T Green, S Jordan 

50 something 4 book pack: drawn 20/07/17

E Grieve.

Paris Can Wait: 20 double passes drawn 20/07/17

C Clark , C Ufer , E Fisher , J Sawon , P Coombes-Pearce , L Roberts , M R Zagami , R Friend , L Szarski , J Pappagallo , C Warby , A Phu , A Pittendreigh , M Takahashi , M Donald , M Gough , J Sklavos , H Gaugg , W Morvan , D Saylor.

The Black Prince: 5 double passes drawn 20/07/17

C Gibbs , J Allen , B Harrison , C Noonan , N de Jongh , J Schmitz , K Langton , S Wood , J Quade , S Haggett.

The House of Dior exhibition: 1 double pass drawn 16/07/17

C Eagles.

Scandanavian Film Festival: 14 double passes drawn 15/07/17

J Holthouse , A Brownrigg , J Smith , S Wearne , P Bollard , E Willys , W Egenes , S Bonaventura , S Kristensen , D O'Keefe , B Anderson , K Laracy , L Dolling , K Wijngaarden.

Alone in Berlin: 20 DVDs drawn 14/07/17

D Beardsley , M Campbell , S Cartlidge , C Holmes , M Schirmer , M West , M Demedio , A Hollamby , S Einsaar , K Neller , S Hopesmith , M Albertson , L Pitomac , D Arentz , S Felmingham , L Wherry , C Weyne , D Dowling , C Dearing , J Olah

50 something 3 book pack: drawn 13/07/17

S Cannon.

Camerata's Sanctuary: 5 double passes drawn 12/07/17

B Rogers, S Brown, K Leach, P Kaufman, S Gillibrand.

The Beguiled: 20 double passes drawn 12/07/17

W Waggitt , D Frank , P Prusakowski , L Swyny , C Baty , A Jabas , D Kovalevs , A Rainford , D Woodbury , C Dougall , J Skalka , J Henderson , M Bowdler , J Annesley , S Lawes , M Donald , L Mayes , J Cridge , E Clissold , T Paehua

Queensland Garden Expo: 3 double passes drawn 03/7/17

R Richards , P Talib , D Schulz.

Anh’s Brush With Fame Season 2: 15 DVDs drawn 03/7/17

M Jeffrey , R J Quick , R Lu.kacz , A Popenko , L Lowry , P Parry , El Lindsey , K Piercy , P Raeside , L Parslow , Y Predebon , G Englart , S Cannon , M Fabbro , C Pistikoudis.

Loving: 15 DVDs drawn 03/7/17

B Mumberson , A Pinheiro , V Jorgensen , L Austin , W Elsner , J Salt , R Stott , M Aker , T Charlton , N Mann , G Roworth , B Hurst , L Woollard , T Hele , G Noble.

Monsieur Chocolat: 10 double passes drawn 23/06/17

B Mumberson , S Davidson , D Teufel , J Baxter , Heidi Jolly , Elizabeth Ware , Jane Salt , Diane Reynolds , James McGuire , Lynieve Neilen.

Despicable Me 3: 10 family passes drawn 14/06/17

G Rochester , W Elsner , M Patsias , R McDowell , B Harrison , D Ryley , J McKeone , L Porter , S Bonaventura , D Saylor.

The Mummy: 20 double passes drawn 12/06/17

J Hughes , J Hendry , R Seabrook , D Fraser , R Friend , E West , B Rogers , S Yelland , B Vicary , C Manns , M Scarce , T Allen , I Dart , S Gaugg , H Gaugg , S Gillibrand , B Went , A Cotterill , J Davies , P Neale.

My Cousin Rachel: 20 double passes drawn 06/06/17

I Yusoff , G King , R Quan , S Logan , M Patsias , G Gore , P McLeod , O Taylor , L Skinner , S Moore , K Sperling , W Chang , Y Tesso , M Takahashi , T Jovcic , C Lenihan , S Harrison , L Waters , L Neilen , I Hainsworth.

Churchill: 10 double passes drawn 06/06/17

E Laycock , G McDonald , L Jared , M Blumke , A Brooks , J Topham , J Rizzi , S Ireland , C Woodmass , A Morrison.

20th Century Women: 20 double passes drawn 30/05/17

J Swash , D Lewington , H Hensley , I Monger , A Campbell , N Jeffs , J Moynihan , M Lainridge , R Cornelius , J V Bilsen , S Agius , E Willys , R Sparkes , S Downie , T Shell , W Chang , J House , S Lepp , D Jarman , K Jones.

The Shack: 10 double passes drawn 30/05/17

L Swyny , P McMeikan , M Best , A Dicker , G Sperling , A Dennis , L Wherry , J MacLeod , N Sevastianov , C Stocks.

