The National Seniors Australia Board and Executive Leadership team are committed to operating the organisation ethically and consistent with high standards of corporate governance.

The National Seniors Australia Board of Directors has established the following standing Board Committees:

  • Audit Risk & Finance Committee
  • Board Appointments and Remuneration Committee

Each committee is comprised of a minimum of 3 members. The Chief Executive is a permanent invitee of all of the Committees. Membership of the Committees is subject to regular review.

Each Committee has a Charter which sets out its responsibilities and delegated authority. These Charters are approved by the Board and are regularly reviewed.

More about each Committee

Audit Risk and Finance Committee

The objective of the Audit Risk & Finance Committee is to examine any matters about the financial affairs of the company and about the external audit that it considers necessary. The committee also examines any other matters referred to it by the Board.

The Committee meets prior to every Board meeting wherever possible. Special meetings may be convened as required to fulfil the committee’s responsibilities.


- Chris Guille, Committee member and Board Director

- Ross Glossop, Committee member and Board Director

National Council

The National Council is a peak governance element within the National Seniors structure.

The National Council is established to provide a forum for the discussion of matters relevant to trends and strategic issues relating to older Australians and the National Seniors Australia organisation.

It will also provide reflections and advice to the Board relevant to the continued development of the organisation which will include:

- emerging trends, that impact on the over 50s population,

- societal attitudes to the over 50s and the impact of these on the organisation,

- the role of National Seniors Australia in the context of societal and other trends,

- the nature and direction of the priorities of National Seniors Australia; and

- ensuring the structure of the organisation remains relevant to the needs of National Seniors Australia membership and the older Australians generally.


The Board

Mr Christopher Guille – SA

Mr Darryl Wilson - QLD

Ms Marcia Griffin - VIC

Mr Ross Glossop - WA

Prof. Rashmi Sharma - NSW

Mr John Urquhart - NSW

Regional Representatives

Ms Mary Lyttle - VIC/TAS

Ms Judith Kiejda - QLD

Mr Russell Westacott - NSW/ACT

Ms Barbara Horton - WA

General Representatives

Mr Santosh Kumarau VIC

Dr Jan Herbert - QLD

Prof Bruce Knight - QLD

Board Appointments and Remuneration Committee

The Board Appointments Remuneration Committee (BARC) is a key element of the Governance regime of National Seniors.

The key role for BARC is to provide recommendations to the Board for appointment to the Board itself as well as the National Council.


Mr Ross Glossop, Committee Chair and Board Director

Prof. Rashmi Sharma, Committee member and National Seniors Australia member

Ms Barbara Horton, Committee member and National Seniors Australia member

Mr Gary Byron, Committee member and National Seniors Australia member

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