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Conference presentation: Ageing-related preparation by 3,450 older Australians

Mixed-method analyses of ageing-related preparation by 3,450 older Australians.

Planning and preparing for the future are intrinsic to early and mid-adulthood.

Less the norm amongst older people. 

  • Society’s expectation of later life vs younger years?
  • Later-life encompasses loss and vulnerability: potentially more challenging to contemplate.

Aging-related preparation definition:

“The continuum of thoughts and activities about how to age well, often beginning with the awareness of age-related changes, or the anticipation of retirement, and concluding with specifying end-of-life wishes” Sörensen, S et. al. (2021)

Evidence of positive effects of ageing-related preparation for retirement adjustment, care choices and outcomes and end of life decisions.

Limited knowledge about ageing-related preparation across other aspects of life including health.

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