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Fairer Concessions

This campaign provides information about concessions and will fight for fairer concessions for you.

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The issue

Governments offer a range of concessions targeted at older Australians but some concessions are set too low and many aren’t indexed annually to meet changes in living costs.

What we're calling for

We're campaigning for fairer concessions. Plus, educating you on the current concessions with our Concessions Calculator.

The benefits

The information from our Concessions Calculator will help us make concessions fairer for older Australians.

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About the issue

Concessions Calculator

View the range of concessions available to older Australians.

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Whether you are a pensioner or a self-funded retiree, we all continue to pay bills as we get older.

Older Australians often need a bit help with doctor’s fees, medicines, private health insurance, aged care, transport, housing, energy costs and other essentials. That’s why governments offer a range of concessions, but some concessions are set too low and many aren’t indexed annually to meet changes in living costs. 

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