Private home care

Here are some options while you wait for the subsidised package you need

National Seniors Australia has led the fight for increasing the number of Level 3 and 4 Home Care Packages but the sad reality is the number of packages is unlikely to ever match demand. Rest assured, we will continue to fight for the rights of older Australians. In the meantime, here are some other options for you to consider.

Commonwealth Home Support Program entry level

The Commonwealth Home Support Program is quicker to access and taxpayer subsidised, although you will be expected to pay as well.

The program provides limited support for selected services, depending on the provider. You can pay more for more services. Consumers register with the government gateway My Aged Care and have their needs assessed. You don’t control how the money is spent and you don't you see how much you can access.

GP and other support

Your GP can help connect you with other forms of support to help you remain at home. Depending on your health needs, your GP may be able to:

  • arrange a Care Plan so you can access 5 free visits to an allied health professional
  • request half-price taxis
  • connect you with community support and volunteer organisations in your area.

Pay for your own home care

Aside from subsidised services, there is the option of paying out of your own pocket. This could mean selling assets to generate the required funds. 

We recommend consulting a financial advisor to discuss what your best options are before making a decision.

Fighting for your rights

At National Seniors, we continue to call for changes to the Pension Loans Scheme so more people can use the equity in their home to pay for home care.

We are also pushing for additional Home Care Packages, safer investment options for older Australians, a more adequate Age Pension, the construction of seniors-friendly housing and much more.

There's a lot on our plate, but as our list of advocacy wins show, we are heading in the right direction.

With your support, we can (and do) make a difference.

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