Anh's Brush with Fame Season 1: 10 DVDs drawn 25/05/17

J Nash , S Einsaar , J Fanias , M Patsias , M Marshall , D Mueller , M Dohnt , A Legge , R Tuzzolino , J Eagland.

The Sense of an Ending: 20 double passes drawn 23/05/17

C Lewis , A Mizzi , R Ongheen , S Charlton , C Woodward , P Nottingham , S Mullis , E Willys , D Acfield , K Robinson , F Deeran , B McDonald , M Smith , P Acfield , R Panting , R Korotcoff , R Valzan , S Lepp , S Thompson , J Robertson.

Member Update 5 book pack drawn 23/05/17

P Sambell.

La La Land: 20 DVDs drawn 19/05/17

A Stubbs , J Buddee , A Stephens , B Blacklock , L Turnbull , S Watson , K Noble , M Merrylees , J Hagarty , C Pearce , C Macalpine , N Phelan , M Brischke , L Trapp , S Donmall , K Kowitz , J Honeybone , C Blow , J Coleman , Rene Hall.

Viceroy's House: 20 double passes drawn 19/05/17

M McInerney , L Remphrey , L Lowry , L Weymouth , L Sugars , K McCaskill , H Eichhorn , A Jabas , R Delia , M Degger , H Payne , B Quinn , M Friggieri , Y Predebon , L Boxer , P Carkeet , S Linforth-Brown , D Macklyn , J Cridge , P Puschak.

Elvis The Wonder Of You: 5 double passes drawn 12/05/17R Korotcoff, K Zanre , L Fraser, G Erlandson , E Kleitsch.

Jackie: 20 DVDs drawn 09/05/17

A Attard , B Speros , F Sajn , M Harkness , B Ward , B Blacklock , J Hansen , K Tilyard , S Lenny , C Tolomei-Catalano , D Ball , D Ryan , M Merrylees , E Cresswell , P Fosdike , M Strother , K Smith , R Whyte , M Simon , I Halligan , B Hooper.

Whiteley: 20 double passes drawn 09/05/17

C Oxley , N Sheather , W Pine , A Campbell , R Nisbet , D Simpson , P Fitzpatrick , P McMeikan , B Harrison , R Tuzzolino , O Taylor , M Droder , P Dunphy , S Whitwell , A Phu , S Blackmore , R McWilliam , T Jovcic , E Clissold , C Niall.

The Zookeeper's Wife: 20 double passes drawn 02/05/17

W Moore , R Shepherd , D Ahern , J Hine , M Winter , R Campbell , P Hucklebridge , M Bromley , L Craig , D Courtney , D Dibble , I Nicholson , A Scott-Sondergeld , J Marhin , M West , H Green , D Fry , J Cridge , E Cichocki , S McFadden.

A Dog's Purpose: 20 double passes drawn 01/05/17

W John , R Fennell , A Campbell , C Orme , J Ramsbottom , J Pearce , W Kunst , M Taylor , P Bamford , J Pappagallo , L Hearfield , J Davis , R Spooner , W Nordin , C Sinclair , L Waters , S Fanello , C Just , R Christy , A Cotterill.

50 something April/May 4 book pack: drawn 01/05/17

M Holmes

Gambaro Hotel: 1 night hotel accommodation drawn 01/05/17

E Mabb.

Melbourne Dog Lovers Show: 5 double passes drawn 31/04/17

A Brumen , P MacPherson , L Boxer , C Harkness , Z Nodelman.

Vera Lynn and Aled Jones CDs: 2 packs drawn 28/04/17

J Bottle , P Carkeet , H Petzl.

Craig Hill at Perth Comedy Festival: 1 double pass drawn 26/04/17

I Allison.

Van Gogh and the Seasons in Melbourne: 1 double pass drawn 24/04/17

C Cutts.

Table 19: 20 double passes drawn 19/04/17

T Simpson , I Moles , J Stephan , K Boulton , A Kewley , M Kealty , C Christison , N Waje , P Woolway , J McKeone , M Eremenco , R Korotcoff , L Horne , M Takahashi , N Hitoun , D Smith , J Cam , H Fernee , L Diermajer , D Wark.

Going in Style: 30 double passes drawn 14/04/17

C Lewis , D Lewington , N Baden-Clay , G King , R Matthews , H Kelly , C Gross , E Conner , J Mills , R Cutts , M Gifford , V Macmillan , A Beetson , D Simpson , J Halliday , D Acfield , S Tatang , K Neller , A Stone , R Slater , J Rizzi , A Williams , S Gunasekara , L Charvet , S Martins , V Neldner , S Tod , M Ball , C Just , J Quade.

