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Hearing aids can transform lives. Here’s why it’s important to catch hearing decline early.

As millions of Australians grapple with hearing loss, cutting-edge advancements in hearing aids could hold the key not just to better hearing but to improved cognitive health too.

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Hearing Australia

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Key Points

  • One in six Australians have some form of hearing loss and it only becomes more prevalent with age. 
  • Hearing Australia are making it easier for every Australian to receive the expert hearing care they deserve. Next year, to make it even easier, their hearing experts are coming to a location near you during March as part of the ‘Hearing the Nation 2024 Tour’ delivering free* 15-minute hearing checks for adults. You can also register for a hearing check now.
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Hearing loss can creep up, often so subtly that it goes unnoticed until the signs are undeniable. Doorbells are missed, the television volume is turned right up, and where conversations once flowed, they might be punctured with “What?” and “Sorry?”.

If you’ve noticed signs of hearing loss – or if someone close to you has voiced concerns – it’s critical to book an appointment with a hearing healthcare professional, such as an audiologist.

Should you be diagnosed with hearing loss, the next step is to consult with your hearing professional for a solution that’s most suitable to your hearing needs. Often, this includes a clinical recommendation for hearing aids. The latest hearing aid technology offers a discreet design alongside advanced listening and hearing capabilities.

Unlike most traditional hearing aids, the M&RIE (pronounced Marie) hearing aid technology places an additional microphone in the ear together with the traditional microphone placement behind the ear, offering users a more natural sound quality.

Karen Hirschausen, principal audiologist of commercial clinical services at Hearing Australia, says the innovative design can improve spatial awareness, making it easier to determine the direction of sounds.

“Many people with hearing loss rely on visual cues,” she says. “But when relying on visual cues, it can be more difficult to pick out where sound is coming from. When you’re walking down the street, you want to know if a car is coming from behind you or if somebody is calling you from the side. So increased spatial awareness improves safety.”

The unique design of the M&RIE hearing aid also allows you to place your phone naturally up to your ear for calls.

“Before, you often had to sort of shuffle the phone around to get it into the right spot to be picked up by the microphone. But with the microphone now being in the ear canal, you use your phone as you would naturally just put it straight up next to your ear,” Ms Hirschausen says.

“You don’t have to go on to speaker phone where everyone can hear your conversation.”

Hearing Australia is making it easier for every Australian to receive the expert hearing care they deserve. Next year, to make it even easier, Hearing Australia experts are coming to a location near you during March as part of the Hearing the Nation 2024 Tour delivering free* 15-minute hearing checks for adults.

Register your interest to attend an event or book an appointment today.

Hearing Australia has been providing expert hearing care to Australians for over 75 years, helping thousands of children, adults, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples, pensioners and veterans stay connected with their families and communities every week. Hearing Australia is now offering the M&RIE technology to new and existing clients across Australia. Visit to book an appointment at one of their 180+ centres today.

*Conditions apply under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

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