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In this area of the website we invite you to get involved, whether that is by giving your two cents on a topic in the Member’s Forum, signing one of our current petitions, browsing through and registering for an event, or locating your nearest community branch.

The Member’s Forum is a great place to have your say on topical issues and discussions with other over 50s across the country. We’ll post new topics up regularly and would love to hear what you have to say.

As the leading organisation for over 50s in Australia, we know from experience that there is strength in numbers. That’s why we encourage you to sign one of our petitions, so we can drive effective political and social change for seniors in this country.

National Seniors Australia branches are a great place for over 50s to get involved in discussing community issues, participate in social events, hear informative guest speakers and meet like-minded members. Find your nearest branch here.

We hope you get involved in some of these activities and help us further the interests of the over 50s in this country.

Every voice counts!
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