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National Seniors Australia receives regular requests for older Australians to share their story. We're hoping you may be able to help us get the message out there. 

From requests for case studies about the real life experiences of older Australians, through to local and national media looking for a human face of an issue, we get asked about the lives of older Australians almost every day and we want to illustrate the issues we're working on for you with real life stories.

If you're willing to share your story with us, please fill in the form below.

Share your story

How will your story be used?

Your story may be used in full or short quotes used to support a larger story. With your permission your story may appear:

  • in the media and social media
  • on the National Seniors Australia website
  • in printed materials, such as our magazine
  • in electronic materials, such as our e-newsletters
  • in our research

We will always provide support and assistance with media opportunities.

Always with your approval

If you agree to share your story, we will only ever share your details after contacting you first to get your explicit consent. 

You can always decline any request.

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