Guiding Light

June - August 2017

In this issue

Change is constant. But sometimes change comes at a pace that can be stressful, especially if it’s involving critical elements of life such as our finances.

In this issue we’ve tried to take some of the stress out of the changes to the new consumer directed home care system by explaining what services are available, how to find out which ones you are eligible for, and where to obtain more information.

As well, the third of a three-part series covers the changes to the superannuation system that come into effect on 1 July. Our Financial Information Desk (FID) Manager Craig Hall explains a raft of measures that you need to be across. But if you’re still not sure what to do, you can ring the FID on 1300 020 110 and talk to our helpful team.

Australia’s Age Discrimination Commissioner Kay Patterson is someone who has demonstrated a great capacity for change throughout her life. Learn how an involvement with Girl Guides inspired her to return to high school, go to university, and build a career first as a trailblazing academic in the field of gerontology, then as a federal parliamentarian.

Cruise the Mediterranean in our travel pages, bring your four-legged friends up to speed with the latest technology, and indulge guilt free with the latest low-carb recipes from the CSIRO.

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