Their Finest: 20 double passes drawn 11/04/17

H Georgeson , T Everitt , R Annis-Brown , B Mumberson , P Foster , K Bath , A Todd , E Farry , J Lang , J Van Bilsen , L Rampant , L Dahm , C Kelly , L Hearfield , I Dela Cruz , G Calvert , R Audehm , I O' Malley , J Priest , J Saw. 

Denial: 20 double passes drawn 13/04/17

M Heffey , S Coleman , E Wallace , C Moolenschot , A Schlyder , B Rumens , H Wilson-Roberts , R Maiden , B Berens , C Cutts , B Vieira , J Wilkinson , P Richards , R Gibson , H Briant , G Kaggelis , R Scandrett , L Daniel , J Marhin , E Bell , C Smith.

PAW Patrol Live! - Race to Rescue: 5 double passes drawn 11/04/17

N Gleeson, D Baker, K Gray, K Barnett, D De Aubrey.

Mr. Selfridge Season 4: 10 DVDs drawn 01/04/17

James Bottle , Wendy Pine , Andrew Mitchelson , Petrus Koens , Neil Moy , Anna Meli , Susan Felmingham , Sharon Gaugg , Melanie Fernee , John Olah.

Member Benefits Update: 4 book pack drawn 28/03/17

K Hancock.

Young at Heart film festival: 25 double passes drawn 28/03/17

D Sloper , R Gough , R Marks , A Dikmans , M Gledhill , A Taylor , L Abberfield , E Smith , D Slater , M Gifford , A Watt , A Zerjal-Mellor , M Shum , M Leggatt , J Box , H Ellison , S Screech , M Cichello , G Brouwer , T Terkel , R Gaffney , F Chia , D Archer , G Sells , M Bravery.

Smurfs - The Lost Village: 10 Admit 4 passes drawn 28/03/17

R Hankinson , L Austin , D Wright , P Smith , H Grenkowitz , M Ebdon , J O'Kennedy , A Elbahy , A Legge , K Anderson.

50 something 3 book pack: drawn 21/03/17

H Gooding.

50 something 4 book pack: drawn 21/03/17

P Martinek.

The Boss Baby: 20 double passes drawn 21/03/17

B Mumberson , I Todd , M Schirmer , E Martyn , V Gallen , J O'Kennedy , D Purdue , L Milligan , J Leonforte , A Stone , L Mattson , G Smith , W Nordin , S Martins , B McLennan , R Hamilton , P Staunton , C Neller , R Barnes , J Daniec.

The Eagle Huntress: 20 double passes drawn 14/03/17

C Lewis , R Marks , D Valenta , D Reynolds , E Laycock , K Crowhurst , J Meaden , H Sellwood , R Fletcher , Y Schenoni , M Cichello , D Dibble , A Pradella , A Ireland , K South , M Hogfalt , W Morvan , J Roney , C Murphy , C Haydon.

Loving: 10 double passes drawn 14/03/17

L Sugars , S McBean , K Neller , B Rogers , D Graham , S Felmingham , S Van Elswyk , J Clarke , J Flynn , K Swinson.

David Stratton: A Cinematic Life - 10 double passes drawn 7/03/17

J Bear , L Sugars , Z Spry-Pohl , S Moate , M Rampant , D Lewis , S Felmingham , R Walker , M Thurston , M Fernee.

Camerata's Classique - 1 double pass drawn 2/03/17

P Blaauw.

Light Between The Oceans - 20 DVDs drawn 1/03/17

M Bateup , T Deleon , E Laycock , M Pascoe , L Candish , E Lindsey , J Laverty , W Marthick , C Woodcock , C Morton , C Alloway , G Lind , A Crockett , D Brickwood , S Antonelli , B Solley , G O'Donovan , R Herr , S Gunasekara , K Swinson.

Logan - 20 double passes drawn 29/02/17

V Stevens , I Bohata , G Cohen , J Hawkins , P Collits , L Thies , L Whitfield , A Hollamby , E Waugh , L McIntyre , M Gray , S Henze , D Dibble , P Perry , H Cleaver , W Nordin , D Neubauer , H Green , J McGuire , R Quinn.

Jasper Jones - 20 double passes drawn 28/02/17

J Allen , W McCourt , M Abery , C Moolenschot , C Norton , C Holder , B Cavanagh , L McDonald , R Clarke , G Barbe , P J Button , A Ross , B Bonney , M Taylor , J Bennett , A Phu , T Carveth , A Morgan , G O'Grady , K Zanre.

