Career guidance and support

Taking advantage of the career guidance and support that’s available could help you remain in the workforce longer.

While age discrimination against older workers is a real issue, older employees – just like any employee - need to regularly upskill and reskill to ensure they give themselves the best chance of remaining in the workforce.

National Seniors research shows that just one in five older Australians have undertaken career planning, yet we know that those who have undertaken this planning found it most useful for:

  • Identifying their interests, skills strengths and weaknesses to match to suitable jobs and
  • guidance on learning, education and training courses relevant to their needs.

The good news is that you may be eligible to access this career guidance and support through the Federal Government's Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program.  

About the Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program

The Skills Checkpoint Program is designed to help you upskill or reskill to stay in the industry you are working in, or transition to new career opportunities.

It involves an initial career planning session that is individually tailored to your goals and needs. If you are eligible, the Federal Government will match your own or your employer's contribution of up to $2,200 toward suitable education and training options to reach your employment goals. 

Run as an initiative of the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, the program is delivered across Australia by employment and training providers VERTO and BUSY At Work.

Who is eligible?

You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident:

  • aged 45 to 70 years old, who is either employed and at risk of redundancy e.g. working in an industry undergoing structural adjustment; or 
  • unemployed for no more than 3 consecutive months and not registered for assistance through an employment services program, e.g. jobactive.
Visit the Skills Checkpoint website