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Media Release: Aged care taskforce principles welcomed

National Seniors Australia welcomes the announcement of the Aged Care Taskforce draft aged care principles.

National Seniors Australia welcomes the announcement of the Aged Care Taskforce draft aged care principles.

Chief Advocate Ian Henschke said these guiding principles will help drive the much-needed reforms and reflect what our members and the wider community have been telling us for years.

“Older people tell us they want to stay in their own home and not go into an aged care home, so we’re pleased this is one of the key priorities,” Mr Henschke said.

“We also have long called for a simpler, fairer, more transparent system. This is now listed as a key part of the way forward. Most importantly, accountability for all funding received is now enshrined, so taxpayers and recipients of care can have confidence in the system they pay for.

“These principles are a good way to start the funding reform process, along with the commitment to community consultation. Older people, their families and the community should have their faith restored in aged care, which is a fundamental part of Australia's health care system.”

Principle 1 – The aged care system should enable and encourage participants to remain in their home for as long as they wish and can do so.

Principle 2 – Aged care funding arrangements and their outcomes should be fair, simple, transparent and sustainable.

Principle 3 – Government is and will continue to be the major funder of aged care. Government funding should be focused on care costs. Personal contributions should be focused on accommodation and everyday living costs with a sufficient safety net.

Principle 4 – Government and participant contributions should be sufficient to provide quality and appropriate care delivered by a skilled workforce, allowing and encouraging innovation by the health, hospital and aged care systems.

Principle 5 – There should be accountability for funding received from government and participants, how it is spent, and the quality of the services provided.

Principle 6 – The residential sector should have access to sufficient, and new, capital to encourage the development of new accommodation and upgrades to existing accommodation.

Mr Henschke is available for comment. For enquiries, please call 0418 815 319.

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