Icehouse in Hobart - 1 double pass drawn 27/02/17

S Wilson-Roberts.

Alone in Berlin - 20 double passes drawn 25/02/17

N Olsthoorn , A Rahman , B Jordan , M Gillies , M Ebdon , N Lockett , P Grayson , S Screech , S Belshaw , M Oettinger , P Adam , K Jewell , D Achilles , J Varischetti , P J Schmack , S Rodgers , C Smith , V Ferro , J Coimbra , G Penman.

Red Dog: True Blue Soundtrack - 5 copies drawn 18/02/17

R Maiden , C Lawson , L Griss-Fallon , L Bollen , S Bree.

The Great Wall - 20 double passes drawn 17/02/17

W Thompson , R Marks , G Sanders , M Pascoe , B Jordan , B Skaines , A Murphy , G Kaggelis , B Jeffery , B Vassallo , J Nott , K Andaloro , J Rizzi , D Van Sanden , G Sperling , M Martin , H Green , S Rodgers , K Currie , S Gillibrand. 

Hidden Figures - 20 double passes drawn 15/02/17

J Kenny , B Wheatley , D Gabriel , G Sanders , J Carden , P Nottingham , G Erlandson , R Haimes , P Sumner , M Mahler , G Byrne , P J Button , C Cocker , M Cichello , W Chang , H Petzl , M Beylacq , J Clark , K Zanre , G Code.

Toni Erdmann - 10 double passes drawn 7/02/17

S Miles , D Rebello , R Langtree , N Williams , G Turner , S Collins , F Mohr , V Neldner , D Blair , M Hollins.

A Street Cat Named Bob - 20 double passes drawn 4/02/17

M Spice , B Roper , A Brumen , C Frederick , J Taylor , H Watton , M Lythgoe , S Logan , S Harte , K Gibb , D Morieson , A Damrow , G Brouwer , N Woodforth , D Neubauer , M Gough , R J Tan , K Daniels , A (M.E.) Wyllie , D Harrison.

Manchester By The Sea - 20 double passes drawn 29/01/17

T Deleon , B Houston , R Evans , J Nagle , J Salt , S Harte , D Kovalevs , S Wilson-Roberts , S Small , C Krolikowski , M Dean , P Smith , G Macklin , A Ware , L Waters , M Amesz , J Clarke , M Van de Graaff , I Job , F McDonald.

Poldark: Complete Series 1 & 2: 5 DVDs drawn 21/01/17

S Marinus , H Ellison , L Wherry , D Shaw , V Cuong Luu.

War Dogs - 5 DVDs and 5 Blu-Rays drawn 18/01/17

D Gabriel , A Wood , A Dauw , P Searle , R Allwright , P MacPherson , A Joyner , M Hogfalt , K Trubody , D Ford.

Five book pack - drawn 17/01/17

A Lamanda.

Pounce and Incredible Dog Journeys Book Pack - drawn 17/01/17

S Diserens.

Lion - 20 double passes drawn 17/01/17

P Satyanand , P Hauwert , A Bartsch , J Manson , S Lenny , N Frost , T Lucas , D Mc Ginn , C Broughton , N Sevastianov , P Richardson , J Burke , P Meaney , G Kent , E Kolman , B Mills , G Croker , T Meakin , C Hall , C Corino. 

Travel Poker sets - 3 drawn 17/01/17

R Mitrovich , H Sehgal , I Job.

Sully - 20 DVDs drawn 13/01/17

P Hodges , B McPherson , Z Neuendorff , J Hansen , A Hurse , A McKie , G Schulz , R Housden , P Powell , C De Freitas , J Boyd , A Brooks , M Kennedy , M Livingstone , P Gardner , L Langston , B Henderson , M Fiumara , B Webster , M Walker.

Ballerina - 10 double passes drawn 13/01/17

K McQuilty , J Reed , W Checker , C Millar , C Cutts , S Harte , D McDonald , L Porter , M Gough , A Petersen.

Rosehaven: Series 1 - 20 DVDs drawn 10/01/17

A Wydeveld, JBourne , G Curr , L Sugars , K Rewell , J Peters , J Small , M Smith , L Higham , C Kelly , C Kochevatkin , M Krause , J Fulcher , P Ackermann , A Gibson , S Pothast , V Platacis , H Bull , K Ahrens , A Petersen.

Jackie - 20 double passes drawn 10/01/17

H Hall, B Black,G Lang, M Ducrow, M Donges, DGrice, S Harte, A Hollamby, P Marton, M Fra, A Zerjal-Mellor, K McMackin, J Topham, T Lindsay, E Mabb , H Sehgal, M Donald, N Rysko, J Coimbra, R Jaap.

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