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Practising yoga in the real world

Forget expensive classes, a new book takes yoga to the bus stop and beyond.

  • Health
  • Read Time: 5 mins

Did you know?

  • Yoga combines physical movements with meditation and calm breathing techniques.

  • Pilates involves a series of repetitive body moves with a breath technique to enhance correct movement and coordination.

  • Regular yoga and Pilates classes improve your muscle strength, balance, and flexibility skills.

  • An instructor can change yoga and Pilates moves to suit all ages and fitness levels.

  • If you are new to yoga or Pilates, take classes with a certified instructor to learn the correct movements and help avoid injury.

Yoga has many proven benefits but dressing in fancy pants, packing a mat, and searching for a parking place near the yoga studio isn’t conducive to the peace, health, and love the ancient discipline can deliver. 

So, what to do?

As with many things in life, getting the most out of it can be more about attitude and heart than the thing itself.

With yoga, it seems we don’t need all the paraphernalia and hassle.

Why go to yoga when yoga can come to you? All you need is to look for an opportunity to get the most out of your down time.

That’s the essential message of the how-to book Yoga While You Wait by Judith Stoletzky.

She suggests that you turn mindless waiting time into moments of mindfulness with stretches and poses to build your strength, poise, and flexibility.

From the half moon (ardha chandrasana) at the traffic lights to the lion (simhasana) while supervising at the playround, the reader is introduced to yoga fit for real life.

She offers helpful posture tips with a good dose of humour.

Yoga for beginners

Yoga is an exercise practice that focuses on building your body’s strength and flexibility. It involves different poses, calm breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation that help improve wellbeing.

A full yoga session is a whole-body workout suited to all fitness levels. When you first begin to practice yoga (or Pilates), it is important to start slowly and practice regularly.

Gradually build up your repetitions, focussing on technique, until you feel comfortable with the movements.

There are many yoga and Pilates mobile applications and online videos you can watch, and read the book reviewed here.

If you are a beginner, have an injury, or a health condition, it is better to start off attending in-person classes with a qualified instructor. This will help to ensure you are doing each exercise correctly.

Remember, you should talk to your doctor or other suitably qualified heath professional before undertaking a new exercise regime.

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